December 6, 2014

Quick shout out for an exciting auction that’s happening now over on ebay, one that’s in a great cause too. Up for grabs are copies of Transformers: Regeneration One #100, signed by a veritable host of Transformers creators. All monies raised will go to the care of writer Bill Mantlo, who was involved in an accident, suffering both physical and mental injuries, and left in need of constant care. As Transformers fans know, Bill was one of the first people involved in the comic, and also the creator of Rocket Raccoon and many more. You can check out the auctions here.



December 3, 2014

Those wonderful people at Hibernia Comics have just summoned up (from some infernal pit no doubt) another spine-tingling collection of stories from the late and oh-so lamented Scream! comic (the brutally short-lived ‘creepy’ comic published by IPC back in 1984). This time it’s the turn of Library of Death, a portmanteau collection of short horror stories from the cream of British (and European) comics creators… and me. The collection features all the Library of Death stories from the fifteen issues of Scream! and various Holiday Specials, plus rare shorts like Ghastly Tales, Tales of the Nightcomer and more. The array of talent is nothing short of spectacular, with art from Dave Gibbons, Steve Dillon, Steve Parkhouse, Brendan McCarthy, Ron Smith, Cam Kennedy and many more. Of special note (to this blog at least) are a very early story drawn by Geoff Senior (Castle of Death), that almost certainly predates his work on Transformers, and some of my earliest script work (including the very first bit of text to roll off my manual typewriter, Beware the Werewolf, drawn by Steve Dillon). It’s a sumptuous collection of very rare and hard to find material – so treat yourself to a chill and dive in. You can order it from the Hibernia site here.



October 8, 2014

The winter London Film and Comicon at Earl’s Court 2 is just around the corner (over the weekend of October 18th & 19th), and boy – what a treat for Transformers fans. Rarely has such an assemblage of Transformers creators been gathered under the same (admittedly large) roof. Of course, I’ll be there, but the big BIG news is that Bob Budiansky, the man who practically (co-) created the core essence of the classic Transformers mythos and wrote fifty-plus issues of the original US Marvel series will also be there, along with Jose Delbo — the artist who drew a large chunk of Bob’s run on the book and a bit of mine. Add to them the likes of Andrew Wildman, Guido Guidi, Geoff Senior, Lee Sullivan, Nick Roche and James Roberts and it’s a regular Transformers-fest. Apart from meeting and greeting and signing stuff, there will be dedicated Transformers panels to attend and a host of other stuff. I’ll be bringing script/comic packs, graphic novels and other things for signing/sale over the two days, and just generally joining in the TF party. For more details and to buy tickets (I definitely recommend this, as the queues at the Summer event were something to behold) check out the LFCC site here. Look forward to seeing you!


MATT HATTER IS BACK – 13.09.2014

September 12, 2014

Yep, the new season premiere of Matt Hatter Chronicles is upon us – as season 3 kicks off tomorrow on CITV at 7.55am (prime those Sky+, V+ boxes, etc). As many of you know, I’ve been heavily involved in Matt Hatter pretty much from the get-go, in various capacities – screenwriter, script supervisor and creative consultant – and season 3 has a whole lot of me in it. Season 3 kicks off some big changes for Matt (both as Hatter Hero and schoolboy), as he continues his quest to clean up the Multiverse and free his Grandpa. The balance of power between him and arch enemy Tenoroc seesaws back and forth in the first few episodes to set up an all new ballgame for the series. New villains, new threats, new gadgets (and vehicles) and a new realm of the Multiverse to explore, this series has it all. For more information on the world of Matt Hatter, check out the official Matt Hatter Chronicles website here and their facebook page here for regular updates. And check in tomorrow and every Saturday for new episodes.



August 7, 2014

Okay, so, last post before I head off to the UK and Europe’s biggest Transformers fest, Auto Assembly (over the weekend of the 8th-10th of August), and a few last minute schedule nips and tucks to let you know about – including an all-new panel dropping in at the death(‘s Head). So, here we go, the full unadulterated times and dates:

Saturday 9th, 2PM: Regeneration One Panel – the full team, the full post-mortem, the full-monty (well, maybe not the last bit).

Saturday 9th, 4PM: The Return of Death’s Head – a bit of woffle on everyone’s favourite former Transformers co-star and Freelance Peacekeeping Agent with me and Nick Roche. He’s back, yes?

Sunday 10th, 11AM: Signing at the Urban Species dealer table – where I’ll be signing the first of my Transformers Signature Range T-shirts. Whoo-hoo!

All weekend: I’ll be around and about and at my table to chat, sign and sell stuff, including the unlikely to be repeated (as this is all the copies of the comic I could physically get my grubby little hands on) Transformers: Regeneration One #100 script and comic pack!

Hope to see you there. For more details and tickets, etc, check out the AA website here.


Just want to give a shout out to the fact that his official Marvel Infinite Series action figure is now available to buy. May even be some kicking around at Auto Assembly.



August 1, 2014

Just one week to go to Europe and the UK’s biggest Transformers convention, Auto Assembly (August 8th-10th). Details for the weekend are now firming up, and the Regeneration One panel is scheduled for the Saturday at 2.30pm, with the Urban Species signing on the Sunday at 11am (at the Urban Species booth), this latter event is a bit of an exclusive, as I’ll be (re-) signing the first wave of Simon Furman signature T-shirts (see previous post for image) to roll off the presses (or loom?). And of course, I’ll be around all weekend over at my table, with plenty of other yummy goodies. Full details of Auto Assembly (location, tickets, etc) can be found here.


July 28, 2014

In just a shade under two weeks I’ll be heading north to attend the premiere (and to be honest, only) UK Transformers convention, Auto Assembly (over the weekend of August 8th-10th). This event just keeps getting bigger and better, and this year’s Transformers 30th Anniversary bash looks to the biggest and best yet.

I’ll be there, as will a host of other Transformers luminaries — voice actors, writers, artists — including fellow Regeneration One-ers Andrew Wildman, Stephen Baskerville, John Paul Bove and Jason Cardy. So what’s happening over the weekend? Well…

The Regeneration One panel: on the Saturday, myself and the aforementioned Regen One-ers will be post-morteming the series now it’s all done and dusted, forensically examining every high and low, giving our final coroner’s verdict on the 20+ issues, and of course answering your burning questions.

The Urban Species signing: on the Sunday, I’ll be doing a special signing at the Urban Species table, where they’ll be launching their Simon Furman Signature range of Transformers T-shirts. Come by and get your SFS T-shirt (see below), which are being offered for sale re-signed by me, exclusively for AA.

TF Regeneration One #100 script & comic packs: on sale at my own table, over the whole weekend, these will be the most covetable script/comic packs of all. Having sold out at London Film and Comicon, I expect these to go quickly. If you want to pre-reserve one or more (at £20 each) before the event, reply to this post and I’ll set one aside. These are only for collection at the event. Sorry.

And of course I’ll be bringing a whole of bunch of other comics, TPBs and scripts for sale at my table, where you’ll find me camped out for the majority of the weekend. Look forward to seeing you there! For more details, check out the Auto Assembly website here.

US TF SF Cover 32 Grimlock 01B Grey


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