August 23, 2016

Well, the release date has been set for To The Death, the new digital comic book saga from Simon Furman and Geoff Senior. We launch at ICE International Comicon on September 10th, with the site going live and the first episode free to download/view. This will be followed by a Kickstarter campaign for those wanting the exclusive print graphic novel To The Death: Forged By Fire (a story set before the web episodes that provides key background to the main story and is available only via the Kickstarter campaign). And then the full/staged launch of the rest of the web episodes. For more information and more images, please check out our dedicated To The Death Facebook page or my personal Facebook page.

TTD A4 poster handout2


August 18, 2016

Let’s see now…

Transformers: Regeneration One script and comic packs. Check.

Transformers Energon unpublished script packs*. Check.

Box of comics for signing. Check.

To The Death banners. Check.

FREE To The Death mini-posters. Check.

Signing arm. Check.

Geoff Senior. Check.

Right. I’m ready. Off to TFNation!

*Comprised of the scripts for #31-33 & a bonus overview of #34-36 (the conclusion)


August 2, 2016

Getting stuff ready for TFNation in a couple of weeks, and I’ve de-archived the final few scripts that never saw print after Dreamwave ceased publishing in 2004. For the first time, the scripts for Transformers: Energon #31, #32 & #33 are available to read and enjoy. If you’re able to get to TFNation in Birmingham over the weekend of 19th-21st of August, I’ll have them there for sale, but if you can’t I have a complete package of Dreamwave scripts (including Transformers: The War Within – Age of Wrath #4-5  & Beast Wars Transformers #1), all individually signed, available on eBay. Check out the auction here, or the TFNation site here.



March 4, 2016

Just a reminder for UK fans (and particularly those in the Midlands/Shropshire area) that I’ll be at the Oswestry Lit Fest on March 19th, where I’ll be presenting two talks aimed at slightly different age-groups, but really suitable for one and all.

Talk One: Matt Hatter Chronicles – From Script to Screen. Meet Matt Hatter, an extraordinary 13-year old boy who battles cinematic monsters and super villains made real in a hidden dimension known as the Multiverse in the hit CITV animated show. MHC Head Writer and Script Supervisor Simon Furman presents a special highly illustrated look behind the scenes at the process from script page to screen, including original concept art, 3D computer character modelling and much more, featuring a whole 22-miniute episode ‘The Flight of the Witch’, which simultaneously showcases the sequential storyboard art behind the show. Learn the secrets of Matt Hatter from the inside out.
Talk Two: When Comics Grew Up. Comics are for kids, right? Wrong. Writer Simon Furman (Transformers, Kung Fu PandaDragons: Riders of Berk) takes you on an illustrated tour from the earliest days of comic books right through to the modern age, demonstrating how the humble kid’s comic grew from pulp entertainment into an all-ages phenomenon now embraced by big and small screen. Also includes the creation of a Transformers comic book – from original script to finished page, stage by stage. Plus tips for budding comic creators.
Hope to see you there!
Simon Furman


February 10, 2016

USA Today has a piece on Transformers: Earth Wars, the upcoming major new mobile game (available on both Android and IOS) from Space Ape Games/Backflip Studios that I’ve been working on, developing both the back story/campaign arcs and writing the character ‘voices’ for the game. The game is heavily G1-centric, featuring a host of classic characters, with an all-new storyline that returns the Autobots and Deceptions to Earth. You can check out the USA Today piece, for which I was interviewed, here.



January 15, 2016

Bit of advance notice that I’ll be appearing at the annual Oswestry Lit Fest in March, where (on Saturday 19th) I’ll be doing back to back talks – the first aimed at a younger audience and focusing largely on my role as Head Writer and Script Supervisor on the hit CITV animated show Matt Hatter Chronicles, and the second a broader more comics focused (all-ages) session, which will focus largely, though not exclusively, on my work on Transformers. Both will include a lot of behind-the-scenes visual material, script to screen in the case of Matt Hatter and script to page in the case of the comics talk. I’ll also have copies of my work with me for sale – including the recent Kung Fu Panda and How To Train Your Dragon digest graphic novels. For a full programme of events, including mine, click here. To view the Oswestry Lit Fest site, click here, or check out their Facebook page here.



December 11, 2015

It’s no secret I’m a huge Marvel Comics fan – always have been, always will be. And ever since Marvel began its prestige Marvel Masterworks line, which reprints all the core/founding Marvel titles from 1961 onwards, it’s been a little ambition of mine to actually be a featured creator in one. I think back to the kid I was, waiting for his Mighty World of Marvel or Spider-Man Weekly to drop on the mat once a week, or pedalling around to various secondhand book stores that had the Holy Grail of actual full colour Marvel US comics available (dedicated comic shops were a good ten years off at this point), and I’m still filled with wonder that I actually got work in the comics biz at all (and, even more amazing, make a living doing it for the last 30 years or so). So anyway, long story short, I couldn’t quite figure how long I’d have to wait for the Masterworks line to catch up to the point in the late 80s and early 90s when I was writing a fair bit for Marvel US. But here we are, with the just announced volume 2 of Ms. Marvel, to which I made a tiny contribution back in the day. Ms. Marvel was cancelled with issue #23, with #24 only appearing much later, in the anthology title Marvel Super-Heroes (#10). There was even a partially written (by regular writer Chris Claremont) and drawn issue #25, which – of all things – was building up to the classic confrontation between Ms. Marvel and Rogue, which saw Ms. Marvel’s powers transferred to Rogue permanently (the aftermath of which appeared in the equally classic Avengers Annual #10). Anyway, for some reason, Claremont didn’t want (or maybe wasn’t asked, I don’t know the ins and outs) to provide new script to finish off that curtailed final bit of the saga, so Marvel Super-Heroes editor, Rob Tokar tapped me to pick up the tail end of the story (as written by Claremont) and join the dots to the climatic battle with Rogue atop the Golden Gate Bridge. This was also something of a dream job – as I was immeasurably influenced as a writer by Claremont’s epic run on X-Men, so getting to pick up this particular baton was a huge deal for me. And daunting at the same time! But, I got my head down and tided up as best I could, and the result made its way (together with the extant bit of #25) into Marvel Super-Heroes #11. And now, finally, that little bit of Furman story has found its way into Ms. Marvel Masterworks vol 2 (or vol 234 if, like me, you collect the direct market numerical variant editions). You’re going to have to wait a while to see it. It doesn’t come out until July 2016 – these books are solicited a long way in advance. But nevertheless, there it is – my name will be in a Marvel Masterworks edition — finally. For me personally, a career milestone reached!



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