March 21, 2007

Advance notice of yet another sidetrack to the teetering Transformers workpile. Titan Magazines (in the UK) are launching an all-new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles magazine, based on the new animated series TMNT – Fast Forward. The mag launches on 10th May, and contains originated comic strip and features. My first story, ‘No Place Like Home,’ appears in issue #2 (out on June 7th), with art by Andres Ponce (, and lovely looking stuff it is too. My second strip, ‘Rise of Robots’ (yeah… I know!) is currently unscheduled, as I haven’t actually written it yet, but I’ll update when it is.


March 20, 2007

The news is about to break elsewhere, so I thought… why not break it here as well. Proving there’s more than one creative string to my bow, as well as the copious amounts of current ongoing and one-shot type Transformers work, I’m going to be working on an all-new Terminator series for Dynamite Entertainment. The five-issue series, T2 — Infinity, explodes out of the trio Terminator movies, showcasing the first post-Judgment Day ordeals of John Connor and introducing a dramatically different breed of Terminator. Drawn by Nigel Raynor (2000 AD, Battlestar Galactica), the series is set to hit stores late summer [TBC]. Actually, come to think of it, this is robots too. Oh well…


March 20, 2007

I’ll be headed to Derry/Londonderry next month, where I’ll be appearing at 2D, the Northern Ireland Comics Festival. It runs from April 19th to the 21st, and I’ll be there with a host of comics luminaries, including Charlie Adlard, Garry Leach, Will Simpson, Mike Collins and John McCrae. Events include discussion panels, workshops and lectures. For more information go to:

BLOG OFF (and running)!

March 20, 2007

It had to happen, I suppose. After so long resisting the lure of the blog, largely due to work/time commitments, I have now undertaken to post here as often as I can with news, updates and general items of interest (I hope) about what’s what in the mind and imagination of Simon Furman. It’s my aim to keep those who have an ear for such things abreast of current and upcoming projects, personal appearances, stuff for sale and just general meanderings of my thoughts. I can’t promise it’ll be a regular thing by any stretch, but I’ll do my best. 2007 is gearing up to be one of my busiest and most-travelled years in recent memory, the Transformers live-action movie (out in July) generating all sorts of opportunities and interest, and so there should be a steady stream of stuff to report. Feel free to check in here and see what’s going on… anytime.