Was lucky enough to blag an invite to last Friday’s (UK) Paramount screening of segments from the new live-action Transformers movie (thanks again, Laura). It was a strange experience, largely because (bar the trailers and TV spots) I’d seen so much of the movie (in terms of still images, style guide character shots, the script, etc) but actually none of the movie (in terms of actual moving images). In the process of (co-) writing the IDW Prequel comics and writing an extensive and in-depth movie Visual Guide for Dorling Kindersley (out in July BTW), I was exposed to more or less every angle of the movie, but seeing those twenty or so minutes of actual footage really brought it all to life. I was impressed… very impressed, as were pretty much everyone I got to speak to afterwards. It looked great and the dialogue crackled (something I hadn’t got when I’d read the script). In common with others there, I was left wanting more, which has to be a good sign. At the after-screening soiree, I got to chat to Lorenzo Di Bonaventura (in person this time) and hang out with the Titan bods in attendance. Eaglemoss were also there (more on that when I can tell you). As for the (whole) movie, I can’t wait. Really. The more I see the more excited I get. It’s going to be a big year!


2 Responses to MOVIE MUSINGS

  1. Cool, glad you got to chat to Lorenzo Di Bonaventura, he just walked out when I was about to lol. I’ll have to be faster next time. Yours is in interesting perspective since, as you say, you’ve already been involved in parts of the Movie license

  2. partholon says:

    i’ll admit i was appalled when i saw the designs, ive been following TF for years so as long as the characters are the same i can forgive them and enjoy it. problem is my comtempories who remember it from their youth havent a clue who anyone is except prime. methinks its that group that’ll be lost when they go to see the film and may be pissed they dont get what they remember.
    still im jealous as hell you got to see this as none of us knew it was gonna happen at all 🙂 i mightnt like the designs (would it have killed em to keep the colour schemes for ratchet and ironhide? )but i recognaise quality work when i see it and i reckon this film is gonna rock. the tv spots are available on line now and seeing the bots move really does make a difference. in fairness i never really had a doubt the action would be cool when you look at the talent involved. i just hope the heart is there, and by that i mean from the bots end of things not the humans .

    still if ANYONE deserved to be there its simon. FFS im still amazed they didnt bring him on board as a consultant on the characters !

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