In “Ascending” order…

Just wrapped the script for the first issue (of four) of IDW’s (Transformers) Beast Wars (vol 2): The Ascending, and I thought I’d share (what I can) of the content with you. Rest assured, these occasional script-wrap digressions will always be teasers rather than spoilers. So, what can I tell you? Well, for a start, expect a whole lot more Cybertron than in The Gathering (vol 1… now available as a handy-dandy TPB, in case you’re interested). We get a good look in on the planetary status quo, focusing on the overall command structure/hierarchy and special groups such as ‘The Pack.’ And… it’s there we meet our new ‘big bad.’ And I do mean “big.” What else? Well, we also see how Razorbeast and his earthbound (chronally displaced) Maximals are doing (and what Ravage’s Preds are up to). We find out what happened to Magmatron, and we learn the ultimate fate of Cybertron (and this is just issue #1!). Phew. Out at about the same time as The Ascending (poss. August, maybe Sept… TBC), we (finally) have the Beast Wars Profiles series I co-wrote (a while back) with’s Ben Yee. That (four issue) series pretty much encompasses every Beast Wars character from every toy line and TV show, including convention and store exclusives. V. useful it proved too, when it came to write The Ascending, as there’s more than the occasional nod to the Japanese BW series (and characters!). Oh, art on the Ascending, barring the man blowing some kind of artistic fuse (which is always possible, the rate he goes), is Don Figueroa (who else?). Art on the profiles book is by, well, just about everyone!

15 Responses to In “Ascending” order…

  1. Yay more Beast Wars comics, I really enjoyed the last ones so these should be good. Its great they you’ve used the Japanese characters and toys, as some of them almost demand more exposure. What are the chances the profile book will contain some of the backgrounds to the Lucky Draw and campaign japanese Beast Wars characters. Here’s hoping to see some more BW Neo character action

  2. Obsidian says:

    All sounds very good. I’m guessing there will be 4 profile books, so the end of this year will end very well for BW fans. All I’m worried about is if Simon is going to ignore the BWII and Neo cartoon series or include them in the BW fiction.

  3. Dave Frear says:

    I’m pretty sure it was said it would fit in with II/Neo. The only thing that I think will not fit–as evidenced already by The Gathering–is some of the 3H Botcon stuff.
    Although aparantly Fun Publications are making sure anything they do fits in with IDW work.

  4. partholon says:

    do’h just realied i could comment to these posts ! 🙂 damn i need to get up to speed on the whole net thing. some cool revelations here. my favourite part of the gathering was the cybertron shots so im happy to get a bette look at that. its fun to get a peek into simons mind and while im more of a G1 fan i like BW for what it is so im gonna get me some of this. profiles sounds cool too, so many of the BW characters were ignored its like a whole new universe to explore (really liked torca, cant for the life of me explain why but he’s just damn cool looking ) and as i loved the more than meets the eye series dreamwave did i’ll probably get sucked into getting these too.

  5. simon furman says:

    When working on the profiles book, Ben (Yee) and I worked out a way to integrate BWII and BW Neo with the core US BW timeline. We took some liberties, but essentially all three now work together. And while we’re not tryingin any way to incorporate the original 3H/Botcon storyline, that doesn’t rule out possible appearances from the odd redeco character. –Simon

  6. Martin says:

    Did you happen to write the BW Neo character Stampy as (the original) Springer? I’d love to see him having to put up with jokes about being a fluffy white rabbit.

  7. GrantTLC says:

    This is fantastic news, Simon, and I for one will be counting the days until The Ascending is released. I have the Botcon BW stuff and giggled with delight when you used many of the characters from that series in The Gathering. Seeing more of Cybertron this time around…*wipes drool from chin*

    PS: I love how the titles of your individual series’ chapters each have their own style!

  8. I loved the last BW mini series. I can’t wait to get my hands on the next mini series and the profile books. I know one thing that most would love to see would also be some Pre-BW and Post BM of the Timelines Comic. As well as a possible full run series like G1 is going. Keep up the great work Simon!

  9. simon furman says:

    Stampy makes his comic book debut in The Ascending #1, as part of The Pack (and of course features in the Profiles series). Am I going to have some fun with this character? You bet!

  10. simon furman says:

    Though there are no plans at the moment to publish a Beast Wars timeline, Ben (Yee) and I did work out a loose one when we were jigsawing the various series together into a workable whole. Right now, I’d hate to lock that in too tightly or definitively. Maybe down the line, though, once the BW Universe takes more overall (printed) shape.

  11. I can’t wait for the next mini series. I’m a big fan of the Japanese guys and I love seeing them get some screen time. I’m also looking forward to seeing if any of the characters are going to get name changes, like Big Convoy or Corhada. Personally I’ve always thought of Corhada as the same character as Night Viper from Beast Machines, just before he’s reformatted. I’m really looking forward to seeing the creativity you guys are going to bring in with who these characters are and how they act. Keep it up!

  12. Omegastoopreme says:

    What can I say, apart from ROCK ON! The gathering was cool. I think the TF community as a whole gets too hung up on G1, and Beast Wars is a great breath of fresh air. I love the integration of Takara characters, as it lends an air of surprise to the comic. We dont know these characters well, or how they will react to any given situation. I’d love to see Magnaboss. Or even maybe even Tripredacus, I often wondered if the Tripredacus Council and The Tripredacus special team are in fact one and the same. In the gathering did LeoConvoy ever get referred to by name?

  13. simon furman says:

    Magnaboss… hmm. Could just be your lucky series.

  14. I don’t suppose there is any chance that Steve White would be doing any artwork for the BW Profile book, his dinosaur art is fantastic. We spoke to him several years ago about commissioning a Destoron piece with the Neos

  15. Galmorzu says:

    I have been waiting for this series since The Gathering concluded over a year ago! It’s by far (well, this and the Profile Series) my most anticipated comic series this year. I love the fantastic neo-G1 line that you and IDW have been putting out (incredible work on the evolving and engrossing storylines there), but my heart has always been with Beast Wars. With the groundwork set in place by the first part, I can’t wait to see more of the BW universe in this. To see what Ravage is up to, to see that AWESOME Torca again (who’da thunk someone could make him so cool?), and best of all, to see Stampy! I’m anxious to see more of Wolfang, too, who I was suprised to find liking a lot more than I would have though. He seems like a younger character, like Cheetor was, without the attitude or recklessness. Heroic, brave, and able to take charge despite his youth. That’s the kind of character I could really like.

    Am I off the mark in how I’ve portrayed him? 🙂

    Great work on this BW world, though, and thanks for breathing new life into it. Bring on the new stuff!

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