It’s building up to be a very busy spring/summer season for me this year, with several personal appearances lined up both here (in the UK) and in the US. It all kicks off this coming week in Derry, Northern Ireland, at 2D: The Northern Ireland Comics Festival (April 19th-21st). I’ll be appearing at the event, on assorted panels and workshops, along with an amazing line-up of artists and writer/artists, including John McCrea, Charlie Adlard, Garry Leach and Rufus Dayglo. The guest list also includes former Transformers artists Will Simpson (‘In the National Interest’, ‘Target: 2006’ and many others) and Mike Collins (‘Crisis of Command’, ‘Man of Iron’). The ‘open to the public day’ is Saturday 21st. The main venue is The Verbal Arts Centre (at Bishop’s Gate). For more details and scheduling check out, and please note that all guests are subject to possible last minute changes. If you’re in the area, do try and come along. I’ll be re-running a presentation I put together with TF artist Nick Roche (for a previous convention), which shows the evolution of a page of Transformers Spotlight: Shockwave (from plot/script to finished art). Next up is the (UK) Bristol Comicon on Saturday May 12th. More on that (here) soon!


  1. John-Paul Bove says:

    Look forward to seeing you again in Bristol! I’d love to see that presentation though…

  2. Hopefully we’ll catch up with you at one of the convneiotions. The Northern Ireland Comic Festival sounds pretty good.

  3. Marc Graham says:

    I got to see most of tonight’s Q & A, looking forward to catching the presentation if you go over it tomorrow, been interesting so far!

  4. simon furman says:

    Sorry I never got to do the presentation to the general public. It just didn’t work out that way. I’m sure I’ll get to run through it again at one or other convention this year, maybe alongside Nick again, you never know.

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