First of an upcoming trio of recent interview/Q&As with yours truly has been posted at comics news site Broken Frontier ( This one is fairly Terminator-centric, but don’t worry Trans-fans, there’s an extensive Transformers-centric interview coming up (elsewhere), with teasers aplenty on upcoming TF titles. As and when that hits, I’ll let you know. Oh, and if there’s a burning question you’ve always wanted to ask me, head over to the IDW site/forums (, where questions are being gathered for a special Q&A that will run part on the IDW site and part here (exclusively). In due course, the best or widest ranging or most off-the-wall 20 or so questions will get my full, undivided attention.

2 Responses to ALL YOU DO IS TALK, TALK…

  1. Cool, *waits in anticipation of the interview*

  2. bassbot says:

    i’m going through the questions now… and will also try to stay away from ones you’ve been asked recently!

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