The second of the three interviews I mentioned in the previous post is now up at Comic Book Resources. Again, it’s heavily Terminator-centric, but have patience Trans-fans, your time will come (and there’s always the IDW Q&A, see below). In the meantime, go to:

2 Responses to ALL YOU DO IS TALK, TALK (2)…

  1. Galmorzu says:

    No likeness of Arnie, eh? I remember working on the card game of Terminator a few years back, and while we had to do a complete set off of the first movie, we couldn’t include Arnold himself in any of the card images. The only picture we could use, and we could use it as much as we wanted, was the movie poster image of him with the glasses holding the gun up.

    For a game based on that movie, where he is, well, THE central bad guy, that led to some creative use of images. I wonder if you guys were slapped with the same restrictions? 🙂

  2. simon furman says:

    I think it’s far more that the former Terminator is now the current governor of California!

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