The convention season (and my involvement with it) continues with the Bristol Comics Expo (in Bristol, naturally enough). The event runs across the weekend of the 12th and 13th of May, with the primary venues being the British Empire & Commonwealth Exhibition Hall and the Ramada Plaza Hotel. It’s the UK’s biggest comics event, and it’ll be packed to the rafters with creators, editors (UK & US) and dealers. I’ll be there (mostly on the Saturday), doing a signing and a panel. The signing will be at 3PM on the Draw The World Together table. I’ll be devaluing copies of the exclusive Comics Expo (variant cover) edition of Transformers Movie Prequel #3. The highly collectable comic features art by Andrew Wildman, who’ll also be there to scribble on your pristine copies. Then, at 5PM, over in the Ramada Park Suite, Andrew and I (plus special guests) will be ‘Talking Transformers.’ Expect info, teasers and spoliers on a whole heap of upcoming Transformers goodness, including Devastation, Beast Wars The Ascending and the TFUK comic (and maybe some stuff you’ve not even heard about yet!!). If anyone’s got more stuff to sign, I’ll try and find some time after the panel (in the bar!). Look forward to seeing you there! For more information check out the Comics Expo site.


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