Another Transformers script done and dusted, another tease/trailer for what’s to come (note: this is largely spoiler-free, so don’t expect anything too revelatory). Something a bit different this time out, an 8-page story (for an exclusive mini-comic) set firmly in the TV cartoon/animated movie continuity (somewhere between the end of animated series 2 and the movie itself). This, as has been reported elsewhere, is part of the bonus extras in Madman’s upcoming (Australian) DVD release of the entire animated series in one special edition package. Really can’t go into any detail on the story, except to say that it attempts to bridge the gap between TV show and (animated) movie, show the current state of play on both Earth and Cybertron, and foreshadow a defining event in the movie itself (yeah, I know, in 8-pages!)! Art on this one-off comic story is by the one and only Nick Roche, whose involvement may just give you a hint about one or maybe even two of the featured characters! I shall say no more (unless you’re at the Bristol convention on Saturday week and ply me with beer).


7 Responses to SCRIPT (W)RAP

  1. Cool. Any links to the Japanese Scramble City episode in there at all?

  2. GrantTLC says:

    Pants. Slim chance anyone getting to see it in the Northern Hemisphere, then. Especially if you already own said collection of cartoon joy.

    The Lord giveth, and he cruelly teaseth, too. 😦

  3. Guy named Joe says:

    Guido would have been better for this.

  4. simon furman says:

    No to Scramble City. Truth be told, I’ve never seen the episode. I probably should. There were enough dots to join as was in 8-pages!

  5. carnivac says:

    scramble city’s not very good. Just reminds me of that itchy and scratchy episode where they just keep pulling out a gun bigger than the other ones gun…

    Just read Spotlight : Kup the other day and it’s a good lil story. Artwork was good too. I know some people weren’t too keen on the previews of Roche’s art for it but I liked it and the art in the scenes at the autobot base with Springer and co looked more ‘traditional’ too.

    How are those of us not in Australia or can’t afford to import that special edition or already own the series in an older release gonna get to read this comic though?

  6. Joggy says:

    You’re not!

    Mwa ha ha ha!!

    Hey, considering what almost everyone else in the world gets, at least let us have this one thing we can truly laud over evryone else.

    Please. 🙂

  7. Black Bumblebee says:

    Fine. If you guys get an exclusive comic, then I’m taking back g’day for the Canadians. You hear that? G’day is now officially Canadian slang. We’ll release it back to you the moment you share 🙂

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