Just a quick note (a touch late in the day if you’re in the USA) to say that IDW has two new Transformers titles on sale this week, both of which are either penned or co-penned by yours truly. Out this week (Wednesday 2nd Stateside, Thursday 3rd in the UK) are Transformers Escalation #6 and Transformers Movie Prequel #4. The former wraps up the second main arc of the quote-unquote “ongoing” IDW (G1) Transformers series, setting the stage for September’s Devastation arc, while the Prequel also wraps up with (dare I say it, essential) stuff that leads directly into July’s blockbuster movie release. Oh, and if you’re following the Infiltration/Escalation/Devastation storyline, do check out July’s Transformers Spotlight: Galvatron and August’s Transformers Spotlight: Optimus Prime. Both (more than usual perhaps) feature key story points that feed back into the ongoing and somewhat bridge the gap between Escalation and Devastation. For more information on all IDW’s releases go here.


2 Responses to NEW RELEASES

  1. bassbot says:

    nice little plug for Galvy and OP. I guess my holiday to the states will have to console me from waiting to get Devastation.

  2. carnivac says:

    went into town and got these from the shop today 🙂

    both good as usual.

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