The schedule of events (as relates to me anyway) for this coming Saturday’s Bristol Comics Expo has now expanded to include a signing at the Titan Books/Magazines table. Also confirmed for the signing is Geoff Senior (and Steve White will be around too, hopefully with more news about the TFUK magazine). I’ll be packing a bunch of (photocopied) original scripts from Transformers (Marvel US) #80, on sale (signed if you so wish) for a mere Β£5. The full schedule for the day (Saturday 12th May) is now:

12 noon – 1PM: Titan signing (at the Titan table in the main dealers room)
3PM – 4PM: Draw The World Together signing (at the DTWT table) with Andrew Wildman.
5PM – 6PM: Talking Transformers panel (at the Ramada Park Suite), with Andrew, Geoff and (hopefully) others.

For full details of venues, etc, go to the official Comics Expo site here.



  1. Raymond T. says:

    I wish I could be there. I would love to have met you. Have fun!

  2. Yeah, were planning to be in London watching the Transformers The Movie showing, so we’ll miss out too. Should be good though – the convention that is.

  3. Synapse says:

    I was still sleepy when I read this… and had to read it twice to make sure you mentioned Geoff Senior!! πŸ˜€ It’s kinda funny that I was only 4 or 5 when TF comics had him on the pencilling tasks and so I didn’t even get to check his art back then… but when I discovered him just last year (yeah, whatever), he instantly became one of my favourite TF artists ever, and without a doubt my top fav from the Marvel run.

    Don’t know if you have time to answer our comments but… when you get some spare time, would you please tell me how old is he now? What’s he up to these days? Will we see him again on TF comics just as we had Andrew Wildman on War Within or the variant covers for Infiltration?

    Thanks πŸ™‚

    Synapse (IDW forums)

  4. simon furman says:

    Surely you don’t expect me to blab about Geoff’s age (though the clue’s in the surname). All I will say is, he’s older than me! As for upcoming Transformers work, you definitely need to check out issue #1 of the new UK Transformers comic/magazine, coming in July from Titan (see earlier Blog entry for more details). The first issue contains 10 all-new pages of Geoff’s art, his first TF stuff since 2000’s Botcon comic, ‘Reaching The Omega Point’ (if you don’t count the cover he did for the short lived Panini Armada comic). Otherwise, Geoff is busy running his own advertising art studio.

  5. Denyer says:

    “Also confirmed for the signing is Geoff Senior”


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