Effectively, this falls under the script (w)rap category, as I’ve just put the finishing touches to issue #2 of Transformers Devastation, the third (fourth if you count Stormbringer) arc of the ‘ongoing’ IDW G1 series. But, as my blog wasn’t entirely up and running when the script to issue #1 was wrapped, I figured it was best (first and foremost) to go back and intro the whole series. As always, these are teases rather than spoilers. I’ve been reading, with great interest, the feedback on Escalation (the final issue of which came out last week), taking onboard the good and the bad. A lot of people felt that enough stuff wasn’t conclusively wrapped up to merit calling it a final issue. Now, although I don’t tend to think of these issue #6s as ‘last’ issues, I do appreciate where they’re coming from, especially as Devastation doesn’t kick in until September. Devastation, I swear, will endeavour to draw a line under a several of the dangling plot threads (even as others kick in/off). So, what can we expect from Devastation? Well, for starters, Sixshot. He’s the spur that sets off a whole heap of other stuff, very much the cat among the pigeons. His appearance on Earth heralds… the return of Starscream (and yes, for those who’ve wondered, he’s been in a regenerative C.R Chamber since Infiltration #6, repaired but ‘on ice’ as it were), the Reapers’ (final?) rampage and Skywatch’s (first?) pre-emptive strike against the Transformers. Also, our ‘B’ plotline focuses very much on the Machination as we reveal (yes, reveal!) startling developments for Hunter, the fate of Sunstreaker and, yes, the ‘head’ of the Machination. Oh, and the IDW-verse Headmasters make their presence felt. Then there’s the build-up to Revelation, with more on Galvatron, the Dead Universe, [blank] Prime, (Double)Dealer (!) and Nightbeat (did he kill the Koska facsimile? You’ll have to wait until Revelation for that!). As mentioned previously, the Galvatron and Optimus Prime Spotlight issues (July and August respectively) are pretty essential reading and do actually bridge the gap between Escalation and Devastation somewhat. Sideswipe’s appearance in Galvatron is the foreshadowing of his ‘ongoing’ debut and the two (IDW) debuts in Optimus Prime set up the titanic fifth (sixth if you count Stormbringer) story arc. Anyhow, I’ve said enough (for now at least). I’ll be back with a formal (w)rap on Devastation #2 in due course.



  1. carnivac says:

    Cool. Plenty to look forward to. Seeing Nightbeat in this story got me to dig out his appearances in the old Marvel UK stories. Still great reading 🙂

  2. partholon says:

    im really looking forward to this . pity its so far off though. personally im gonna use megatron year one as a fill in ala stormbringer to tide me over. i must admit to thinking the sixshot subplot would be a long way off instead of hitting us so soon still its nice to hear that all the dangling plots will be tied up. looking forward to the new one ! 🙂

  3. simon furman says:

    Now, I never said “all” the dangling plot threads!

  4. bassbot says:

    yeah there’s a couple of fill-ins coming, Megs, Galvatron, Optimus Prime, and movie stuff. Thanks for mentioning the plot threads Simon. Would never want you to stop dangling them all, but cool to know some bits will tie up, for others to then unravel.

  5. GrantTLC says:

    Sounds amazing as ever, Simon. Thanks for clearing up that Starscream issue, too.

  6. Omegastoopreme says:

    Escalation rocked, hopefully so will Devestation. Looking forward to a few of the dangly bits being tied up. Keep up the good work man! 🙂

  7. Mr D says:

    Can we please, please. please see a return bout of Prime and Meg’s energon weapons in their next face off?

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