07’s Bristol Comics Expo has come and gone, and while I only showed my face on the Saturday, I managed to pack quite a bit in. Arrived at the main venue (the British Empire & Commonwealth Exhibition Hall) just in time to sit down (with Andrew Wildman) at the Titan/Forbidden Planet table for a 12 noon signing. Titan had cover mock-ups for the first issue of the upcoming Transformers (UK) comic/magazine there for people to help themselves to (and us to sign), and very nice it looks too. By the way, I’ve seen Geoff’s art for the first issue, and it is truly a joy to behold (a very distinctive take on the movie characters). The signing lasted for a hour and was, by and large, well-attended. Trouble was, the venue had no functional PA system, so there was no way to annouce to the hall at large we were there, pens poised (a definite black mark there). Anyhow, that done, I did a quick tour of the main hall and said hi to a whole bunch of fellow freelancers, many of whom (Rufus Dayglo, Mike Collins, Charlie Adlard et al) I’d seen just a couple of weeks back at the Derry con. Also had a chat with Brady Webb, from Panini UK, and he confirmed that Death’s Head volume 2 (TPB) is due to be on sale in October this year. The first volume, collecting Doctor Who #135, Dragon’s Claws #5 and Death’s Head #1-7 is in shops now. Now, I all I have to do is convince Panini to collect all ten issues of Dragon’s Claws and I’ll be a very happy man. After lunch, I sat down (again with Andrew) at the Draw The World Together table, signing copies of the convention exclusive edition of Transformers Movie Prequel #3, featuring Andrew’s variant sketch cover. If you missed out, DTWT will be auctioning 20 copies (numbered and signed in silver pen, as opposed to the black ink/signed versions from the day itself) on ebay. Keep an eye out for those. I then had an hour to breathe the air (it was very hot in the main hall) before heading over to the Ramada hotel for the ‘Talking Transformers’ panel (again with Andrew). Very well attended it was too, with standing room only. Geoff (Senior) finally showed his face and the three of us fielded questions on all current and upcoming Transformers projects. Lots of interest in the forthcoming (in July) Transformers UK mag and I, er, let slip that issue #4 (featuring Devastator) will be drawn by none other than Don Figueroa. So, for those keeping score, that means we now have Geoff on #1 (Optimus Prime), Nick Roche on #2 (Megatron), Andrew on #3 (Ratchet) and Don on #4. Names in the frame for subsequent issues include Dougie Braithwaite and Guido Guidi, but these are very much subject to confirmation. Talked a bit about Devastation and Beast Wars The Ascending, but tried to limit the amount of ‘spoilers.’ I think I did reveal that while there will indeed be IDW Headmasters, it’s more character multiples than multiple characters (at least to start with). Might have also mentioned that while there will be no Unicron in the Infiltration/Escalation/Devastation (and so on) storyline, there might, possibly, be a passing mention of the planet-devourer in Beast Wars!! Panel done, I did a brief radio interview and then it was pretty much bar until the early hours. Very good to see my old mate Barry Kitson again and catch up with him. Chance of my being at the upcoming Dublin convention in September, just to prolong the old convention season! Next up, though, San Diego comicon in July!


12 Responses to BRISTOL EXPO(SED)

  1. carnivac says:

    Cool. Can’t wait to see new Senoir art. And sure the other stuff is great too.

    I didn’t know there was a collected Death’s Head TPB. I’ll have to go looking for that now and then await the next one. I’d like Dragon’s Claws also as I only have a couple issues of it left from the original run.

    The ‘it’s more character multiples than multiple characters’ part, thats what the bit in last issue of Escalation was about right? With the Streaker clones?

    Wish I could have made it to the Expo. No transportation though 😦

  2. Sadly due to illness we were unable to attend the event as well, but sounds like it was well worth going to

  3. simon furman says:

    Shame you guys couldn’t make it, especially with no UK Transformers convention this year (hard to believe!). As for Sunstreaker/Headmasters, you’ll have to wait and see. There’s a few surprises and twists still to be had there.

  4. Will says:

    I was there, thoroughly enjoyed the panel. Wimped out of asking a question though! Still, got my TF and Dragon’s Claws stuff signed by you, Geoff and Steve White. Cracking. Had a good chat with Geoff in the bar afterwards. Great weekend, man.

  5. Jon S says:

    Hi Simon,
    With the new UK TF weekly launching in July (and isn’t the film out in July too?), is there any chance of a launch/promo/signing at Forbidden Planet in London or something? Maybe you can twist Geoff’s arm to come along too?
    P.S. Is that head seen floating in that tank in Escalation Lord Straxus?!?

  6. simon furman says:

    No to Lord Straxus. All will be revealed in Devastation.

    As for an FP signing, it sounds good to me. Only trouble is, about the time the film is launching here, I’m in San Diego. Let me see what I can sort out.

  7. carnivac says:

    Cambridge Forbidden Planet would be nice too. Also convienent for me 🙂

    Am getting impatient. Been re-reading the main IDW run from Infiltration onwards and I want more now please…

    Autobots attacked me yesterday. Swung around on my chair to grab the tv remote and the back of my chair hit the bookcase which has most of my TF’s on the top couple of shelves. Some came down on me and typically it had to be the one metal one I own that hit me on the head (Titanium Rodimus Prime) whereas the plastic Classics Bumblebee hit me in the shoulder and Energon Arcee in my lap. Rodimus drew a bit of blood too and gave me a hell of a headache. Ain’t gonna trust those autobots again.


  8. simon furman says:

    Energon Arcee in your lap, eh? So it wasn’t all bad!!

  9. Dave Frear says:

    Out of curiosity what’s in the second Death’s Head trade? DH #8-10 are obvious and I would think the MCP and She-Hulk stories are possibilities. I imagine the Fantastic Four issue would be left out (due to being part of a longer story). Is the Body In Question being used to make up the page count?

  10. simon furman says:

    As far as I know, it’s DH #8-10, Marvel Comics Presents #76 (or at least the 8pp DH story from that issue), She-Hulk #24 and What If? #54. Like you, I’m assuming that the rest is The Body is Question, but I’ve never quite got around to confirming that. Don’t know about the FF story, I’ll check with Brady.

  11. Mr Thunderwing says:

    Argh. I’d completely forgotten all about the Expo, it wasn’t until sometime early Sunday afternoon that I stumbled accross one of the flyers I’d picked up for it, at Forbidden Planet a few weeks earlier, and realised it was in progress as I was reading it. Luckily being a Bristol resident and not living that far away I was able to quickly jump in my car and still catch the last couple of hours of it. A bit bummed out though that I missed the opportunity to say Hi on the Saturday and get some stuff signed. Will you be there next year Simon (pressuming there’ll be another Bristol Expo)?

  12. simon furman says:

    It’s a good bet I’ll be there next year. Maybe even the Birmingham comics convention later this year.

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