Wow! The latest trailer for the Transformers live action movie is now online (go here if you haven’t already seen it), and boy does it look good. So far, most of the screen action featuring the Transformers themselves has amounted to a fast tease, but here we really see some full on transforming, battling action. The more I see of the big action setpieces, the more I relish seeing the whole movie (as reported earlier, I have seen twenty minutes or so of finished footage, which just blew me away). Really looking forward to this.



  1. carnivac says:

    Me too. Really does look superb visually.

  2. bassbot says:

    fantastic trailer

  3. tthent says:

    Have you been invited as a guest to the London premiere Simon? Twould be nice of Bay & company to recognize you in that small way, given your wonderful longstanding contribution to the TF mythos.

  4. The reactions so far have been fantastic. Hopefully the film will get more publicity in the UK soon

  5. simon furman says:

    So far no invite to the London premiere, but hey, maybe it’s in the post!

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