No, not Devastation #2 (that’s coming), but Titan TFUK #3. “What?” I hear you say. “Didn’t we already do TFUK #4?” We did. But I actually jumped ahead, schedule-wise, to give Don Figueroa (who’s drawing #4’s Devastator story) as much time as possible. That man is busy! Having just downed tools on Spotlight Optimus Prime, he’s already knee-deep in Beast Wars The Ascending #1 and (with his other hand, I presume) is drawing some mega-litho for Botcon! So, anyway, I wrote #4 ahead of #3, which is why we’re doing this now. The focus of #3’s story (and, as always, I’ll tiptoe around the fine details, so no major spoilers) is Ratchet, who (in the live-action movie incarnation of things) is much more of a brawler. Sure, he’s still a battlefield medic, but this Ratchet is quite willing to take on all-comers (and believe me, he does!). The trick with these focused ten-page character-led stories is to both tell a focused, ten-page character-led story (and make it a story in and of itself, rather than one part of six, as the overall arc is structured) and somehow find a way to sneak in cameos from other Transformers. Such is the way we’ve constructed the story (largely because we didn’t want to impact too directly on the Prequel comics and other pre-Movie stuff), with the focal Transformers scattered here and there in the far reaches of outer space (after the end of #2), it’s been a challenge to find ways to involve or reference the rest of the cast. But then, I like a challenge (it keeps things interesting), and so far so good. The ten pages of Ratchet action manages to shoehorn in a bunch of other characters, as does the Devastator story. Now, if only I can do the same for Ironhide (#5) and Jazz (#6)!


4 Responses to SCRIPT (W)RAP

  1. Jon S says:

    I really like how the new UK comic is abbreviated to TFUK!

  2. Will says:

    Absolutely cannot wait for this. What are the chances of more of the artists from the previous UK comic coming on board? Will Simpson, Jeff Anderson, Lee Sullivan and so on?

  3. simon furman says:

    Definitely more former Marvel UK artists to come!

  4. carnivac says:


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