Out now (in the US at least, the UK release is in June) are two of the trio of Transformers books I recently wrote for publisher Dorling Kindersley. The first, You Can Draw Transformers, is a comprehensive ‘how to’ book for budding artists (the whole book entirely Transformers-centric). Now, okay, I make no bones about the fact that I plainly can’t draw (other than dodgy cover sketches I used to do and send to the artists in the days of Marvel UK’s Transformers comic). So what am I doing writing an art book? Well, for a start, artist Guido Guidi (my co-author on the book) does most of the hard work here, having created a host of all-new illustrations (on all generations of Transformers) especially for the book. Really, all I had to do was apply my ‘absorbed’ knowledge of the art and craft of creating comics (in particular Transformers comics) to the illustrations, providing (if you like) a commentary to accompany the nuts and bolts illustrations. And by absorbed knowledge, I mean what I’ve gathered over 20-plus years as a comics editor and writer, having dealt with (and critiqued) more than my fair share of pages (and collaborated with a whole host of Transformers artists, past and present). I was also the editor on Titan’s superb Comics Creators On… series (plus the excellent Artists on Comics Art), so I’ve learned from the best, believe me. Did I succeed? You tell me. I was certainly pleased with the end product, but if you have opinions or criticisms please post them here. By the way, the book also comes with top tips from TF artists such as Andrew Wildman, EJ Su, Don Figueroa and Marcelo Matere. The other book out now (again, just in the US currently) is the updated and expanded edition of Transformers: The Ultimate Guide. Eight new pages bring us as up to date as possible, with a new section on IDW and toy spreads on Classics and Alternators. Oh, and it’s a paperback edition this time around. Finally, the Visual Guide to the new movie will be out in July (when the movie opens). More on that then. And for more information on all DK books go here.



  1. Sounds good, we’re looking forward to brinng some more information on these books to the Transformers Community soon as well.

  2. simon furman says:

    Cheers! Appreciate TF@The Moon’s reporting of the stuff I post here.

  3. Colin says:

    The book is out in Ottawa, Canada. Haven’t really had time to do much more than thumb through it but I like the layout of the book so far. And it’s so nice to have a “How to” book without a spine that will crack. That said, the picture of Cybertron Jetfire has already been most helpful as part of a kitbash colouring exercise.

  4. simon furman says:

    Glad to be of service, Colin (though Guido probably takes the credit here).

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