Brady Webb from Panini has stopped by (see the comments on the previous Head’s Up thread) to provide more details on where to find Death’s Head volume 1. He also provided the cover for that selfsame volume, in case you need further prompting to seek it out. deathsheadvol1cover72_9cb6.jpg

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  1. carnivac says:

    That’s some fantastic cover art. Pretty much says ‘buy this book or die’

  2. It’s a shame that the Geoff Senior painting we used as a promo poster, which probably still sits in its frame above Simon’s mantlepiece, isn’t being used as a cover. I still think it’s one of Geoff’s best ever pieces of art. If Simon can’t post a picture with his limited blog resources ; p I’ll scan the poster and put it on the web as a link, yes?


  3. simon furman says:

    Hi Rich,

    Would be tricky to scan the painting (framed and hanging above my desk), so if you want to post the poster (!), go for it. T’is a fine piece of work for sure! I’ll happily link to it from here.

  4. carnivac says:

    Yes please. Geoff Senior’s my all time favorite comic artist due mainly to his TF and DH work and I’d very much like to use a DH image of his for my windows wallpaper.

    Still trying to convince my friend about the Doctor Who Transformers connection too. She don’t believe. When I get Volume 1 of DH I can show her that yup he’s so cool he met the Doctor, Autobots, Decepticons, and even various Marvel superheroes too.

    Am curious though. Does Panini own the Marvel UK stuff or do they have to license it from Marvel themselves? Same about IDW too for their Target 2006 and Generations stuff.

  5. Joel says:


    Also, nice cover, that. Incidentally, the credits bar at the top of it really are an awesome bunch of creative folk.

    “Transformers 4 eva!”, as da kidz say (apparently).

  6. GrantTLC says:

    There is precisely one copy of this in my local Forbidden Planet, and if anyone so much as even *thinks* about purchasing it before I get around to picking it up…well, let’s just say the results ain’t gonna be pretty.

  7. Dawfydd says:

    Any artwork of classic Death’s Head you guys can dig out will be most gratefully received.
    Gotta say though, DH is one of my all time favorite comic book characters, going right back to the days where he cut through a good chunk of G1’s more powerful characters. Once it came into work I had to display it as prominently as possible and damn! That book sells.
    By the way, Simon, a question: have you ever thought of resurrecting the classic Death’s Head 1 character? I know you did DH 3.0 (quite enjoyed it personally) but I just have this image of classic DH causing mayhem across theMarvel U, yes?
    and for some reason I keep seeing an Exiles team made up entirely of different incarnations of our favorite freelance peace-keeping agent (all right, I admit it, part of me just wants to see a transformers sized Death’s Head squash some hapless B-lister)

  8. simon furman says:

    I’d love to do more (original) Death’s Head. Maybe we can do a DH Corps type thing, with all of them, 1, II and 3.0. Now all I have to do is convince the powers-that-be at Marvel!

  9. Jon S says:

    That would a great series! Maybe it could be called “Death’s Head’s”!?!
    Maybe the original Death’s Head gets thrown into a time and space dimensional vortex or something (as you do) and each issue he meets up with/fights other Death’s Head versions, like Death’s Head 3.0 or Death’s Head Zero, the female Death’s Head! (I put that last one in because I know how much Simon loves the idea of female robots!)

  10. Dawfydd says:

    How many Death’s Head mechanoids can we come up with? Lets see:
    Transformers sized DH:
    post-Unicron, post-Doctor, human-sized DH:
    Rebuilt, Blue & Gold DH:
    What If… Death’s Head 1 Survived? DH:
    Death’s Head II:
    Death Metal:
    Death Wreck:
    Minion (pre-DH):
    Die Cut (?):
    Death’s Head 3.0.
    Thats about 10, then you could throw in some of DH’s supporting cast, Spratt, Tuck, Dr. Necker and maybe Motormouth & Killpower for added comic relief. Hell, has anyone thought of resurrecting the Dragon’s Claws?
    Oh, and Jon, love the idea of a female personae Death’s Head (maybe an ultimate version…).

  11. Dawfydd says:

    gotta post this though,
    One of the guys at the local comic book store had a crazy idea though, DH on he cover to Heroes For Hire, with Misty Knight, Coleen Wing, Black Cat and Tarantual draped over him with the simply line “Jealous, Yes?”

  12. simon furman says:

    Hey, I could live with a female Death’s Head (not literally). I also quite like the idea of including Death Metal in the group (though that may have something to do with my having written him first time around).

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