If you attended the recent Bristol (UK) comics convention, and happened by the Titan Books/Magazines stand, you’ll have already seen this. If not, then feast your eyes on the cover of the first issue of Titan’s UK Transformers comic/magazine (click on the thumbnail, below). The first issue hits (UK) newsagents on 19 July, and is packed with strip (including an all-new 10-page, UK-exclusive strip), features, fact-files and competitions. Each issue comes with a highly collectable covermounted free gift, the first of which is Transformers dog tags. As previously reported, the UK-exclusive strip in #1 is by myself and fan favourite artist Geoff Senior (marking his first Transformers strip work in over seven years). Keep checking back here for information and sneak peaks at what’s coming up, and to subscribe visit the Titan site here.


6 Responses to COVER STORY

  1. Will says:

    Holy crap, I can’t wait for this. Furman and Senior? On a TF strip? Nurse! It’s monthly, right?

  2. simon furman says:

    Let me check. It’s either monthly or four-weekly (in which case it would be 13 issues per year).

  3. carnivac says:

    I’m planning to buy it.

    Do ya know if there will be any maximum age limits on the competitions? 😛

  4. partholon says:

    im really looking forward to this , i miss geoff so much. simon if he enjoyed this keep banging on at him to do a commission for IDW . even a cover would be cool

    in fact i wouldnt mind another one shot ala the body in question if he’s up for it 🙂 (i know i know im kidding myself)

    still at least i can get this, i just hope the shops dont knick the free gifts . easons were feckers for taking the things off and not giving em out !

  5. Dave Frear says:

    It’s four-weekly like the Batman reprint.

  6. simon furman says:

    Yeah, and I’m reliably informed there will be no upper age limit on the competitions. They’ll be open to one and all.

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