Finally, my post-script digressions on Transformers Devastation #2 (first promised a few weeks back I know!). My excuse is, having trailered Devastation as a whole, I wanted a bit of breathing space before I launched into issue #2. As always, these will be teasers, not spoilers. Let’s start by talking heads… disembodied ones and Headmasters. There are two main story strands in issue #2 (though inevitably other sub-plots simmer onwards as well). One is Sixshot and his opening salvo, aimed directly at Earth’s Autobot Tactical Response Unit (actually, that happens in issue #1, but the fallout—literally—spreads onwards into issue #2). Not known for his subtlety, Sixshot is pretty much going to blow things wide open (again, literally!) in the saga as a whole. Then there’s Hot Rod and Wheeljack, who are off on their own mission (those of whom have wondered about the fate of Ironhide from Escalation #6, all will be revealed), one with a truly ‘crushing’ deadline, and end up being targeted by the Machination. Yes, it’s the full debut of the IDW-verse Headmasters. As always, expect dramatic differences from the Headmasters of yore. All this Headmaster-y stuff also feeds into further revelations on the fate of both Hunter and Sunstreaker. Now, when I mentioned disembodied heads, you thought I might finally spill the beans on who the Machination’s ‘head’ really is. Wrong. Different disembodied head. Boy, am I a tease! Oh, I’ll be back soon with another script (w)rap on Beast Wars The Ascending #2 (soon!).

6 Responses to SCRIPT (W)RAP

  1. Spinoute says:

    Can’t wait, can’t wait. I’m really loving this Transformers universe you’re building up.
    Keep the good work Mr. Furman.

  2. Simon Hall says:

    I’ve really been enjoying the slow build up, and the new spins on familiar concepts with the IDW stuff. I like that all the spotlight stories are part of the big picture,but they work so well as stand alone stories in their own right.Its awesome stuff…looking forward to the new Beast Wars mini too!

  3. bassbot says:

    Simon, such a tease, but aside from Sixshot, it seems your tackling head on with some of the cool sub-plots from INF-ESC. And having Sixshot in the middle of it is awesome!

  4. `Straya says:

    Seeing Sixshot again will be awesome, and I’m really on the edge of my seat in regards to what Hunter’s fate will ultimately be… I’ve really gotten attached to his character!

  5. simon furman says:

    Thanks for the feedback everyone. Things are really going to come to the boil in Devastation, and a lot of sub-plots will become main storyline threads. Oh, and I’m kind of attached to Hunter too. Big things are planned for him in Devastation and Revelation.

  6. Dawfydd says:

    hm, the autobots crazy mad scientist teamed with the survivors-guilt infected thrill seeker, bothof whom ave a penchant for speed? oh yeah, this ‘aint going to be pretty…

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