Yep, June 7th is a busy day in the Furman-verse. Not only does TMNT #2 hit the UK stands (see previous entry) but Panini’s A.T.O.M. #24 (that’s Alpha Teens on Machines for uninitiated) does too. Inside, you’ll find ‘Out of Control’, a story written by yours truly and drawn by Jack Lawrence. In the story, Tilian (he of the Mu-Team) imbibes a genetic accelerant and goes all ‘Hulk’ on Axel and his crew. For a taster of Jack’s stunning art, click on the first link below, and for the front cover experience click on the second.


One Response to … AND THEN TWO COME AT ONCE!

  1. `Straya says:

    Man, now I feel like you guys are double-teaming on me! I’ve loved Jack Lawrence’s art for the longest time (kept up with Lions, Tigers & Bears), and now you guys have both got stuff going on with A.T.O.M., which I was really starting to like on Jetix until they booted it out of its timeslot. I’m gonna go broke trying to order all these comics and mags in addtion to keeping up with the IDW titles and TF movie toys. Having an illegal drug addiction might be cheaper… Heh.

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