Almost caught up with myself. I’m mid-way through the Devastation #3 script and about to embark on Transformers (UK) #5, so I thought now would be a good time to wax retrospectively about Beast Wars The Ascending #2 (which I wrapped a week or so ago). As always, what follows is a series of teases rather than the exact content. This is a spoiler-free zone (more or less). For those of you who’ve read my earlier (more general/introductory) ‘In Ascending Order’ item, this is something of a more focused look at issue #2 of the four-issue series. Lots going on here. The strands culled from Beast Wars II and Beast Wars Neo are paramount in this issue, as we start to see exactly what (and who) is causing things to go so badly wrong on Cybertron and why Predacon General Magmatron is so desperate to stop it (even it means declaring a truce with his bitter enemy, Razorbeast). It’s been great fun trying to pull all these various story strands from the US and Japanese TV series together for this series (a process started back when Ben Yee and I collaborated on the upcoming Beast Wars Profiles series), not to mention bringing yet more characters into one, cohesive (I hope) Beast Wars universe. So, we have debuts for the likes of Drancron, Rartorata and Elephorca, plus the Magnaboss trio of Prowl, Ironhide and Silverbolt (the G1 characters). For those who enjoyed his fleeting appearance in The Gathering, there’s more of Big Convoy to savour. Oh, and on Earth, we continue a humungous battle between Razorbeast’s Maximals and Ravage’s Predacons (which ties directly into events in the US BW TV series), plus the arrival (in that era) of Lio Convoy and The Pack (Stampy’s fast becoming a favourite of mine). Grimlock’s in there too… of course! And, well, all I can say is, poor Razorbeast! Beast Wars The Ascending #2 hits stores in September.


24 Responses to SCRIPT (W)RAP

  1. Woot really can’t wait for this to come out. Seeing Lio Convoy and Big Convoy will be great, and chance of BWII Galvatron turning up though, now that I’d really like to see. Well that and some of Steve White’s dinosaur artwork for the BW Neo characters

  2. simon furman says:

    No BWII Galvatron this time around (didn’t he die at the end of that series?). But hey, never say never.

  3. Galmorzu says:

    Sounds great. I guess you’re not so much going with the idea that TMII Prowl is really the G1 Prowl then? And that Magnaboss Iron and Prowl were brought back to life? Sounds really awesome, though, I can’t wait. All we need is Tripredacus at some point and I’ll be happy. 🙂

  4. Justin says:

    can’t wait for it………would you write some stories about the golden age of cybertron like a one shot? I think it would be pretty cool . Seeing how Ironhide,Prowl and the others change from civilians into soldiers.
    I hope Grimlock would have a rematch with Magmatron…..

  5. janmugar prime says:

    Excellent, but i have a question Ironhide,Prowl and Silverbolt as the Magnaboss gestalt?, wasn’t it supposed to be Santon, LioJunior, and Skywarp?, and 2 more questions, do we have to watch the Jap. BWII anime? any crossover with the crew of the Axalon like the one we had in the DW TF Summer special?

  6. simon furman says:

    Right, all I can say about the whole G1 Prowl/Owl Prowl thing is that there IS an explanation (one that I have to credit to Ben Yee). You’ll have to read the Profiles book to find out exactly how the two characters differ (but, in many ways, are also alike), but for now all I’ll say is ‘Binaltech.’ As for Magnaboss, you’re right. He was the Ironhide, Prowl, Silverbolt gestalt as a US release, but the Japanese version was Santon, LioJunior and Skywarp. Both feature as separate characters in the profiles book, but it’s the US Magnaboss combo we’re focusing on in The Ascending.

  7. simon furman says:

    Oh, and no, you don’t need to have seen either of the Japanese series. I haven’t.

    And yes, there is a certain amount of involvement of the Axalon crew in The Ascending, but I’ll come clean and admit it’s peripheral.

  8. janmugar prime says:

    In some point of your BW series, are you going to make a reference to wich TF series the original G1 cartoon, or the new IDW G1 series you’re also developing. and is that so why?, and one last Q. Do you remember when in the BW CGI series BW Megs. shot G1 Optimus Prime and caused a time rift or a temporal rift (whatever). It was never cleared what happened after that, My guess is (unless you define otherwise) that’s why there is a multiverse in the TF’s series. If that’s so The BW Megs. could become the Ultimate Villain (second to Unicron) in all the TF series.

  9. bigmanyvsapplebees says:

    u should put some dinobots in it

  10. Thunderwing says:

    What is going to happen in the profile books with the guys who look near-exactly alike, such as B’Boom and Apache, and Snarl and Tasmanian Kid?

    Are they gonna be different characters, or just omitted?

  11. simon furman says:

    If we’re talking G1/Beast Wars continuity, then it has to be the animated G1 series, as I’m sure that’s what Bob Forward and Larry DiTillio were working from (even though Larry did draw inspiration for the Vok for the Swarm from Marvel’s G2 comic), and the comic is very much a continuation of/adjunct to their work. As for the BW Megatron generated timestorm at the end of season 2 of Beast Wars, I’ve no plans (currently) to loop that into the Beast Wars comic.

  12. simon furman says:

    The lookalikes will all be featured in the profiles series and many will crop up in The Ascending too. They will indeed be different characters, and apart from being coloured differently will also be subtly different in look too. Don is also drawing a whole heap of these characters in their Cybertronian form.

  13. carnivac says:

    Unrelated to this topic but I just wanted to ask as I been re-reading old stuff. Back in G1 comics, how come it only took Bludgeon’s sword to kill an otherwise non-damaged Catilla? Was Catilla just that weak or was Bludgeon’s aim so good as to impale some ultra important TF component? And would Catilla have been laid to rest in or out of his shell?

    Sorry they seem silly questions and for stories so long ago but they just crossed my mind and I felt like asking 🙂

  14. janmugar prime says:

    Mr.Furman, hope you’re still talking with us in this blog, i’d like to share some POVs about all your great stuff (in either books and TV) concerning TF’s, and probably some ideas. please could you contact me?. Thanks.

  15. simon furman says:

    I figure Bludgeon’s sword is just crafted to kill Transformers, and yeah, he knows where to hit to do the most damage.

  16. simon furman says:

    Hey, janmugar — I’d rather not start one-on-one conversations off the blog. If you want to ask questions here, I’ll do my best to answer, but please understand I simply haven’t the time to get into individual e-chats.

  17. janmugar prime says:

    Ok, mr. Furman. i agree!. thanks anyway.

    Do you think that at some point, the Tech involved to create artificial Fur, skin, scales, or maybe plant lifelike appearance (like the Botanica character had in BM) was evolved from the Pretender technology or is it also an ability common to the Transformer race?, as far as i know they can only adapt to mechanical modes.

  18. janmugar prime says:

    Well, besides those TF’s known as “the Primitives”, all the other known Cybertronians had adopted mechanoidal or vehicular modes.

    One last Q. Where do the Maximals and Predacons ultimately come from?, are they really “descendants” of the Autobots and the Decepticons from Cybertron, or do they come from other planet (maybe Animatros aka Jungle planet from the TF Cybertron anime).

    In the Beast Machines CGI series its explored that Cybertron was indeed a “normal” planet and not artificial as it was always stated in all the previous series, but in the Galaxy Force/Cybertron anime we discovered that PRIMUS was indeed Cybertron all along. don’t you think that there are some strange things happening here?, shall we have somewhere down the road your definitive version of all these stories?. Hope you will and thanks for listening to my words.

    Your’re the law at TF’s mythos. Thank you.

  19. simon furman says:

    In my Spotlight Shockwave story I took the stance that fur, skin and scales are a synthetic creation for ‘beast’ modes, and that it’s part and parcel of a reformatting process undergone in C.R (Cryogenic Regeneration) chambers. One assumes this kind of technology evolved sometime after the Pax Cybertronia, possibly, as you say, derived from Pretender tech. But this has never been overtly stated to my knowledge.

  20. simon furman says:

    Maximals and Predacons really are descended from the Autobots and Decepticons. In the face of crippling shortages of energon, they downsized or evolved in new forms.

  21. simon furman says:

    Not sure yet how much (if any) of Beast Machines will be incorporated into the IDW-verse. I was never hugely happy with the idea of Cybertron having once been an organic world.

  22. Dawfydd says:

    Just imagine a cetain big G’s response to THAT revalation…

  23. carnivac says:

    I just like how a silly but fun concept like the Pretenders (The toys are a favorite subline of mine despite the simplicity of them) has grown over time and given somewhat a sense of actual purpose.

    And of course even without that stuff back then you made several Pretender characters really cool and memorable characters anyways (bluddy and carni obviously 🙂 )

    Now if hasbro can be convinced to attempt a Pretender revamp of those two characters using modern toy technology. Ok am living in dream land there…

    Sorry for nearly always talking about your old work. Your more recent stuff is great too.

  24. janmugar prime says:

    As for the end of the Beast Machines series, i was ( like you too Mr. Furman) dissapointed with that of Cybertron being an organic world…..But then I remembered that somewhere in an episode of the 3rd season of the G1 anime, Sandstorm came from a planet SIMILAR to Cybertron seeking for help on Cybertron. Now at the end of the episode that world was destroyed by Galvatron. Now my point is, if there more than one world similar to Cybertron, then we can have the BM Cybertron and Primus, without any contradiction, and yes an ongoing continuity, but lacking af some explanation.

    Well that’s my opinion, so what do you think?

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