Well, the signing at London’s Orbital (manga) store has come and gone, and very enjoyable it was too. Our one hour slot became 2+ hours, and a steady stream of Transformers fans came and went clutching comics and trade paperbacks (current and past) for us to sign. With me were IDW Editor-in-Chief Chris Ryall (also co-writer of the Transformers Movie Prequel comics and a whole bunch of other stuff too) and artist Nick Roche (of Spotlight Shockwave and Hot Rod fame, not to mention his own self-penned Spotlight Kup). In fact, talking of Spotlight Kup, I may have inadvertantly (as I had nothing to do with it) signed a few of those over the course of those 2+ hours, so apologies to anyone who now has my signature on their copy. Sign anything I will! Great to see Chris and Nick again, and a very enjoyable after-signing drink in O’Neill’s on Shaftesbury Ave. Pleased also to meet Mark Millar, who was signing over at Forbidden Planet at or around the same time and also gravitated to the pub. Strange our paths haven’t crossed (directly) before. A couple of photos from the event and the pub afterwards (click on the thumbnails for larger image). Credit and thanks to James Dodsworth for these:

Left to right: Chris Ryall, me, Nick Roche

Left to right: me, Chris Ryall, James Dodsworth, Nick Roche, Mark Millar



  1. Jon S says:

    Thanks for doing the signing Simon, (I got you to sign my Death’s Head poster!) and I’m really enjoying the IDW Transformers. Both Chris and Nick seem like great guys too. I just wished I’d flicked to the last page of that Galvatron Spotlight issue!

  2. My hazy recollection is over at http://www.fractalmatter.com for your enjoyment.

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