Just to keep tantalizing those imaginations and whetting those tastebuds, ahead of the July 19th release of the first issue of Titan’s Transformers comic/magazine, here’s the fully coloured (by Robin Smith, who provided numerous painted covers and heaps of interior art for the original Marvel UK comic back in the 80s) version of page 1 of the new UK-originated comic strip. Art by the one and only (thank god!) Geoff Senior (see previous posts). Who knows, maybe we’ll get the lettered page soon (’cause, y’know, that’s where the real interest is, right? Right?). For more information on (plus subscription details) Titan’s Transformers comic/magazine go here. To see the image in all its glory, click on the thumbnail.


  1. carnivac says:

    Pretty colors. Love the sky’s color ranges too. And seeing Senior’s movie Prime colored looks great. Can’t wait for this comic.

    And I’d just been re-reading the zombie story in the Marvel UK ones last night of which Robin Smith pencilled the final part Meltdown. Particulary love the rendition of zombie Impactor in that one and all the other zombie expressions such as the one that tries to take a bite out of Broadsides head before Impactor impales it’s head to the wall. Great stuff.

  2. Andy Turnbull says:

    Looks fantastic (can’t wait to see the lettered version though) it’ll be good to see the Furman/Senior tag team in action once again!

  3. Hunter M says:


    I know there’s been plenty of things written about how to break into American comics and the like, but I wondered if you had any advice on how to work for British comics companies, like Titan, on strips such as Transformers/Turtles/Power Rangers tie-in licences?

  4. Love the colours, but I’m concerned that the shiny effects don’t mesh all that well with Geoff’s style. Then again, I haven’t seen any Senior (or Smith, for that matter) art since the 80s, so maybe I should just go with it.

  5. partholon says:

    lovely. just realised this is the first time ive ever seen modern colouring methods on geoffs TF characters. the G2 stuff was still basically the dot matrix stuff . it looks really nice. i like the glowey effects and the orange makes it pop but i agree with the shiny effect. the one on primes right leg near his hip looks a little off.

    still this is nice and i really like the colouring on the leg in the foreground. cant wait till it come s out now 🙂

  6. carnivac says:

    I saw someone on DeviantArt had recolored some of Geoff’s Matrix Quest pages using more modern coloring. Looked good.

  7. You got the link to that? I’d love to have a go at colouring some Senior, too!

  8. simon furman says:

    It’s actually not the first time Geoff’s TF stuff has been computer coloured (covers aside). The 2000 (3H) convention comic, Reaching the Omega Point, featured computer colour/effects by Andrew Wildman over Geoff’s art. And very nice it looked too.

  9. simon furman says:

    Hey Hunter M, in some ways it’s tougher breaking into scriptwriting for licensed characters than it is for regular comics. But the best way is to give the editor a whole bunch of really short springboard ideas (two or three lines at most for each).

  10. carnivac says:

    Seen that new clip that was on Jay Leno’s chat show? Great stuff. Yet you got people complaining now about having humour in this movie. Seemingly forgetting that even the cartoon and comics (especially a lot of those real short stories) had plenty of funny scenes too. Found it real amusing myself and the TF’s just look more stunning each time I see them. Bumblebee’s animation is fantastic.

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