Two Script (W)raps to come this week, this one (being Transformers-UK #5) and Transformers Devastation #3. As it stands, I’m only ‘script-(w)rapping the TF stuff (hey, I know my demographic), skipping the likes of Terminator 2 – Infinity, A.T.O.M., TMNT, etc, but if people out there want it, I can include those too. Let me know. Right, Titan’s Transformers (UK) #5. Ironhide. Having scattered my cast far and wide at the end of issue #2, it’s now a matter of starting to bring them together again, and #5 is our first story not set on another world. We open in deep space, as Ironhide (in protoform ‘meteor’ mode) is caught by… ah, but that’d be telling. Suffice to say that I’m just starting here to explore the possible origins of The Allspark. No one, not even the Cybertronians themselves (including Optimus Prime and Megatron), seem to know exactly where it came from and how/why it found its way to Cybertron, which begs the question (to me at least), where did it come from (and whose was it before)? Actually, Ironhide’s solo outing is a story-within-a-story kind of affair (in ten pages!). We flash back to Cybertron, intro-ing some of the movie toy characters, and get a good look at Ironhide (a sort of more gung-ho, military-minded version of his original, classic incarnation) in full on battle action. No word yet on the artist for this one. Possibly Guido Guidi, possibly Lee Sullivan (both names that have been floated recently). But there’s still a chance (editor) Steve (White) will throw me an artistic curveball here. Keep watching this space for updates.


13 Responses to SCRIPT (W)RAP

  1. Will says:

    Sounds interesting… I’m really enjoying the movie-based mythology you’re fleshing out. Loved the prequel comics, which changed my mind on a lot of things I didn’t like about the film up till that point. And Lee Sullivan! That’d be pretty cool.

  2. carnivac says:

    I’d like to see Lee Sullivan again too. Was always my 2nd favorite ‘Classic TF’ artist after Senior due to both having a similar sharp dynamic style 🙂

  3. Obsidian says:

    Excellent, Ironhide. Either Guido Guidi or Lee Sullivan will do (as always) a great job.

  4. simon furman says:

    Three votes for Lee! Keep ’em coming…

  5. Alex says:

    Should get Wildman to do an issue (I believe he is already, isn’t he?) but you should force him to draw like he did in the 80s. Spit, sweat, teeth and missing parts on my Transformers, please! 😀

    I like how it’s coming so far- I can’t wait for the first issue of the UK comic. Keep up the good work, Simon.

  6. carnivac says:

    Just occured to me that this is a monthly comic right? As opposed to the (mostly) weekly schedule. I had missed weekly comics quite a bit and DC’s 52 and now Countdown filled that gap nicely this last year or so. Was it difficult working on a weekly comic back when you did the Marvel TF’s? How many other comics were you doing at the same time? Was the back up strip a way of making it easier on the UK staff to get the main half done? I guess the gaps where the the UK comic reprinted the US stuff helped too…

  7. Ian Neve says:

    Geoff Senior back on Transformers?

    Many prayers have been answered.

    Now we need him back on Death’s Head 1……too much to ask for!

  8. Steve Ginty says:

    TMNT? Yes! Just so long as the artist can replicate the Laird/Eastman style.

  9. Steve Ginty says:

    Oh! I mean to say, can you write story lines that take place during the golden age of the B&W TMNT, sort of like TFG1 instead of TF Energon, et al?

    I don’t know any other TMNT. Maybe there is a market for TMNT “G1”. I’d buy it.

  10. simon furman says:

    I think Andrew has posted some of his (new) TF art over his blog. Link on the main page.

  11. simon furman says:

    Trying to get 11-pages of full colour comic strip ready each week was backbreaking. We certainly needed the US material breaks. The Titan comic/magazine is four-weekly rather than monthly.

  12. simon furman says:

    Geoff/DH1… if only!

  13. simon furman says:

    Steve, the TMNT stuff I’m doing is the current incarnation, Fast Forward (scan back through my blog for previous posts). However, I believe the mag reprints the recent US ‘classic’ strip material as well.

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