Thanks to the good people at Titan Magazines, we have first look at Nick Roche’s stunning art from issue #2 of the Transformers UK comic/magazine. The story, written by me and featuring movie Megatron, laces into (and out of) the IDW movie prequel comic/series, exploring the very beginnings of Megatron’s quest to find the Allspark (after being waylaid by Bumblebee). Click on the thumbnails below to view the art. Issue #2 hits stores on the 16th August (issue #1 on July 19th), and for more information and subscription details, go here.


8 Responses to MEGATRON — UK

  1. carnivac says:

    That looks great. Roche is fast becoming my fave artist who wasn’t a Marvel UK TF guy 😀

  2. Andy Turnbull says:

    It looks fantastic, but then I love Nick’s work. It looks a little less busy than Don’s take and makes it easier to read.

    But I’ll have to wait over a month to get it – boooo!


  3. Mark Hall says:

    Very Nice work from Nick.
    Lookig forward to this.

  4. partholon says:

    yay! sorry but i didnt read your preamble before trying to figure out who drafted that image and its nice to know i can recognaise nicks style at a glance now. the guy is very good at moderating his style to fit different stories and moods , im thinking of the kup spotlight here, and then he can produce something like this.

    very nice.

    cant wait to see what robin does with this

  5. Ralph Burns says:

    Very much looking forward to the new UK TF comic! Ohhhh, the nostalgia!

  6. simon furman says:

    Nick is certainly a hugely versatile artist. I’ve seen three or maybe four distinct styles now. All great!

  7. carnivac says:

    Yeah some people didn’t like his Kup work (I did but then Marvel UK stuff could usually be quite diverse too so am used to different styles), hope they’ve seen his other styles and found something they like. Great stuff.

  8. Limabean says:

    wait till yah see the coloured versions 🙂

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