What I like about four-issue series, as opposed to the more current (trade-friendly) six-issue arcs, is that they really push the pace of the story. There’s room in Infiltration/Escalation/Devastation et al to sidetrack into ‘B’ stories and subplots (in itself a very gratifying pursuit), but with a four-issue story you pretty much have to get in, tell the story, and get out, with not much in the way of diversions. So it is with Beast Wars The Ascending, and I can’t help but feel—having just wrapped issue #3 of the series—it’s a good thing. No sooner, it seems, you’ve set up the characters, threats, etc, than you’re racing breathlessly towards the epic conclusion. Not that there’s not much to The Ascending. Quite the opposite in fact. The series is packed, both with story and characters, and set (far more than The Gathering was) on two worlds (prehistoric Earth and Cybertron). Poor Don (Figueroa). It’s not just that he’s got to squeeze in the entire cast of The Gathering along with a host of characters previously exclusive to the Japanese Beast Wars line, he’s got to retro-design about half of them (or more) so they appear in robot/alt. forms suitable for Cybertron. So what can I tell you about issue #3, while keeping things as spoiler-free as possible? Well, on the Earthbound side of the equation, heroic Maximal Razorbeast is engaged in some decidedly unheroic acts, forcing his team-mates into drastic (and quite possibly tragic) action. Conversely, self-serving Predacon Ravage is doing some uncharacteristically altruistic deeds, risking life and limb to broker a truce between the Predacons and The Pack. Seriously! Everything’s turned on its head in issue #3. Oh, and on Cybertron, those who’ve been craving some full on Big Convoy action (against The Ascending’s main ‘big bad’) will not be disappointed. Although you might want to look away on page 9! And then, as the issue comes to a close, just as Lio Convoy’s thinking things can’t get any worse and Don’s thinking, “thank God he can’t squeeze any more characters in here,” another quintet of bad guys make their comic book debut (although, thinking about it, one has previously featured in a Transformers comic book!!). Beast Wars The Ascending #3 is scheduled for October. For more information on all IDW’s Transformers titles, visit their website here.


13 Responses to SCRIPT (W)RAP

  1. Mike Moran says:

    I cant wait till these come out. Besides the team of Simon/Senior and Simon/Wildman the team of Simon/Don is a treat !

  2. Somebody says:

    Why the “Convoy” names? Shouldn’t they get translated? [After all, “Convoy” as leader-suffix makes absolutely no sense, and is done only as belated homage in Japan, because when they started using the TF brand, they had no idea that it would last enough for Optimus to be replaced…]

  3. simon furman says:

    Question is, if you start re-naming the likes of Big Convoy (which in my mind is one of the more accessible names from the Japanese line), where do you stop? Ikard? Heinrad? Takotank? When Ben (Yee) and I were working on the BW Profiles book, we just made a blanket decision to go with all the names as are. Including Randy!!!

  4. janmugar alpha says:

    I have been wondering about the Planet Beest since Don’s previous work in the Dreamwave summer special; I’d like to think of the Beast Formers as the real predecessors of the actual Maximals and Predacons, or maybe being related to them somehow. It would be a nice tie-ender for that continuity circle in a big way. What do you think?.

    And I thoght maybe Lio Primal and Maximus Primal could be better names.

  5. Some Guy says:

    *cough* Leo Prime *cough*

  6. Some Guy says:

    Oops, Leo Prime. My bad.

  7. simon furman says:

    Regarding planet Beest and the DW Summer Special, I’m trying to stay away from anything Beast Wars related from the pre-IDW era. For a start, it was conceived by other writers, and secondly everything pretty much started from, er, scratch, with The Gathering.

  8. Rollbar says:

    So will the likes of Scorponok and Terrorsaur make a valiant return!?! i would love to don re-design scorponok as a transmetal

  9. Rollbar says:

    cont.. i always pictured him really BIG and armed to the teeth. 🙂

  10. Sebastian says:

    Simon, when these come out i am most definatly going to buy them.Now if we ask nicely, could you maybe give us a hint as to who these villains might be, without giving too much away of course.

  11. Rollbar says:

    Sebastison thats easy, it Magmatrons dino troops Guiledart, Dead End(this guy appeared in the gathering), Sabreback, Sling & Archadis. well thats my guess.

  12. Rollbar says:

    Do we find out what happened to Retrax, Powerpinch & Transquito? i would like to think there was ‘more than meets eye’ in that scenario. I just can’t believe that we’ve seen thelast of them. Surely Scourge and Insecticon will reprimanded some how!?!?

    Will Waspinator be used it future beast wars mini series as he does get left behind? From what i believe i’ve read, the beast machines story (as we know it) won’t be a part of this beast wars universe but aspects will be.

  13. Rollbar says:

    also i’ve always thought Optimus Pride sounded good but hey thats just me.

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