You’ve seen (in previous posts) some of Nick Roche amazing art from issue #2 of Titan’s Transformers (UK) comic/magazine, now feast your eyes on some just released (from the good folk at Titan) colour art from the same lead story, featuring Megatron. Colours by Liam Shalloo. Click on the thumbnails below for the larger images. Just a reminder that the first issue hits the stands next week (Thursday July 19th) and issue #2 hits on August 16th. For more information and subscription details visit the Titan Magazines website here.



4 Responses to MOVIE MAG-ATRON

  1. carnivac says:

    Looks great. That’s how I’m painting up my Leader Class Megatron toy after seeing someone do the same on DeviantArt. I really, really love this version of Megs and his chunky high detail toy, but I still ain’t seen the movie yet 😦

    Got all my friends elsewhere telling me how great the film is and that they’ve seen it several times, and I’m like… oi….

    Already had been told several spoilers I was trying to avoid too…

  2. Rich says:

    Thanks so much for these updates. I’m just getting caught up with TF comics and am interested in your compilation that’s coming out: Transformers: The Best Of Simon Furman. Can you tip us re: what stories will be contained in that edition? I see it listed on Amazon but no table of contents.

  3. Andy Turnbull says:

    That looks fantastic, both Nick and Liam have done a stellar job there. I am looking forward to the UK Transformers comic and can barely wait to get my hands on a copy.

  4. simon furman says:

    Here’s the ‘Best of Me’ contents:
    *TF-UK #31-32 “Wrath of Guardian/Grimlock”
    *TF-UK #81 “Target: 2006 pt3” 
    *TF-UK #86 “Target: 2006 pt8”
    *TF-UK #172-173 “Wrecking Havoc”
    *TFUS #62 “Bird of Prey”
    *TFUS #70 “The Price of Life”
    *TFUS #75 “On the Edge of Extinction”
    *TFUK #237-239 “Way of the Warrior”/“Survival Run”/”A Savage Place”
    *TFUK #240 “Out to Lunch”
    *TFG2 #7 “Tales of Earth pt4” 
    *TFG2 #8 “Tales of Earth pt5”
    *TF Tales from the BW “Ground Zero”
    *TF War Within (v1) Preview Special 2002 & Preview
    *TF Armada #16 “Worlds Collide pt3”
    *TF Infiltration #6 
    *TF BW: The Gathering #1

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