So much happening out there in wide, wide world of media right now. Several interviews and so forth (with me, of course, and others) to watch out for. Right now, the Sci-Fi Channel website has an exclusive interview with myself and Steve White (discussing the new Titan UK Transformers comic/mag and more). You can check this out here. And on the subject Titan’s TF comic/mag, the title has its very own MySpace page, with interviews, art and more. Go here for a whole heap of exclusives. And as if that wasn’t enough, here’s three more to watch out for. Comics International, via their online presence, has a filmed interview with myself and IDW editor in chief Chris Ryall due to air very soon in their The Reel Thing webcast. Keep an eye out for that here. And Resonance FM have an interview with myself and Geoff Senior scheduled to air on July 23rd. Visit their website here for more details. And finally, good old fashioned print gets a look-in as the next issue (#4, I believe, out the end of this month) of sci-fi mag Death Ray presents a feature on Transformers plus interviews with myself, Geoff and Steve. For more information go here. Phew!


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