Just finished writing the introduction to volume two (of two) of Panini’s long overdue (IMO) Death’s Head collected edition series, which takes in Death’s Head #8-10, The Body in Question, Marvel Comics Presents #76, She-Hulk #24, Fantastic Four #338 and What If? #54 (oh, and the second 1-page DH strip that ran on the back of various Marvel UK titles in the late 80s). The second volume hits stores in October, but in the meantime (so you know exactly what to look for) here, for your exclusive delectation, is Lee Sullivan’s pencil art for the front cover. Lovely, yes? Click on the thumbnail for the larger image:

9 Responses to (MORE) HEAD’S UPDATE

  1. limabean says:

    oooooooh i wonder if they have a colourist for that cover

  2. simon furman says:

    Don’t know. I can ask. Might be Lee himself. I’ll email you direct once I know more.

  3. Dawfydd says:

    Now all we need is for Simon to convince someone at Marvel to allow him to bring chrome-dome back….
    And by the way, has anyone picked up the Annihilation Book 3 HB? has a rather interesting Nova Corps entry on one of Death Metal’s sidekicks. It does seem that slowly but surely elements of the various DH characters are filtering into the mainstream Marvel universe.
    Ah well, back to that spanky new Beast Machines season 1 collection…
    (hey, I’ve got it- Deaths Head vs. Ultron with 90’s style chromium cover. Minimum inking required…)
    Ahem. You may have to excuse me. Currently recovering from a week of flu-cold-hayfever bug-thing. It’s just possible I may not be completely rational and/ or coherent…

  4. Jon S says:

    Did I hear a rumour that Panini are going to collect Dragon’s Claws as well? That would be a great series to have as a trade papaerback!

  5. simon furman says:

    The Death Metal sidekick is Spirit, who I featured in the Annihilation: Ronan series.

  6. simon furman says:

    It’s just a rumour right now, but don’t let that stop you besieging Panini with requests for it to become a reality.

  7. Jon says:

    Gotta love Death’s Head! Can’t wait for this 😀

  8. Simon Hall says:

    i’d dearly love death’s head to come back. i have had an idea rattling around whereby DH2 is wounded badly and forced to download into his original form…it would go something like this…(ahem)… DH2 and Tuck are on the trail of Cicatrice (from DH2 Gold) who has escaped from trial by the Temploids for genocide to Tuck’s homeworld (the name escapes me at this moment).Cicatrice runs to the royal palace seeking sanctuary and a means of escape. DH2 has er, a BREIF run in with Major Oak and his huscarls before breaking into the palace to find the Lord Protector of … Lionheart (remembered it!) lying on the floor having been fatally wounded by Cicatrice.DH2 assimilate’s his personality to locate Cicatrice and finds out lots of horrible things about Cicatrice, Lionheart and the war that saw technology outlawed on Lionheart. They trace Cicatrice to a laboratory hidden beneath the palace that has stockpiled all Lionheart’s technological/ scientific research, where Cicatrice is frantacally tapping some controls.DH2 and tussels with Cicatrice whilst Tuck tries to stop whatever Cicatrice has put in motion (lots of energy crackles etc here). Everything goes wrong, the room fills with a bright white light. From outside the palace, we see a big explosion and the palace is left in ruins.
    Cut to earth 2025. Gabriel Stone has seized control of AIM (or what remains of it) and formed a new company called Alchemax. He has been under intense media pressure to resolve the fates of those who died at AIM following the death’s of 500 employees when Charnel came visiting in 2020. his investigation has lead him to a dead end, and he seeks the source of all his woes Dr Evelyn Necker – who seems to have vanished (although his research turns up that she appears at an AIM facility in 1993!). in order to track her down,he has set his scientists the task of re-commising her time platform and linking it to Minion/ DH2’s signature.basically, to activate DH2’s timebelt, bring him back, re-programme him download any useful AIM files which were since destroyed and send him through time to retrieve Necker.
    Out in space, DH2 bumps into a blue police box as he hurtles through time (!).DH2 arrives on Earth 2025, just as Alchemax’s scientists have fired up their doohickey.DH2 is a bit worse for wear at this point, having lost his fancy shapeshifting arm and being a bit dinged up from having been blown up and hurtled through time. he will later escape Alchemax and makes his way to New york’s bay area where his old boat HQ is and where courtesy of Arno Stark, he has kept a spare body (i always thought this might be something DH would do with all his brass!).
    Tuck meanwhile, wakes to find herself on a bizarre planet where she runs into the Doctor who is similarly a bit confused to find his Tardis stuck in some form of Alien tree (as he finds out when he opens the door and falls 8 feet to the ground). When Tuck arrived, she landed in some sort of ceremony, and has disgruntled locals hot on her tail.She and the Doctor take flight and come to a cliff edge – they both jump off to escape their persuers, crash through a load of foliage and fall into a cave. The Doctor lights up the cave, and there in front of them is the original Death’s Head – the intended body of Lupex… they are on Styrakos!
    End of Part One!
    I’ve had all that in my brain for about ten years, and had in mind the Eighth Doctor it was that long ago. So that’s how I’d do it. I know DH2 pretty much sucked, but I liked Tuck and Liam Sharp’s take in DH2 Gold so I threw all that together and that’s what I came up with. Anyone else any ideas?

  9. Richard Green says:

    These collected editions are indeed long overdue. Even though I’ve managed to track down all of Death’s Head’s appearances, it’s nice to have them collected in one book.

    I’d also love to see Death’s Head return one day. I think there may be potential for some ‘untold tales’, there are some gaps in between adventures that could be filled. It would have been awesome to have seen Death’s Head turn up during Civil War and signing up to track down some of the unlicensed heroes! If there is one crossover I’d love to see it would be Death’s Head vs Deadpool. Anyway, lets hope these collected editions spark some interest!

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