Just a quick reminder that the first issue of Titan’s bonza new Transformers comic/magazine goes on sale this Thursday (the 19th), and features an all-new comic strip story (movie-continuity) from me and Geoff Senior. Also, TF-UK (must remember the dash) editor Steve White is appearing on Radio 1 tomorrow (19th) at 2:30PM on the Edith Bowman show, to talk all things Transformers. Click on the cover thumbnail so you know what to look for in newsagents tomorrow.

13 Responses to TF-UK A-GO-GO

  1. Will says:

    I got this in Forbidden Planet on Sunday – I almost exploded I was so excited to see it sitting there four days early. Whether or not it was their mistake I don’t know.

    But I liked it! The new strip was worth the wait. Everything I want to say is spoilerful… bah. And I will be speeding home from work to catch that radio interview.

  2. carnivac says:

    Tomorrow eh… Thats when I gets money so I’ll be buying a copy for sure if I find it 🙂

  3. Ralph Burns says:

    Picked this up today. Really liked it, the mag was not talking down to kids. Big plus point there. Loved the originated Optimus Prime strip – it felt like a lost Marvel UK TF strip! Good job.

  4. Lee says:

    Got my trembling hands on a copy yesterday (Wednesday) from WH Smith, and verily I was a kid again (or rather I was more of a kid than usual) as, sporting my new bling (Decepticon dog tags), I eagerly read the mag cover to cover in Caffe Nero 😉

    The mag has a feel of the good ol’ days of Marvel UK about it. Oh, the sweet regression!!!

    Great job guys, brilliant that Geoff is back, and great job Titan!

  5. carnivac says:

    Got mine today. very cool. Happy to see G1 features in there. Not so keen on Beast Wars comic being in there but I’ll likely read it anyway and probably enjoy it. Already got the Prequel comic so thats not much good to me but I can understand why its in there as it was mainly US sold. Bought mainly for the Senior drawn story and that’s just great. Really, really does feel like Marvel UK reincarnated 🙂

    Also thank whoever put ads on the back of the poster instead of the comic pages, and the person who remembered to use sticky tape that doesn’t tear the cover off when removing the freebie 😀

    Comic’s well worth the money. Hope it continues for a long time.

  6. carnivac says:

    oh yeah.. minus one point cos the dog tags chain ain’t long enough to get it over my head 😦

  7. Simon Hall says:

    geoff senior!wooooooo!nifty story and a pretty good comic to boot. one development that’s appalled me with regard to UK comics is these horrible photo splash pages and loud graphics.its nice to see titan have made the effort,although i’m not sure about the ratchet/ barricade stand-off feature.if the comic is going to feature profiles anyway of all the characters (as we have with optimus prime), then what is the need of stuff like this? i’m still not sold on the movie prequel story thats reprinted here as not a lot really happens in it,but the beast wars inclusion made me smile!as there’s another free gift next issue, thats also made me wonder if these sort of giveaways are whats needed to sell comics to kids in the UK these days.sigh.sometimes i feel really old…i remember when transformers was 32p a week…

  8. carnivac says:

    Tattoos next month 🙂
    I still got a tattoo from the old comics too. The comic had a cover of some dude tearing skin off his arm I think, to reveal robot bits while Pretender Cons stood behind? Could be wrong. Vague memories.

    Cheers for the Ratchet and Barricade feature by the way. Enjoyed that, and gives me some good pics for repainting my toys more accurately. Though the contents mention Ratchet being yellow, cept ain’t he green? Or am I colorblind…

  9. Simon Hall says:

    i think ratchet is yellow.i think its supposed to be that luminous yellow they use for emergency vehicles these days, which tends to go a bit funny with repeated exposure to sunlight…what AM i talking about?! I remember those pretender tattoos! although they reminded me more of the six million dollar man…

  10. Jon S says:

    It was great to see Simon and Geoff working together again, a pity that it couldn’t have been for the entire magazine though! My only question is would the Cybertronian form of Optimus Prime really have flames on his paint work? I thought he only got those after arriving on Earth and scanning a truck to copy? As for the rest of the mag, there seemed to be an awful lot of adverts and the graphic design was a bit overpowering, but hopefully it will really appeal to the younger audience and get them hooked on the Transformers like the rest of us!

  11. simon furman says:

    Glad to see the vibe is (largely) positive so far. Don’t forget, the comic is designed to appeal to young and old, newbies and vets, so there has to be a balance in all things. As for Op having those flames, I guess we can put that down to, um, artistic license. That Geoff, eh?

  12. Jon S says:

    I think the flames were added by the colourist! I don’t mind really, as it makes him identifiable as Optimus!

  13. Graham says:

    I just can’t believe it’s been two whole years since this was released! And, the magazine is still going strong!

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