Out now, in stores, ready for reader consumption, is A.T.O.M (Alpha Teens on Machines) issue #25, which features (of course, as we’re talking about it here) an all-new comic strip written by me (oh, and drawn by that Jack Lawrence fellow). The story, ‘Scorched Earth” features a new, comic-exclusive villain in the shape of Blitz and a free-for-all, hell-for-leather (etc, etc) race across the desert between Axel and a veritable rogue’s gallery of past foes, winner (survivor!) takes all! For a taster of what’s inside how the front cover’s looking, click on the two thumbnails below, and then rush to your local newsagents to purchase said item. Ready, set… go!


One Response to A.T.O.M.IC!

  1. Awww… the links aren’t working!

    Bizarrely, I just found some old Action Man sequentials I was going to send to Panini, but never did. I guess ATOM has replaced old Action Man, eh?

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