Okay, apologies for the all quiet on the blog front for a bunch of days, but I’m in L.A. right now (ahead of the San Diego Comicon) and there hasn’t been a lot of time to sit down and update, well, anything. So, w’assup? Well… L.A. has been its usual mix of business and pleasure. Some people I’m here to talk to purely on a business level, others purely personal, but there is some crossover. Trans-fans take note. There’s a lot of names you’ll recognize here. For a start there’s my good friend Rob Tokar, who (as those of you who’ve followed my career for any length of time will know) was the editor on the final phases of the G1 (US) comic as well as the entirety of G2. Now Rob also happens to be EiC of Tokyopop, and we have been talking. Watch this space. On the purely personal front, I got to catch up (in person) with Vince DiCola (he of the original soundtrack to Transformers The Movie… the animated one). Vince kindly shared with me some of his most recent recordings, and boy are they worth hearing. Keep googling that name for when his grand opus finally hits stores. Oh, and I’m also supposed to catching up with Bob Forward (co-script editor and key writer on the animated Beast Wars series). Then it’s down to San Diego for a fairly intensive round of signings and appearances. Scroll down (assuming you’re on the home page) for a previous blog entry with my schedule for the event. Some assorted notes…

*Nick Roche is going to be in Belfast this weekend, appearing at an exhibition of his artwork. He’ll also be running through the script-to-art presentation (wherein Nick draws a new Transformer, live on stage, with audience participation, in, like, no time) we put together for a previous Belfast gig. For more information, go here.

*Titan have updated their Transformers magazine MySpace page with details of the London Comicon appearance/signing I’m doing with Steve White and Geoff Senior as well as all you need to know about a very special competition they’ll be running on the day.

That’s about it for now. Join me again post-San Diego for a round-up of everything that’s fit to print (and stuff that’s not). Cheers!


  1. Martin says:

    Good luck and enjoy the con Simon! Won’t see you there this year, maybe in a year or two. But I’ll see you at Earls Court in September šŸ™‚

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