Phew. That San Diego Comicon! It just gets bigger and badder (in the best possible way). Three of the four days sold out. The entire cavernous convention hall packed with exhibitors, professionals and fans. A simply staggering array of mercandise and talent. It really has to be seen to be believed. This was maybe my fourth Comicon, and each time it just seems to be more overwhelming than the last. Hard to see how it can get any bigger, but you feel it will… somehow. Anyway, I tipped up at Comicon on the Friday AM, having skipped the Thursday (I was still in L.A.) entirely. I spent the morning touching base with as many people as possible, including Richard Starkings (former Marvel UK editor and current publisher of Elephantmen), Don Hudson & Steve Buccellato (fellow comic creators), Sven Larsen (formerly of Marvel US and the current driving force behind comics publisher Teshkeel), Josh Izzo (of Hasbro), Titan Publishing (who had their own stand for, I believe, the first time), the guys at IDW and probably many others I’ve forgotten in the general mayhem of that first morning. Then it was on to the DK (Dorling Kindersley) stand for my first official duty, a one-hour signing (of the updated Transformers The Ultimate Guide, You Can Draw Transformers and Transformers The Movie Guide). DK were kind of wedged between mighty Lucasfilm and Hasbro, so there was a good amount of foot traffic and interest in the books. It was heartening to see a whole lot of kids among those hugely excited about all things Transformers. DK’s Bess Braswell and Susan Stockman made sure everything ran smoothly for this and subsequent signings, which made my life that much easier. Thanks to both. That done, I did some serious investigation of the publishers in attendance, seeking out those I wished to meet and speak to about a (giant robot-free) project of my own. Some I knew to seek out, others I kind of stumbled across. Should anything come of this, I’ll of course share the details with you here. If nothing else, I made some very useful contacts. By around 4PM I was kind of done for the day, and headed for the relative sanity of the Marriott bar and a drink Sven Larsen. The convention hall is huge, and progress around it for any length of time exhausting. A margerita never tasted so good. That evening, a bunch of us (including Sven, Rob Tokar and Kevin Carr) went out for food and the inevitable post-Con drinks at the Hyatt bar (the preferred hang-out of professionals and fans alike). I was exhausted, and yet this was merely the warm-up as far as I was concerned. Saturday was set to be pretty much wall-to-wall signings and panels. Would I even make it to Sunday? If you can bear the suspense, I’ll be back with more ‘post-Comicon ponderings’ soon, plus (as soon as I get home and download them) pictures. Lots of Transformers tidbits to come, some of which have been reported, others that haven’t!!


  1. Joel says:

    Software engineering (my job) is nowhere near as interesting as this. Heh heh heh. I hope the ‘networking’ bears fruit for ya Simon!

  2. Jon S says:

    Interview with Simon at Comicon here , but be warned, there are considerable spoilers for TF: Devestation revealed!

  3. partholon says:

    yeah seen the interview on seibertron. lots of good stuff in that. have to be honest the whole convention thing looks a little daunting to me. as a fan i’d get to wander about and have a blast but you pro’s must suffer some serious burnout. that said its nice to see how friendly the whole affair still seems to be. hope the contacts work out for you simon. be good to see more non TF stuff out there from ya

  4. simon furman says:

    Hey, thanks for the feedback here. Comicon was a blast (and it was great to meet some of the guys that post here). And somehow in all the madness I’d forgotten about THAT interview. More on that when I get to part 3 of my Con memoirs.

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