You saw the pencils, now here (exclusively) is the full colour version of Lee Sullivan’s scintillating cover to the second Death’s Head TPB, due out in October. Click on the link to view:


6 Responses to NICE COVER, YES?

  1. Joel says:

    Great work from Lee. Top!

  2. Dave Frear says:


  3. Simon Hall says:

    truly britain is a land of artists who should be more famous than they are.does lee still do stuff for dr. who? i was blown away by some of the painted work he’s done over the years.awesome.

  4. bassbot says:

    MAN! That is an awesome cover! Iron Man looks freaky too…. death’s headified!?!?

  5. simon furman says:

    That’s actually the Iron Man of 2020 (who appeared in DH #10).

  6. Dawfydd says:

    And if you think Tony Stark’s acting like a class A (insert expletive) at the moment, you aint seen nothin’ compared to the 2020 vintage of the Stark family.

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