Okay, final round-up of my time at the San Diego Comicon. Saturday PM: after the IDW signing broke-up, I sat down with ENI (Entertainment News International) for what was supposed to be a Q&A/Interview based largely around Cougar, the robotic mascot of (and soon-to-be star of his own dedicated comic book), but turned into a Transformers free-for-all. Carried away (on a kind of convention high), I revealed all sorts of things I shouldn’t about the upcoming Transformers Devastation and Beast Wars The Ascending. You can find the full interview here, but for those who prefer a ‘greatest hits,’ I can confirm that (in Devastation) we will be seeing Ratbat on Earth, revealing the ‘head’ of the Machination and introducing Galvatron’s ‘master’ from the Dead Universe (in time for Revelation). We’ll also be upping the ante on the Skywatch front, as circumstances prompt them into drastic action on the, um, Dinobot front, setting up one of my next trio of Spotlights. Oh, and in Beast Wars we get as close as we’re ever likely to (in the IDW-verse) a full-on Unicron apperance! For more on Cougar, who should really have been front and centre here, keep checking this blog for updates and look for a big feature in the very near future. Right, interview done I headed for the bar (which should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me or has been reading previous entries in this short series) with Eric Holmes, Don Figueroa and EJ Su. All sorts of interesting stuff was discussed, which may or may not pay off in upcoming IDW/TF comics. After that, I headed to the Tokyopop party at a club/bar in town, availed myself of the complimentary drinks and food, and then headed off to see The Bangles, who were playing at the SD House of Blues. Slightly new line up for the girls, with one replacement band member, but otherwise the same great mix of pop and rock. Age, most assuredly, has not withered Susanna Hoffs, who looked very cute (as usual). Then it was back to the Hyatt bar (of course!) for drinks with the usual suspects (plus a few random Brit-creators, such as Charlie Adlard and David Lloyd). The bar closed hideously early (at 1.30AM), nearly provoking a riot. Onto Sunday, and a reasonably leisurely start, some last frantic meetings and a final burst of signing at the DK booth. Sunday’s Comicon session was again supremely busy (and tiring), so once I’d done a round of farewells it was back to my hotel for some serious R&R. Overall, a great few days (and a convention everyone should experience at least once), with lots accomplished (here and on the trip as a whole). Huge as the venue is, it feels to me that the SD Comicon is about bursting at the seams, and needs to find some way to expand its overall floorspace. But that said, there really is no better place to find such a geographically displaced bunch of comics companies and creators all in the same place at the same time. It helped that I had a lot to do, officially, at this year’s Comicon, as it minimized the amount of aimless wandering and really focused the things I wanted to accomplish in the available free time. I’d do it again, but not necessarily next year. Maybe in time for a certain Transformers movie sequel?


  1. Martin says:

    Cool Simon, Sounds like a blast! Still, I’ll be seeing you at Earls Court at the end of August with a few issues for you to sign, and maybe a little something for you as well, if we can get them finished in time šŸ™‚

  2. bassbot says:

    If you write the sequel (to the movie) i’ll come over and shout you a few rounds at the Hyatt!!!

  3. simon furman says:

    Hope to see lots of you UK-based guys (and gals) at Earl’s Court. More details on that soon.

  4. Eric Holmes says:

    The Furman likes the Margaritas. The irony of that bar name, eh?

    All the best Simon. It was a real thrill to meet up with you, Don and EJ! Too bad Alex was stuck at the Udon booth. Hopefully we’ll speak again before next year!


  5. simon furman says:

    Yeah, DW’s bar. It was almost tailor-made. Great to meet you too, Eric. We’ll definitely talk more soon.

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