Check out Ain’t It Cool news for an interview with myself, Geoff Senior and Steve White on… you guessed it, Titan’s Transformers comic/magazine. Lots of, er, cool new stuff to peruse and pontificate on.

17 Responses to A.I.COOL DUDES

  1. Dave Frear says:

    Good read and some art I don’t think has been seen before.
    Yay for art covers!

  2. Dawfydd says:

    Really enjoyed reading the interview.
    Question: Are you and Geoff on a secret mision to mention old D. H. in as many interviews as possible? If so, aces. (go on, shame Marvel into bringing him back, yes…)

  3. Ralph Burns says:

    The news of art covers from #7 onwards is encouraging, hopefully indicating sales on #1 were strong?

  4. I’m sorry, but I have a completely unrelated question. I am curious as to why the name Lio Convoy was chosen over the name Leo Prime? Earlier this year, Hasbro released a figure as a clear homage to Lio Convoy under the name Leo Prime and most of the fan community rejoiced that the character had finally received and English name. If you are capable of discussing this, I know I, at least, would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

  5. simon furman says:

    Us, mention Death’s Head at any opportunity? How very dare you?

  6. simon furman says:

    I think TF-UK #1 did very well, sales-wise. Don’t know the exact figures, but there were some happy faces at Titan last time I looked in. I thought I was in the wrong place.

  7. simon furman says:

    The question is, once you start re-naming the Japanese BW characters, where do you stop? I mean, there’s “Randy” for the start!!! For the source books and the Ascending, between myself, Chris Ryall and Ben Yee we dediced to simply go with all the names as they originally appeared, for better or worse.

  8. Dawfydd says:

    I know that in the Borders I work in we sold out on issue 1 of the new Transformers comic (admittedly, not very many of those were to children).

    And I’m not complaining about gratuitous D.H. I’ve missed old Skull-Face (Death’s Head)

  9. Jon S says:

    Since Marvel don’t seem to want to use Death’s Head, maybe they can sell you and Geoff the rights to him back so he can be creator-owned, and then IDW can publish his further adventures?!?

  10. Dawfydd says:

    I’m just picturing a Bryan Hitch splash page of Death’s Head, his variants and his supporting cast. Maybe throw in a Hitch remodelling, ala Transformers D.H. (the green period) to his solo look (the blue phase).
    And I’ve realised I’m starting to describe D.H. like a pretentious art student. Where’s that control pad, I need to blow some **** up…

  11. Michele fromn italy!! says:

    Hi Simon! i love your transformers comics!
    a question:
    Why don’t you write a story about the autobot and decepticon symbols. i mean why did they choose them, why use them …..and so on! it could be interesting!

  12. Shaffiq says:

    I’ve gotta say Transformers = Simon Furman (artwork by Senior of course)

    Shame Michael Bay didn’t get any input from you-because the movie desparately needed a decent plot.

    And Death’s Head deserves a resurrection – he along with the insane Galvatron were my two favourite characters from the legendanry UK TF comic.

    And Simon thanks for making my childhood great with your wonderful stories

  13. simon furman says:

    Thanks for all the kind words and general support for old Death’s Head. Michele, not sure how much of a story there is in the faction symbols themselves, but you never know. Might be worth checking out Eric and Alex’s great Megatron: Origin series (issue #2 is out now), as that deals with a lot of the founding faction stuff and the prelude to civil war.

  14. Dawfydd says:

    I think there was also a piece of artwork in the old Dreamwave Transformers series (I think it may have been in the second mini) that had a combined Autobot/ Decepticon symbol. Looked kind of groovy, basically blending the lower half f the Autobot logo into the upper part of the Decepticon.
    ‘Course, it was inside Shockwave’s inner sanctum, so it could just have been a result of old one-eye being a complete fruitloop. Who can say?

    Regarding nutso- time- travelling Galvatron: I recently re-read the titan collections of the UK strip, and I’d forgotten just how brutal Time Wars really was. Somehow I don’t think Galvy’ll be coming back from that one.
    Although, I am intriqued by this new IDW version of Galvatron. Espeacially how he seems to be a distinct and different individual compared to Megatron (does he actually pre-date Megs? ‘Twas the impression I got, but maybe Simon could clarify? please pretty please)

    Transfomers did have an incredibly slight plot, but come on. No film that has ‘in association with Hasbro’ as the second credit should be as fun as this film was. Yes the plot had holes big enough to drive a truck through, but it ranks up in my top 3 fun films of the year so far, alongside Hot Fuzz and 300 (just nudged out FF2: ROTSS). plus, it made people laugh where it was supposed to make people laugh (Megs flicking away a poor bystander?). certainly more enjoyable than most of the other ‘blockbusters’ this summer.
    But hey, now this film has done well, maybe they’ll try for a more engaging story in the inevitable sequel (crosses fingers, starts praying for Dinobots…)

    One last thing, Simon, i just finished watching the extra features on the Madman Beast Wars Season 3 boxset, and found both your interview and the commentary for Nemesis Part 2 to be really interesting. I never knew before that this episode becoming the series finale was sprung suddenly on the writers.

    Yea Gods, just realised how much I’ve written….

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