Well, I promised you an update on the Cougar front, and what better way to do it than with a disgression on my script for issue #1. For those of you who don’t have a clue who Cougar is, and therefore clearly haven’t trawled through my archived posts, he’s a robotic adventurer who began life as the mascot for the TFAuctions website, and has since gathered a supporting cast and is now on the verge of his very own comic book series. For some teaser images, check out Cougar’s dedicated website here. Right, the script fror issue #1. Big question for me was: what differentiates Cougar from certain, um, other robots with the ability to swap from upright bipedal to vehicular form? Well, Cougar’s very much more in the adventurer/explorer/daredevil mould than a warrior (though, as we discover in issue #1, that wasn’t always the case!!) and he’s a lone wolf, actively discouraging sidekicks and the like (more of that in issue #2). He spends much of issue #1, despite some severe provocation, finding ways to avoid a full on firefight, relying more on guile and misdirection and general artifice and less on trading shots with the locals. He’s all about the payoff, be it a rare artefact or a long-buried secret or some valuable salvage, and he kind of specializes in extracting said items from the most dangerous, inclement and plainly inhospitable bits of the universe. He’s pretty mercenary in his attitude, but, as he expresses in the first issue, he “either gets out clean or doesn’t get out at all.” In issue #1, after one opening foray into the unknown (which is kind of linked to what comes next), Cougar goes in search of a semi-mythical battle helmet, but there’s much more to it than… no, wait, it’s not what it seems, and Cougar’s torrid past comes rushing up to say ‘hi.’ We also meet Cougar’s main ‘big bad’ in the shape of Fenrir (albeit briefly), get a look in at Cougar’s hidden base on Earth (and meet shapeshifting ‘Sid’) and check out Cougar’s somewhat unpredictable spacegoing vessel. Oh, and we’ve got a very talented newcomer onboard for the art duties, whose stuff is just going to blow you away (very excited about what we’ve seen so far). More on him (and his pages) in future blog entries. We’re looking right now at a late 07 or early 08 launch. Keep checking back here for further updates as stuff gets nailed down.

6 Responses to SCRIPT (W)RAP – COUGAR #1

  1. Les Comerford says:

    This is great news, it good to have something new and different. Will this be a one issue comic Simon or will this be ongoing ?

    Cant wait to see the page previews if there will be any.


  2. simon furman says:

    The plan is for ongoing (be it monthly or bi-monthly), but we’ll see. Too early for previews, but they’re coming, trust me.

  3. Chris P says:

    Does this fit into the IDW universe or is it something completely different? Sounds really good either way.

    Chris P

  4. Peter C says:

    Hey Simon, Will this be slotted, fitted or bolted onto the Magnum Opus that is your very own TF IDWVerse at all? Just curious if it might be…

    Or is it related to this BIG event in 08 Mr.Ryall keeps dropping tidbits about?
    (Course, you realise now that anything is announced in TF lore hencefoward – there’s a chance this question ‘ll be asked!!!)

  5. simon furman says:

    Hi Peter. No, there are no plans to shoehorn Cougar into the TF Universe. These are entirely separate entities. I’m taking pains to make Cougar as different as possible from TF (y’know, apart from the whole ‘transforming robot’ deal).

  6. Les Comerford says:

    You think this could lead to a more from Cougar ? i mean could he possibly show up in the IDWverse or even Hasbroverse ?


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