Just a quick reminder that issue #2 of Terminator 2 – Infinity (script by me, art by Nigel Raynor) comes out this week (Wednesday 22nd in the US, Thursday 23rd in the UK). The story follows John Connor post-Judgment Day and his first (stumbling) steps on the way to becoming leader of the human resistance movement, by way of an all-new, all-deadly Terminator known as the T-Infinity. Check out Nigel’s cover and one interior page by clicking on the thumbnails below.



  1. Jon S says:

    More preview pages at the bottom of the page of this website:

    I picked up #1 and it wasn’t too bad at all. Quick question, is this an ongoing series or just a limited series?

  2. simon furman says:

    It’s a 5-issue story arc, but as I understand it the series is ongoing (with different creative teams). I believe 6-7 is a story that crosses over with Dynamite’s Painkiller Jane series. The end of my arc definitely leaves things open for a direct sequel, so hopefully “I’ll be back.”

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