This will (by necessity) have to be one of THE most obtuse and teasing script (w)raps I’ve done so far, largely because it’s for issue #4 (of four) of Beast Wars: The Ascending. My good friend Ben Yee, who read the script and often advises me on all things Beast Wars (simply because he’s arguably THE authority on the series), compared the bodycount favourably to Marvel’s Generation 2 comic, so that gives you an idea that this series is set to end on a less than happy note (in some ways at least). Anyhow, what can I tell you? Well, apart from the fact that several characters meet sticky ends (and this is in no way limited or exclusive to minor characters), the main villain of the piece (by now, thanks to preview images of interior art for #1 and the cover for #4 having hit the web elsewhere, it’s pretty much general knowledge that ‘the nemesis’ I’ve carefully been referring to is Shokaract) makes his grand power play, unaware that he is the pawn of a far greater evil, and Magmatron (still consigned, for now, to a temporal limbo) puts a desperate plan to stop him into all-out action. Big Convoy and Lio Convoy fight side-by-side on Cybertron, Razorbeast takes on Rartorata, Drancron and Elephorca alone (for now) and Ravage fights dirty (as always). Oh, and there’s even a tie-in to the end of the Beast Wars TV series. This one really is cover-to-cover action, with far-reaching events unfolding on both Earth and Cybertron, and it sets up… well, that’d be telling. Beast Wars The Ascending #4 hits in November. For more details and previews of all IDW’s Transformers titles check their website here.

5 Responses to SCRIPT (W)RAP

  1. Why oh why do I have a feeling that we haven’t seen the last of the Beast Wars TV series alumni? As in the guys who stayed on Earth due to either stasis lock (Inferno and Quickstrike – Inferno’s survived a point blank Energon explosion, he can survive the Nemesis), BELIEVED deactivation (TM II Dinobot had healing powers after all, and the Nemesis crashed in South America) or to become rulers of their own kingdom (Waspinator).

    Plus don’t forget Simon needs to find a way to shoehorn in TM Terrorsaur, Waspinator, and Scorponok (the McDonalds toy) somehow if they are to fit properly with the profile books :).

  2. Dawfydd says:

    Also Rampage had an “indestructable spark”, who reckons we’ve really seen the last of him. And on that subject, Starscream anyone? And lest we forget the TM2 version of Airazor, plus maybe the TM version of Tigertron?

    Personnaly though, I can’t wait to see more of Beast Wars Grimlock. Just how did they get him in that stasis pod? (image of Grimlock going into B A Barracus mode: “You no put badass Grimlock in crazy stasis pod fool!”)

    Here’s a crazy one: new, improved Beast Wars Ravage Vs. Maximal spy-guy & demolitions expert Rattrap. Cool, steely profesional, takes on cocky, smart-arsed wise-guy. Or am I just thinking of that film with Schwazenegger and Jim Belushi…

    Either way, can’t wait to get this series (just got to wait another couple of weeks for the FP sub. to arrive)

    And Simon, gutted that I’ll miss seeing you guys at the London Comic-Con this weekend. Unfortunately we all have to work on Saturday so can only get down for the Sunday. Hope you have a good day, yes?

  3. Luke says:

    such a tease… heh heh. and a wait to, but so gonna be worth it. cannot wait to see what you and Don have created here. and lurvely to know that you’ve got it leading somewhere else too!!! Hopefully more BW’s goodness!!!

  4. simon furman says:

    If we have our way, there’ll certainly be more BW to follow ‘The Ascending.’ Though it’s hard to discern Don’s ‘best’ from his overall wonderfulness (is there such a word?), BW really seems to bring out the ‘best’ in Don. The art I’ve seen so far is just breathtaking. There’s SO much going on in ‘The Ascending’ and yet Don seems to take it all in his stride. Oh, and I haven’t forgotten about the assorted Maximals and Preds who apparently ‘died’ on Earth during the BW TV series (and were therefore left behind).

  5. Dawfydd says:

    (In the voice of Montgomery Burns) Excellent…

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