Just a quick reminder that Transformers Spotlight: Optimus Prime hits stores this week, Sept 29th in the US and (due to the bank holiday) 31st in the UK. For those of you enjoying the ongoing Infiltration/Escalation/Devastation storyline, this is pretty much essential reading. Apart from more, er, revelations about the mysterious first Ark and its ‘Prime,’ seeds are sown that will start to pay off at the end of Devastation and then in the post-Revelation chapter of the ongoing. For those of you who’ve been clamouring for the first IDW-verse appearance of a certain ‘breed’ of Transformer, you need look no further than this very issue. Oh, and in terms of the proverbial cherry on the cake, it’s drawn by TF artist supremo Don Figueroa! Check out his ultra-cool cover art by clicking on the thumbnail below.

27 Responses to “WELL THAT’S JUST PRIME!”

  1. Dawfydd says:

    Finnaly the guys at Swin City can breath a sigh of relief as I quit bugging them about this issue…

  2. Could this be an appearance of combiners?

  3. partholon says:

    considering omegas in it i reckon its the city bot types πŸ™‚

    either way im looking forward to this one. been far too long sinces we got a story related to the ongoing. cant believe its nearly september already so at least devestations only around the corner. still i love dons art. particularly when he’s doing alien environs so this should be fun. especially the heavily hinted revelations !

  4. Hasief says:

    Just saw the preview, lovely stuff. I’m especially intrigued at that particular TF being Optimus’ Dear Abby figure. Can’t wait ’til it finally reaches these shores. Will be avoiding the forums until then…

  5. Peter C says:

    Simon, when you used the term “The Ongoing” in your entry where u wrote: “Then in the post-Revelation chapter of the ongoing.” …do you mean “Ongoing?”

    …As in “Ongoing-Series-Ongoing?!”

    Or have I just jumped to a overzealous conclusion and joined the dots in a totally over-excited and undignified manner…? πŸ™‚

    Yours – with eyebrow raised…


  6. partholon says:

    argh! the lads on the IDW site have got their mits on this so the secrets out as to the “breed” of transformers.

    wont ruin it for those holding out all i’ll say is i was wrong but i t hink youll be happy with what it is. and i got to had it to simon, cool choice of character! i think this is his first in cannon appearance which is surprising considering how cool his bio is. must say good choice though. fits in well with the more eerie aspects of the ongoing and if what im thinking is going to happen pans out it looks like “revelation” will be one hell of a mini!!

  7. Dan Coyle says:

    “Ahhh, well… I TRIED!”


    Really made my day, this story, and with World War Hulk: X-Men out as well, you might even say this comics day was SMASHINGLY good.

  8. Luke says:

    oooh… i’m getting this tomorrow but want to know now…. argh!
    on the ongoing term. the ongoing tf comic is set apart into different 4-6 issue sets. infiltration, stormbringer, escalation, devastation, revelation.

    Simon, how many names have you got for post-revelation series? are they still “ation” or you changing it up!?!?

  9. simon furman says:

    Let’s just clarify: though I call it an ongoing it will continue to be broken up into 6-issue chunks, which to an extent are complete entities in and of themselves. So there’ll still be a gap between Devastation and Revelation, and then a gap between Revelation and Expansion (and so on). Oops, did I just give something away there?

  10. Jon S says:

    If you ever get stuck for series titles ending in “-ion”, check this out:


    Only 3028 to choose from!

  11. simon furman says:

    That’s fanastic! I’m already thinking ‘Transformers Defeminization’ (fem-bot lovers look out) and Transformers Blaxploitation. I can just see it, Jazz with an afro!

  12. Jon S says:

    Hmm, Fembots, eh? Are they a new TF sub-group led by Optimus Primette? I look forward to Transformers: Titillation!

  13. Transformers 2 - The Movie says:

    Hi simon! this summer i saw the tf movie. My opinion is a film with super 3d computer graphics but what abou the story? it is not so very special and while i was on the seat wacthing the movie i remind me how your story are fantastic……so, here it is the question:

    Why don’t you suggest yourself like story/script writer for the next movie?
    (rumors let us think that will be a second movie)

    Many regard to all TF comics fans.


  14. Ralph Burns says:

    Picked up the Optimus Prime Spotlight today. A solid slice of brightly packaged comics fun. I look forward to Devastation.

  15. bassbot says:

    i’m sure the producers and Bay would more people “suggesting themselves”… All those involved know that Simon exists and is a superb writer.

  16. simon furman says:

    Hey, if the movie producers want me, I’m SO there.

  17. Jazzblack says:

    Dear Simon,

    Your Transformer stories have been keeping me entertained for over 20years! In 1986 when I was nine years old, nobody called have foreseen that years later I would still be rushing to the shops to buy your comics! Anyways, how do you come up with fresh and compelling Transformers stories time and time again? I mean you even found a good use for Monstructor!

    Are you still in touch with any of the Dreamwave crew?

  18. Dawfydd says:

    Simon, just re-read Spotlight: Prime and I’m lovin the layers your adding to make the IDW Transformers-verse distinct and different to what has come before, whilst throwing in plenty of sly nods for us older fans (Nova Prime’s advisor anyone?).
    I’ve gotta ask though, how does Don keep coming up with new character designs, complete with alt-modes that’ll probably never be shown? Or is this his secret plan to shame Hasbro & Takara into making even groovier Transformers toys?
    And I havet to agree with Jazzblack, the way you can take characters who maybe had a single appearence in earlier Transformers series and make them, well, interesting is awesome.
    One quick question though, have you ever thought of ressurecting any of the original characters you created for the comic? Ignoring Nova’s advisor, I was thinking of two in particular: Emirate Xaaron (really hope I spelt that right) and, one I’ve discovereda certain fondness for recently, Impactor (can’t you just imagine a Don redesign?).

    Anyway, hope Comic-con went well for you

  19. simon furman says:

    Re: Dreamwave. Of the principles, no. Let’s just say it didn’t end on a good note. But on a freelance level, and one or two from the editorial staff, sure.

  20. simon furman says:

    Re: Don. No idea how he keeps doing what he does. For Beast Wars The Ascending he’s had to come up with Cybertronian forms for a huge number of the cast. He’s just ‘The Don.’

  21. simon furman says:

    Re: Xaaron and Co. Never say never is my current motto.

  22. Dawfydd says:

    Yaaaay!!! (accompany with mental image of Hiro from Heroes clapping enthusiastically…)

  23. Black Bumblebee says:

    Wow… very cool issue. I don’t think we’ve seen those guys since… well, near the end of the Marvel run. Much cooler here, though πŸ™‚ I hope the mention of a certain “I dare you to axe us” character isn’t a sign that things are in trouble… will be neat to see how he looks when (not if!) he shows up.

    I like what OP is finding out about the previous Primes. I always had suspicions that the Autobots weren’t as sparkly clean before hand as we’ve been led to believe.

    And as for Xaaron & Impactor and all those… really? I thought there would be problems with Marvel… this certainly puts a new spin on things…

    Thanks again for a great (and unexpected) issue!

  24. Gee, axe us... says:

    Hey Simon, I’ve been a fan since the 80s – any sign of an Ultra-Magnus/Galvatron throwdown on the horizon? I always loved the way the big blue dork stood up to his much more powerful (and cooler) rival.

    Remember when his eyes got shattered? If you ask me there aren’t enough Tf gougings…

  25. simon furman says:

    Nope, Jhiaxus is by no means a harbinger of doom when it comes to the future of IDW TF comics. As for Xaaron and Co, it’s more characters like Circuit Breaker that Marvel have claim to. We have a certain amount more latitude when it comes to Transformers characters created for the strip. That said, if Impactor and Xaaron ever do show up, it’ll be reinventions of those characters.

  26. Jon S says:

    If there’s ever a new Death’s Head comic, maybe Circuit Breaker (and the rest of the Neo-Knights) could star in it too? (Sorry if I sound like a broken record going on about Death’s Head…)

  27. Dawfydd says:

    Broken record? Don’t know what you Broken record? Don’t know what you Broken record? Don’t know what you
    (repeat till hilarity wares out…)

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