Earl’s Court, that is, scene of this past weekend’s London Film and Comicon. As previously reported, Titan Magazines were there in force, and for an extended period on the Saturday, so were myself, Geoff Senior, Andrew Wildman and Steve White. Not only were we signing numerous copies of Titan’s Transformers (UK) comic/magazine (issue #3 of which, featuring mine and Andrew’s Ratchet strip, was a surprise early attendee, well ahead of its September 13th release date), and a whole host of other comics (all the way back to our earliest and most embarrassing work), but also exclusive art prints from Geoff (featuring the original Death’s Head) and copies of my original scripts/plots (for TF-UK #1 and TF-US #80). It was a great day, with lots of people in attendance and lined up for signatures (a goodly number of whom were kids, I’m pleased to report). The first signing easily filled its 2-hour slot and Geoff and I came back for more in the afternoon. Thanks to everyone who turned out, including some of those who post replies regularly here. A pleasure to meet you, one and all. A few images from the event (including one of Geoff’s amazing DH art print) follow. Click on the thumbnails for larger images. If you missed out, keep an eye ebay-wards for a chance to nab a signed DH art print and I’ll be in Dublin later this month with more scripts.
Geoff, me and Bumblebee!

Death’s Head exclusive art print.

Me, Andrew Wildman (poser!), Steve White and Geoff Senior.


12 Responses to COURT ON CAMERA!

  1. Jon S says:

    Hi Simon,
    Thanks for signing all the stuff I brought along, ranging from Scream #3 and the 1986 Thundercats Annual all the way up to Terminator: Infinity and your “Best of” collection. (As you can see I’ve been following your work for a bit!) It was great seeing all the TF UK crew there, especially as there is no Transforce or Auto Assembly this year. It was also a nice to surprise to see issue 3 of the TF-UK comic too, but now it means I have to wait even longer until issue 4! Who owned all the original art that was on display? That was quite a collection!

    Geoff’s Death’s Head poster is fantastic, and makes me hope that one day you two will combine your talents again to create another original Death’s Head graphic novel!

  2. Joel says:

    Great photos, and the Death’s Head image is vibrant.

  3. partholon says:

    man you gotta find some way of doing another DEATH HEADS story. that print is gorgeous. i always prefered the original TF design DH . dont know why but it just seemed seedier / grittier. like the guy hangs around with scum everyday and geoff really pulls off the more intense darker theme it invokes.

    ah well , i never thought id see TF again so who knows 🙂 !

  4. Ralph Burns says:

    Jings! That Senior Death’s Head picture is nice.

  5. simon furman says:

    Hey, Jon, good to meet you. And to meet you. And to meet you! I believe the TF art display collection belonged to Jason Joiner, who organizes the Collectormania events.

  6. simon furman says:

    I believe there were some DH prints left over, and I believe they’ll be making an appearance on ebay sometime soon. I’ll link to the auctions from here when that happens.

  7. Dawfydd says:

    And it works great as a desktop…

  8. Will says:

    Good to know the DH print will be available, yum yum. Any chance of the same thing happening with the TF #1 script…..? I got a copy of Marvel #80 from you at the Bristol expo and I’d love to read more.

  9. Jon S says:

    It looks like Geoff has put up the prints on eBay here:…1QQcmdZViewItem…1QQcmdZViewItem…1QQcmdZViewItem

  10. Jim Kinsey says:

    Those links don’t seem to work, it looks like WordPress may have mangled them (replaced the middle with ‘…’).

    How did you find them? No search I’ve come up with has returned them so far!

  11. HEY! Why wasn’t I invited?!

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