Finally it begins! After what seems like an abyss of time since the end of Escalation (though there were compensations, ongoing story-wise, to be found in Transformers Spotlight: Galvatron and Transformers Spotlight: Optimus Prime), Devastation begins this week (issue #1 hits on the 19th in the US and here on the 20th). Was it worth the wait? You bet! Though Escalation certainly upped the ante (and the pace), in Devastation things go ballistic, and the so-called secret war goes decidedly public. The cause: the arrival on Earth of the Decepticons’ living weapon, Sixshot, not someone who cares about the niceties of covert infiltration, etc. Things get bad this issue and then get much, much worse as the series progresses. And, apart from Sixshot, we get much more on the Machination, we learn the ultimate fate/destiny of Hunter and Sunstreaker and we meet the (IDW) Headmasters! Phew! Plus, a whole lot of other subplots (Skywatch, Reapers, Dead Universe, Dinobots and Soundwave) are pulled along and developed. Expect stuff to wrap up and other stuff to roll on, and expect nothing to be the way you found it by the time issue #6 hits. Check out EJ’s cover for issue #1 below (click on the thumbnail) and go see what other TF goodies IDW have in store for you here.


15 Responses to AND NOW… DEVASTATION!

  1. Jon S says:

    I don’t think it’s going to arrive this week unfortunately, as it’s not been listed on Diamond Comics’ shipping list:

    Hopefully next week though!

  2. Martin S Smith says:

    Hey Simon, I just saw a preview from the Beast Wars Sourcebook showing Apache.
    While I can see the logic behind making some of the Japanese paint scheme variants into distinct and seperate characters, like Randy the gold repaint of Razorbeast, isn’t having B’Boom AND Apache over-kill? They’re the same character (and unless the preview has the wrong art they’re being kept visually identical), Apache is just B’Boom’s name in Japan. It’d be like having Optimus Prime and Convoy or Jazz and Meister as different characters.
    Still, getting to see Don draw Break and Stampy at some point would make up for it.

  3. Black Bumblebee says:

    I don’t think so.

    Apache was part of Beast Wars II.

    B’Boom, was not.

    Therefore, they’re not the same character.

  4. bassbot says:

    yeah, Chris Ryall mentioned 19th september, but it hasn’t been on any lists this week!

  5. simon furman says:

    Hm. It’s Wednesday. Anyone Stateside know if this did come out? I really thought it was supposed to ship this week.

  6. simon furman says:

    As for the BW Sourcebook, we’ve done all the character repaints as separate and distinct characters, because they were. Apache was a distinct character in his BW series, and we wanted the sourcebook to be completely comprehensive (especially as many of these characters appear in The Ascending).

  7. Thunderwing says:

    It didn’t come out today.

    IDW’s site is listing # 1 for the first week of October now, with issue # 2 immediately coming the following week.

  8. Dawfydd says:

    Ah well, at least I don’t fell so quite so narced at having to wait for my sub in the miidle of the month now.

  9. bassbot says:

    yeah october, and haven’t heard from “on high” yet. ah well. two in a month will be great for us hardcore followers. but for the average reader, it might hurt… i dunno..

  10. simon furman says:

    October’s what I’m getting too. Devastation #1, BW Ascending #1 and BW Sourcebook #1 all on Oct 3rd (4th in the UK), and then the second issues of Devastation and Ascending later the same month. Kind of doubling up to get back on schedule. Famine… then feast!

  11. Black Bumblebee says:

    …but…but… i wanna eat my candy now!


    Ah well–I can wait a little longer. I’ll just have to settle for TF on IMAX for my ‘bot fix till then.

  12. Conor E says:

    Looking on the bright side, this gives me time to re-read Escalation and The Gathering.

  13. simon furman says:

    Nice to see a ‘glass half full’ response to the delay. Cheers!

  14. bassbot says:

    Fasting can work if you look at the bigger picture!

  15. Richard Johnson says:

    I have arrived at the Transformers IDW universe rather late in the day, but I have thoroughly enjoyed catching up. I used to love the Marvel UK comics back in the day, but the artwork and storytelling in these IDW books is mind-blowingly excellent.

    Nice to see Ultra Magnus featuring in his own Spotlight. As a character, Magnus was one of Simon Furman’s greatest greatest characters in the TFU. Never arrogant, always plagued with a self-doubt you rarely see in heroes back then or even now.

    I have one question, though… Being a child of the Furmanised Generation of TF fans, I was always more of a fan of the stories that orbited the animated movie, including the characters the movie introduced. I know we won’t be going anywhere near Unicron and his legacy (a story that’s already been told… and told… and told), but we have seen Galvatron as a character in his own right. Is there a chance – down the line – that IDW will introduce a new generation to Rodimus Prime?

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