Okay, as most of you now know, Devastation #1 didn’t hit comic book stores last week. After various contradictory reports on when it will actually ship, the latest (direct from IDW) news is that it will ship on the 26th/27th (US/UK), so this coming Wednesday/Thursday, along with Beast Wars The Ascending #1 and Beast Wars Sourcebook #1. I’ll trailer both the latter books fully tomorrow, but for now go check out this IDW forum thread with all the latest on sale date updates.


  1. bassbot says:

    Yeah, saw this thread too, great news!

  2. Jon S says:

    I think Terminator 2 Infinity #3 is out this week too!

  3. simon furman says:

    Yeah, it is. Busy week for me. More updates as the week progresses.

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