September 13, 2007

Quick reminder that the third superlative issue of Titan’s (UK) Transformers comic/magazine is out (officially, the London Comicon pre-release aside) this week. The packed issue features an all-new original comic strip (by me, with art by Andrew Wildman) featuring Ratchet (the new movie version). Want to know where he ended up after Devastator unleashed his foldspace warhead at the end of last issue? Well, all is revealed within. Plus, loads more strip, exclusive features (including a Ratchet profile and an Ironhide vs Starscream head-to-head) and competitions (a chance to win a whole range of Transformers books, including the revised/updated Ultimate Guide). Oh, and a nifty collectable TF keychain (two varieties, natch). Check out the cover below (click on the thumbnail) and the official TF-UK myspace page.


September 11, 2007

Right, back to the ‘ongoing,’ with a round-up of stuff I can reveal (which ain’t anything major, don’t worry) about Transformers Devastation #5. As with my last Script (W)rap, for Beast Wars The Ascending #4, as we get further into a series (one where people are still to read issue #1, which comes out next week by the way), it’s tougher to tease and easier to inadvertantly give away stuff you later wish you hadn’t. There’s just so much BIG stuff happening in Devastation I’m particularly wary of anything approaching a true spolier. I don’t want to lose that big ‘wow’ factor when you finally see all this on the page. So, in very general terms, for the Autobots this is very much an aftermath issue (after #4’s simply colossal dust-up with Decepticon living weapon Sixshot). But boy, what an aftermath! The life and death stuff that wasn’t resolved last issue is resolved here (E.R. eat your heart out). And Optimus Prime makes a decision that will stun you. Seriously. As for the Decepticons, they’ve got Reaper trouble. If you thought the Reapers just amounted to the six you saw in Spotlight Sixshot, think again! And it’s not just external forces plaguing Megatron. Trouble comes to a head within as well, in the shape of… well, that would give the game away, though once you see EJ’s fabulous cover you’ll know. And (’cause this one’s packed to the rafters) there’s more on Hunter, more on the Headmasters, more on Hot Rod and Wheeljack and even a tease of a certain upcoming Spotlight featuring, well, the one I said I’d sideline for as long as possible, but then I started getting withdrawal symptoms and, anyway, you’ll see! This one doesn’t hit stores until January 08! But it’ll be worth the wait, I promise! For more details on all IDW Transformers titles, visit the IDW website here.


September 7, 2007

Remember I mentioned (in the Court on Camera post) that some of Geoff Senior’s exclusive art prints from the London Film and Comicon would be getting an airing on ebay, well, that has indeed come to pass. The Death’s Head print is even co-signed by me (just to devalue it a bit further). Go here and here to check them out! For a preview of the DH print, scroll back down to Court on Camera and click on the middle image.


September 7, 2007

Over at the Allspark, I’ve been mercilessly grilled on the subject of Cougar (and some other current bits and pieces) and the results of my brutal interrogation posted for the world to see. So, if you’d like to know more about the TFAuctions mascot turned comic book star in the making, go check out the interview here. The art for issue #1 is already rolling in and looks great. When I can, I’ll post some pages. Keep checking in from time to time!


September 6, 2007

Okay, okay, it’s called A.T.O.M (Alpha Teens on Machines) these days, but we all know (largely because it’s slapped on the cover in letters yea-big) it’s basically Action Man (junior). Anyway, issue #26 is out now (in fact, it was out last week, I’m a little tardy), and it features a story ‘Blinded by the Light” by yours truly. Oh, and Jack Lawrence. I think he did something on it. The villainous Mister Lee upgrades his deadly hard-light suit and leaves Axel in the dark, forced to fight without his sight! Don’t miss it! Oh, and there are Transformers computer games to be won too! Images (cover and interior strip page) follow. Click on the thumbnails for larger versions.



September 3, 2007

Earl’s Court, that is, scene of this past weekend’s London Film and Comicon. As previously reported, Titan Magazines were there in force, and for an extended period on the Saturday, so were myself, Geoff Senior, Andrew Wildman and Steve White. Not only were we signing numerous copies of Titan’s Transformers (UK) comic/magazine (issue #3 of which, featuring mine and Andrew’s Ratchet strip, was a surprise early attendee, well ahead of its September 13th release date), and a whole host of other comics (all the way back to our earliest and most embarrassing work), but also exclusive art prints from Geoff (featuring the original Death’s Head) and copies of my original scripts/plots (for TF-UK #1 and TF-US #80). It was a great day, with lots of people in attendance and lined up for signatures (a goodly number of whom were kids, I’m pleased to report). The first signing easily filled its 2-hour slot and Geoff and I came back for more in the afternoon. Thanks to everyone who turned out, including some of those who post replies regularly here. A pleasure to meet you, one and all. A few images from the event (including one of Geoff’s amazing DH art print) follow. Click on the thumbnails for larger images. If you missed out, keep an eye ebay-wards for a chance to nab a signed DH art print and I’ll be in Dublin later this month with more scripts.
Geoff, me and Bumblebee!

Death’s Head exclusive art print.

Me, Andrew Wildman (poser!), Steve White and Geoff Senior.