Just back from Ireland, having rolled the Dublin Sub-Con (full report and pics to come) into a brief but spectacular tour of the country’s west coast. So, one or two things to catch up on/trailer. First and foremost, the news finally broke while I was away that I’ll be contributing a one-page story to the fan project Transformers Mosaic (go here for the full Newsarama interview with Josh Van Reyk and Shaun Knowler, the driving force behind Mosaic), which showcases new (one-page) strips by budding writers and artists, and is well worth your time to check out. The stories can be from any era or incarnation of Transformers and the one-page format makes for some pithy and unique storytelling. Anyway, I’m writing (or actually, have written) a story called ‘Hail and Farewell’ which sits very much in the current IDW/TF continuity. It’s set a year or two ahead of where we are now (in Devastation) and features Hunter O’Nion and Sunstreaker. Can’t tell you any more, as it’s very difficult to tease here without giving too much away. But it touches on stuff that the main series will expand on big time. It’s being drawn by two guys who are new to Transformers but have comics careers that span a decade or more (and also happen to be good friends of mine, which is always handy when there’s no money involved!), Steve Buccellato and Don Hudson. Can’t wait to see what they come up with, artwise. As soon as it’s done and ready we’ll launch it here and on the main Mosaic thread over at the IDW website. Also, IDW are kindly finding space within their Transformers comics to showcase selected Mosaic comics, so it may even make it into print. No definite release date yet but I’ll keep you posted. So what else is new? Well, Death’s Head vol 2 is now out, as are the clutch of IDW comics I was trailering last week (Transformers Devastation #1, Beast Wars The Ascending #1 and Beast Wars Sourcebook #1), and next week sees the release of Titan’s Transformers #4 (featuring the art of Don Figueroa, whoo-hoo! Full trailer next week). I’ll be signing all of the above at Forbidden Planet London on Thursday October 25th (from 6PM). More details on that nearer the time. Look out too for a Script (W)rap on Transformers (UK) #7, the first of our full in-movie continuity stories, coming soon. That’s it, I’m out of here (for now).


18 Responses to BITS AND PIECES

  1. Thanks for the props Simon! I don’t think there’s much question as to whether we’ll send your Mosaic in for print! πŸ˜‰ We’re still finalizing the print schedule, but hopefully we’ll be able to get yours in during Devastation’s run (completion time permitting of course).

    If anyone wants to check out all the back “issues” of Transformers: Mosaic, we’ve got all of ’em up in this thread over at IDW:

  2. `Straya says:

    Your Mosaic features Hunter and Sunstreaker?! ALRIGHT! Oh, I’m so stoked for that! Can’t wait to see it!

  3. Hey Simon, do you know why, in the Beast Wars source book, BB is coloured gold rather than his actual colour scheme? If its explained in the profile, then I guess I’ll get the answer once my copy arrives lol. Cursed postal strike

  4. limabean says:

    oooh i cant wait to see that mosaic, will be awsome. i might have to pop down to forbidden planet on the 25th and say hi

  5. Kris Carter says:

    Hey Simon, great to have you aboard Mosaics. I’ve been involved in a few of ’em, and I’m the artist/colourist on the first Mosaic to be published in Devastation 2, so it’ll be a buzz to be printed in something official!

  6. Ali Choudhury says:

    Read Devastation yesterday and loved it. You’re not getting older, you’re getting better.

  7. simon furman says:

    Re: BB. It’s a mistake, pure and simple. There are others. We’ll endeavour to put things right for the eventual trade, assuming there is one.

  8. Kage-Jaganshi says:

    “Hail and Farewell”? Why don’t I like the sound of that? Please for the love of all that is good in tf don’t kill my Sunny! I don’t know who will be more devastated me or Sideswipe! The death of sunstreaker would have a very negative effective on my support (as well as many other tf gals!) on the IDW line. He was/ is one of the main reasons I am/was so excited about these stories because he was a major player since he got so little time in the orginal cartoon and comic. Please don’t kill my Sunny off!

  9. simon furman says:

    Look on the bright side. It means ‘Sunny’ will survive at least as long as it takes, story time-wise, to get to that one-pager. In some shape or form, anyway.

  10. Black Bumblebee says:

    Wow–Furmanite is writing a piece for the Mosaic comics?

    Totally unexpected, but awesome in so many ways. I’ve been following the Mosaic strips for several months now–great quality in continuity stories.

    This is the sort of update that makes a Trans-Fans day πŸ™‚

  11. Kage-Jaganshi says:

    “In some shape or form” oh that really makes me feel tons better. Lets ruin him before we off the poor guy!

  12. Blackarachnia says:

    Kage, I think you’re being a little harsh.

    Personally, despite being a big fan of Furman’s writing, I’ve always disliked when people kill off characters just for the shock value. I also think that character deaths in general should be extremely well as it’s only good for the people that are currently reading the comic and don’t mind that character dying. In general, the ongoing comic format, as opposed to graphic novel, doesn’t suit characters dying. And with Transformers – there’s a good excuse for them not to or to come back to life, they’re robots!

    I think if you want to convince him not to kill off a char/not keep them dead – you should reason with him instead. In his shoes, would you be able to listen to you? He’d be a lot more likely to take on board what I just said.

    I’m all for ranting and bitching in certain situations – for instance if a whole board was viciously oppose to something it would make a real impression; but this isn’t one of them.

  13. `Straya says:

    Forgot to mention this before on your contribution for TF Mosaic, Mr. Furman, but even if yours does end up being somewhat depressing (heh), I’m glad someone finally decided to put Hunter in a Mosaic. I signed up for the project, myself, and I was disappointed that Verity was the only human character who had gotten some attention. (And I may yet beg someone to write me a Hunter-centric Mosaic script…or do one, myself. He’s got an odd last last, but great character!)

    Also hoping there will be a TPB for the BW Sourcebook!

  14. Kage-Jaganshi says:


    I don’t mean to sound so harsh but I’ve had such a run of bad luck with tf deaths. It dates back to when I was much younger and more innocent. I was a new but faithful beast wars fanatic and I loved Dinobot with all my heart and soul. So as you can imagine when he was killed it was a major blow to me. I was confused and devastated, I had never seen anything like that on a “cartoon” before. Flash forward to today I was so excited Jazz was in the movie and looked so awesome, then he was torn in half. You see where I’m coming from? It seems like I’ve been cursed, which ever tf I take most interest in will be struck down.

    If sunstreaker will die I’ve made peace with it. Iv’e already begun work on a dedication picture for him. Besides, even if he’s killed in IDW it won’t fefect Sunny totally, he still lives in G1 verse as well as the loveingly crafted fanworks. But if Sunny dies he should go down guns a blaze side by side with his twin Sideswipe.

  15. simon furman says:

    Hey, I never said Sunstreaker was going to be offed. I just said he’s still around a year or so hence. I’m certainly not about to start culling characters just for the hell of it. But, as has been stated elsewhere, this IS a war. There are going to be casualties.

  16. Ralph Burns says:

    I assume from the mention of a script for TF-UK #7 that the title is doing well enough to survive in the fickle UK comic marketplace. I had wondered if it would make it past the first half dozen (recall that the last 2 UK newsstand TF titles died quick deaths) so a big hurrah. Hurrah!

  17. Shaun K says:

    Hey Straya, keep an eye out, there’s a piece in the pipeline about Jimmy Pink!

  18. Kage-Jaganshi says:

    Well, and least I know what “in some shape or form” means now.

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