In a packed month for IDW Transformers releases, this week (Wednesday 24th in the US, Thursday 25th here) sees the release of issue #2 of Transformers Devastation. Just in case you missed issue #1, here’s a quick recap: lift off… boom… aaaaaah! To be continued. Infuriatingly, for the those of you who’ve seen the preview pages over at IDW’s site, issue #2 picks up not exactly where we left off, so if you were waiting to see what exactly happens to those gravity-challenged Autobots, you’ll have to pick up the issue itself. But it’s worth it, trust me. You get all that plus Headmasters, Hunter/Sunstreaker and Sixshot, plus a couple of other bubbling under subplots. Go on, you know you want to! Oh, and all being well, I’ll be in Forbidden Planet London this Thursday to sign your copy. EJ’s cover for the issue is showcased below. Click on the thumbnail to enlarge.


  1. limabean says:

    awsome, devastation is gonna blow people away. im gonna try and pop down on thursday to say hi

  2. Dawfydd says:

    So frustrating that I have to work…

  3. partholon says:

    man its been such a long wait for devestation the fact two are coming out in the same month has kinda thrown me. im really looking forward to this one and i hope you dont cop out on number 1s cliffhanger 🙂

    have you decided on a name for the hunter sunstreaker headmaster yet? im rooting for sunhunter because it sounds cool (though onionstreaker has a weird spike miligan appeal for me too 🙂 ) love the EJ art and though saddened he’s not doing the whole arc his replacements are well up for it and if the break gets him back on track so be it. i was a little concerned with his choice to begin with but i honestly cant imagine anyone else doing the earth bound stories. and yes that includes don!

    (course if you can round up that pesky geoff senior bloke i supposed he’d do 🙂 🙂 )

  4. Will says:

    My loyalty to the old TF UK comics is being sorely tested by the sheer brilliance of your IDW run Simon. Could be the best work you’ve ever done. It’s absolutely fantastic stuff, really terrific. The ending of Devastation #1 was a corker. Loving these comics.

  5. This will also be the first book to carry a Transformers: Mosaic strip on the inside back cover!

    (Not that I’m trying to hijack the topic or anything, I’ve already read the Mosaic… I’m dying to see how that cliffhanger from Dev 1 turns out… ) 🙂

  6. simon furman says:

    Hey Liam, be great to see you. We’ll maybe grab a quick drink afterwards.

  7. Scott says:

    Well Simon, you asked that I keep an open mind in the Arcee Spotlight thread.

    I just finished reading Devastation #2 while having my lunch and I have to ask, why did you do that to poor Sunstreaker??? WHY???

    I can only hope you have some good plans to return him to normal when this is through. Getting stuck with one of the lame human characters for a head really isn’t cool.

    We need Spike, now Spike and Sunstreaker, that would have been cool. Still, what an odd choice for a headmaster.

    Any chance you can convince IDW to start letting Don draw this book? His art is so much better than the people they have working on it now.

  8. Luke says:

    oh gee… Spike!?!?!?!? Cmon! Watch all the old stuff and enjoy that Scott.

    This is new!

    Hunter is great, I love his character so far, and unlike many fans have enjoyed the human characters and want MORE!!!

    Plus, yes, the Mosaic infiltration starts here!!!

  9. Jenner says:

    While I would like to see the Witwickys make an appearance, I enjoy the human characters as is. Besides, Spike or Buster should be Bumblebee’s pal, this group has Ratchet, and ole’ Onion now has Sunstreaker, or at least a drone body clone of him.

    I must say you really got to me with that last panel. And that’s a good thing. I felt as bad as when I watched Megatron rip Jazz in half in the movie.


  10. Scott says:

    I don’t want to watch the old stuff Luke, I want to see the characters I like in NEW stories. I don’t want new characters. There is a huge amount of TF’s and secondary characters to work with without introducing other lame humans. It’s bad enough we had to tollerate stuff like Armada, RiD, and Energon. I would prefer the humans be the squishy things the robots fight to kill or fight to protect.

  11. simon furman says:

    Let’s face it, humans in Transformers is always going to be a hard sell to the fans who really just want to see the robots. But Scott, you’re missing the point. As I’ve said in the past, if it’s been done before I ain’t doing it again (or at least not the same way). And also as I’ve said before, a human perspective is important, I believe, to anchor the fantastical story elements. And in this case we’re going to have a human/Cybertronian perspective, which will create its own problems down the line.

  12. Scott says:

    I can see that. But I guess what I was trying to say is Spike is as much a part of TF’s as Bumblebee is. It’s almost wrong to have one without the other. But I’ll give this new idea a shake.

  13. Chris N says:

    Spike wasn’t a part of the Marvel comics for a huge part of the run… only showing up when the Fort Max toy came with a Spike toy. Up until then, we had Buster. It never caused me a problem.

    I don’t really see anything that would differentiate either Witwicky character from Hunter, to be honest. A human character thrust into the war to give us some perspective by any other name serves the same narrative function. The new movie got away without calling him Spike (which, let’s face it, is a silly name). Whilst I’m admittedly not sold on any of the humans yet, I’m glad the Witwickys aren’t involved… it’s a nice change of pace for a G1-esque story. I don’t much see the point of having a new continuity just to do the same thing over and over.

    Yes I’m rambling because I’m still waiting for my copy of Devastation 2 to turn up. Dagnabit. I need to find out what Ratbat turns into…

  14. limabean says:

    this looks so much more awsome in print 🙂
    Simon i’ll try to make it down for about 6:30…. just gotta finish pages for Dev#4

  15. Emvee says:

    I’m just thinking about the UM spotlight, and how Zarak was mostly wires and stuff inside…poor Hunter 😦

  16. Coptur says:

    Hello Simon,

    Will Octane be joining his Ilk !?!?

  17. Scott says:

    To Chris N.

    Not having Spike in the marvel comics was only one of the MANY problems that crappy comic had. At least this IDW stuff is a million times better. The Marvel run is aweful from beginning to end.

  18. coptur says:

    Alright Scott, but please calm down.

  19. coptur says:

    hello Simon

    sorry another question

    is a Spotlight Slag even allowed !?!??! lol

    i’m only asking because he’s my all time favourite dinobot

  20. Dawfydd says:

    Frankly, I rather enjoy seeing new spins on classsic characters and situations.

    coptur: If you really are hankering for a Spotlight Slag, may I direct your attention to the classic B&W Earthforce strip, the 4,000,000 Year Itch (I think that’s the right title, Maybe someone could double check…). One of the funniest reads in Transformers comics…

  21. Scott says:

    I am calm, your statement confuses me Coptur.

  22. Spinoute says:

    Hi Simon! So when you’re going to post a scrip wrap for devastation #6?

  23. Luke says:

    I guess people don’t think someone is calm when it appears they’re making extreme statements without heaps to back their opinion up.
    Like saying the marvel run beginning to end was crappy.

    Anyhow. I would have thought that as a Transformers fan, even with our favourites, that we would be used to change and wide varying events and characters, so that when quality stuff (like IDW’s) it’s easily recognisable.

    Simon, are you considering following the narrative storytelling of parallel plots for the course of Dev and into Revelation? It’d be great to get maybe 2-3 chunks of story in the 22 pages as the somewhat quick short plot lines that develop slower.
    (Although, in saying this, i am not dissapointed in what i’m reading, it’s just hard to wait month to month…)

  24. Chris N says:

    Spike and Buster were essentially the same character. Was part of my point. The only real difference was the name. And the lack of a hardhat. I don’t see how substituting one for the other would make much difference to the quality of the comics Buster was in.

    But nice to know we’re into blanket statements such as dismissing an entire 80 issues as crap. I’m assuming we’re just talking 80 issues. I could interpret the remark as covering the UK stuff as well, but I’m gonna give the benefit of the doubt. The death of Scorponok alone was better than 95% of the cartoon.

  25. Coptur says:

    Oh yeah i loved that death caption

    Unicron: ‘Burn’

    and he does, true Furman Genius !!

  26. `Straya says:

    Devastation #2 was AWESOME! And what a nasty little surprise at the end… I’m loving the new Headmasters look, and while I love EJ’s work, I’m looking forward to seeing what Nick Roche will do for the series. It will be Nick Roche, won’t it? Devastation #3 can’t come soon enough!

  27. Scott says:

    Sorry the 80 issue Marvel run was crap, every issue, sorry it was poorly draw and poorly written. I really have no love for it, the Cartoon was 10 times better. We never got the UK Marvel stuff here so I can’t comment on it as I’ve never read it.

    Dreamwave at least was on the right start with great art and good stories. Simon’s best work, IMO, was the War Within series. That was simply amazing.

    I’m not feeling the same quality in the writing of his IDW work. Granted the spotlights have been well done for the most part, I did like Stormbringer, but I think that had a lot to do with the art as well. I really don’t like the art on the main line stuff, it’s obvious the colourist has no concept of proper lighting or colours, EJ Su is obviously rushed on every issue because his art isn’t half as good as his Voltron run.

    I’m sorry that not everyone agrees, but you cannot all expect every single person in the world to think this stuff is good.

    I’d be happier if they put Don on the regular book with Josh doing colours and removed the less than stellar art team they have now. At least then the art could make up for what the story is lacking until it gets further along.

  28. partholon says:

    just finished it in work (sneaky read 🙂 ) and it blew me away. i dont usually use superlatives like that but it was a real thrill ride. at first i was a bit annoyed ya copped out on embedding the ark in the town but the shot EJ did with the fly by was gorgeous and there was a real sense of drama. i pretty much summed up what i think about it on the IDW boards but wanted to drop in a post to yourself too as its one of the best single issues that actually wasnt a conclusion or penultimate issue.

    P.S please tell me ya have a story for the bit of the arc that fell on your mans lawn/dinning room. even if its just an humerous aside about him trying to claim insurance! 🙂

  29. simon furman says:

    Hey, Scott – I’ve tried to be accommodating, I really have, but I just won’t put up with this sort antagonistic and vitriolic post. Honestly, if you think the Marvel run was ‘crap’ , keep it to yourself (or vent someplace else). At least have the common sense or tact not to post it on the blog of the guy who wrote a large chunk of those 80 issues. What is your problem? If you insist on being insulting I will just start deleting your posts. This ends now. I’m out of patience.

  30. simon furman says:

    Partholon, the bits falling off Ark-19 are largely there to provide solid, incontrovertible proof of the ship’s passing. Stuff that isn’t easily explained away. It says, aliens are among us (in BIG letters).

  31. simon furman says:

    Straya, yeah, it’s Nick on #3 and Robby (Musso) on #4. EJ’s back for #5 & 6.

    Luke, I kind of like the parallel storylines. I appreciate some bits can seem a little insubstantial per single issue, but it’s better when they’re collected. I’ll see how we go with Revelation.

    Spinoute, Script (W)rap for Devastation #6 will come in due course. Next one up, though, is UK #8.

    Coptur, no Spotlight Slag for the foreseeable (if ever!), but rest assured Slag will get some love in 08. Wow, that sounded so WRONG. And yes, plans afoot for Octane (but not a Spotlight!).

  32. Coptur says:

    Great can’t wait to see what you have planned for Octane (the often forgotten Triplechanger) interested already, but i can wait. lol

  33. partholon says:

    i had a feeling it was as much.

    have to be honest as much as i love the big bot on con action the human element is what lends the title its grounding in reality and is becoming more and more important in how i view the book . be interesting to see whats going to happen to all the facsimilies in action now that megs seems to have abandoned the phased strategy. i was really intrigued to see if we’d get a con in the white house 🙂 and where verity’s reaction to the insanity going on around her stopped the book becoming too fantasitc and showed the real threat the cons would pose in the real world ( i just love that scene in infiltration where she’s videoing megs absolutley terrified) i hope the actions began in this issue has the same impact on the wider world which wold mean the media being all over it, fear amongst the populace, and a gearing up of the military

    theres ALOT you can mess around with here and it looks like devestations gonna make things very interesting from now on.

    great to here EJ is gonna be back for 5 and 6. i think his style really adds to the realism to the book so while don and alex and co are great for the pure TF stuff EJ owns the earth stories

  34. Scott says:

    OK Simon I can understand you may not agree with me or how I feel about it, but come on, seriously, you can’t even believe those Marvel comics were good???

    Your Dreamwave work was awesome, your IDW stuff is leagues better.

    I have been more than polite in how I worded what I said. I don’t think you are listening to me, I’ve told you what my problems were and you all but ignored them. It’s like you don’t care what some fans want.

    I apologize if I sound a little jaded, your attitude towards what I would like to see brings that out. I am sorry, I’ll stop posting if you don’t want anything but praise.

    Sorry to bring what I would like to see up in a discussion.

  35. Dawfydd says:

    Scott, I’ve read most of your posts and, frankly, think that Simon has been more than tolerant in not removing youre posts.

    You’ve dissed a good chunk of his work, and made want amount to demands for what you want to see in a Transformers comic. Now, I know that a good numbe rof us who post responces to Simon’s entries do this, we at least try and do it in a way that is good natured and, where possible, constructive. Youre major contributions seem to be that you would like the comics to more accurately reflect the cartoon.

    Point one: Have you actually watched the original cartoon recently? In most cases the series (which I should point out I still enjoy watching on occaision) wasa highly formulaic and suffered from reset syndrome, where events would never be mentioned again. It was also tied enven more than the comics to introducing new characters as the toys were released, resulting in some very odd plots. Please note that some episodes, and espeacially the movie, have dated remarkebly well, but I suspect that most fans respect the G1 series for the groundwork that it laid.
    Now, compare this to the comics, first under Bob Budiansky and then under Simon. Despite also being tied to an ongoing toyline, the G1 comics were suprisingly layered and offered some quite noteworthy characterisation. The likes of Starscream, Scorpinok and Thunderwing are examples that come immedieatly to mind.
    And bear in mind that we are talking about a comic book based on a toy licence. Compared to some the TF title, along with GI Joe, were beacons of superior storytelling that introduced many fans to a broader world of comic books.
    You also mentioned that you had never read any of Simons UK only work. Could I suggest you at least try and read it before disregarding a substantial body of work (you may actually enjoy it…)?

    Point two: You claim that Simon has ignored you’re opinions and that you have been more than polite. Soeof youre comments have come across as self-centred and impolite to say the least, and that is just to other readers. Imagine if you had spent as long as Simon writing about these characters and had someone start making posts like youre’s. From the sound sof youre prior posts, I doubt you would have been as understanding as Simon has been. And hey, he has responded to the majority of youre posts. Just because you don’t like the responce he has given you, that does not mean he has not listened.

    Bear in mind that Simon does not have to have this blog running. The fact that he does, and posts preveiws of upcoming art and scripts, whilst allowing us to post our opinions and ramblings, is no excuse to abuse that privilidge.
    We all appreciate that you have an opinion, and you know what you want out of a TF comic. But if you dislike the way the series is going, either try and be a tad more diplomatic about it, post somewhere other thatn the writers blog, or (novel idea) vote with youre wallet, and stop buying the titles if you dislike the content that much.

    Right, had to get that off my chest.

    Simon, my apologies if this has come across as an inappropriate post, I just felt that I had to post something regarding this.

    Scott, chill dude, it is just a comic after all.

  36. Dawfydd says:

    My apologies for spelling in the previous post (so very tired…)

  37. Scott says:

    Dawfydd – I would love to discuss this in greater detail with you, but I am getting the feeling this simply isn’t the place, criticism of any kind is not welcomed.

    It seems to be the opinion of a large portion of the fans that they will simply gobble up whatever is thrown their way and heaven help anyone who doesn’t like it or thinks differently.

    As for the show, I watch it regularly. I find it far superior to the comics I have read from the marvel run, of which I read all 80 issues recently. I am sorry to say, there is little to no good characterisation in them, sorry, there simply isn’t. The characters for the most part, lack personality and depth.

    As I said before, Simon’s work on the War Within and Armada comics from Dreamwave was incredible. As was the brief work he did on the TV show Beast Wars.

    Sorry if I do not feel the same level is being put into the IDFW stuff. IThat is not being rude, or self-centered, or impolite – if someone thinks it is, then they are wrong. I thought this would be the best way for me to express my opinion directly about the subject instead of getting flamed for it on one of those stupid fan sites.

    Also, what I asked for wasn’t unreasonable. Simon said he wasn’t going to do what I asked so fine, whatever, that’s his perogative and his right, but I had every right to ask for what I wanted to see. I’m not going to apologize for being nice about it.

    Just remember G1 was widely successful because of the toys and the cartoon, not a comic MOST people didn’t read, I know a select group of people who started to read the book after it was canned, I don’t know anyone who watited each month eagerly to read it as it was released and I knew a lot of kids who played with TFs and watched the show. Maybe I’m wrong, but I highly doubt more people read the comic than watched the show.

    Now that alone doesn’t make the show better, I’ll agree to that, but it does mean the success of the G1 stuff we love was toys and a cartoon. This IDW stuff is (as I said before, IMO) sub-par compared to what even Simon himself has done before.

    That’s just how I feel, it’s not meant to come across to Simon as I think he’s a jerk or anything, I don’t know the man, he could be a really nice guy in person, I only have his work to judge and how he’s responded to what other people say.

  38. Mal says:

    Uh, yeah…I read the entire 80 issue run of US Marvel and a good chunk of UK stories before I saw more than ten episodes of the cartoon. I was ten towards the end of the Marvel run.

    The Marvel comic actually predates the cartoon, and without the background work BY Marvel, we wouldn’t have a cartoon. All the characterization, cues, backstory, even a few character designs for the cartoon come mostly from Marvel employees.

    To dismiss it so readily, to claim that the Marvel comic had no impact on the popularity of Transformers is just…well, silly.

  39. simon furman says:

    I agree with Mal. To dismiss the entirety of something as ‘crap’ (and how you don’t think that is rude, Scott, is beyond me!) suggests to me you just weren’t willing or prepared to judge it on its own merits (instead of holding it up against the cartoon series). I was too old in 1984/85 to really get into the cartoon show, but neither do I dismiss it out of hand. There’s lots of good stuff and episodes to be had there, and the animated movie was, to say the least, inspirational (lots of my original TF-UK stories were spun directly out of it). I have run into this strange cartoon versus comic ‘blindness’ before, but surely Scott you can appreciate it doesn’t have a place here (on my personal blog). I’m cool with reasoned and fair criticism of my work, but ‘crap’ was neither. So let this end here. You’ve said your piece.

  40. Best First says:

    Er… back on topic.

    I enjoyed this (moreso on the second reading) , although for me it felt a bit brief. Its not that things didn’t happen, but a chunk of it – the headmasters, Hunter & Sunstreaker’s fates, Starscream waking up, has been pretty well telegraphed.

    Things i liked:

    I was expecting the ark to crash and Six-shot to be seen picking them off in the wreckage (especially based on the cover) and i really enjoyed seeing Prime take control and the various Autobot reactions.

    Astrotrain’s face! Brilliant – the amount of characterisation that is carried by the art in this series is phenominal.

    The Dealer cameo keeps that one ticking over.

    Hunter using the Professor Zarkov technique!

    The explicit reference to Wheeljack’s driving skills and his interplay with Hot Rod.

    The art. The art. The art. Seriously, i think EJ is doing a superb job here. Don is doing well on Beast Wars and in my opinion i’d rather keep that set up. The driving scenes in particular were superb.

    Not so keen on:

    Sixshot’s lack of thoroughness in checking for survivors.

    “You have dangerous curves” – oof. If Hot Rod said that to his mates in the pub he’s get some stick and no mistake.

    Yet to be convinced by:

    Having men for heads as an evolutionary step.

    But all in all desperatly waiting for the next issue, which speaks for itself. Bit nervous for poor Ratchet tho…



  41. Scott says:

    You got it Simon, I’ll drop it there for ya. No hard feelings.

  42. bassbot says:

    Hi Simon, i’m not against the parallel plots, just thinking whether more adjusting in some issues or series would be positive. I still LOVE Devastation, and it’s not quite at the point that “Heroes” sometimes gets to with so many plot/character points being developed so slowly.

    Scott, (and others I guess, myself included) Simon isn’t going to DO anything ANYONE here wants. Some stuff may line up, but he is still throwing out the surprises.
    And it is one place you can air your opinions i guess, but the IDW forums is a far better place, give it some time too, but we DO appreciate different opinions when they’re developed too. Give it a go:

  43. bassbot says:

    oops sorry, didn’t read simon’s post… 🙂

  44. Emvee says:

    Totally loving this series – after reading #2 I’m now at a point where I have no idea what is going to happen next, but the thought of finding out fills me with a strange excitement. The -ation series are shaping up to be the best Transformers comics have ever been. Keep up the good work 🙂

  45. Scott says:

    I’ll try the IDW forums thanks.

  46. Simon Hall says:

    I’m loving the IDW stuff!Good,solid storytelling.Clean and clear artwork from the talented Mr Su (hope hes’s not leaving, but can’t wait to see Nick Roche’s energewtic style some more!).One of the things I like about Transformers is that its not set in stone, there was no series bible for the G1 cartoon, the marvel US series ran its own course.We had the UK stuff which was seperate from that, then G2 altered the TF universe again.The Beast Wars TV show really broke the mould creating something unique that also married all the best bits of the old comics and cartoons.then we had Dreamwave who gave us three Blitzwing origins… 🙂 i like that it can be all these different malleble things and you can get a real kick out of each new take (although I’ll exclude the more recent Armada,Energon and Cybertron stuff which didn’t do anything for me).Its like having a bunch of really cool remixes!Long may it continue.Keep up the good work Mr Furman!

  47. clrobe says:

    Simon, I just thought I would drop by and say that I’m really enjoying what you have put together at IDW and every month I look forward to seeing what will happen next. The part that I love the most is that no one except for you (and Ryall) has any idea what will happen next because it isn’t a retread.

    The only thing that I would offer as constructive criticism is that the IDW issues do seem to read very quickly. Many people have said something similar, but they are generally saying something along the lines of “nothing happened this issue” and I’d like to differentiate those thoughts from my opinion. I think that PLENTY happens in each issue and the story progresses nicely, but i just seem to fly through it. I’m not sure if that is just my perception or if your scripts really are a a tad bit thinner with this run.

    I think that you and E.J. have struck a nice balance. You give him freedom to be creative and have some nice splash pages and I personally think that he is growing into an excellent story teller. However, I know that those pages really fly by and add to the “before you know it, the issue is over” feeling. Maybe if there was a little more text on his splash pages (which I understand slightly defeats the purpose)? Or maybe if there was a little bit more on each page to make up for the lack of text on the splash pages. I’m not a writer, but I just thought I would give you some constructive feedback. Keep up the good work.

  48. Impactor Returns says:

    Any chance of an Impactor spolight please?

    Just had to ask!

  49. clrobe says:

    Sorry Simon, one more question/concern. I’ve noticed that you “generally” don’t include Stormbringer as a part of the ongoing. Meaning, you’ll refer to Escalation as the 2nd arc of the ongoing and you’ll refer to Devastation at the 3rd arc of the ongoing, etc. However, IDW has an ongoing numbering system which labels Stormbringer #1 as issue #7 and Escalation #1 as issue #11. Also, the Stormbringer TPB has a “2” on it and the Escalation TPB has a “3.” The only reason I bring this is up is that there is still a lot of confusion about this amongst the fans. People often ask about the order of the series (which is more of an IDW concern), but fans will give 2 different answers to that same question. Some will say the order is Infiltration, Stormbringer, Escalation, Devastation (a la the number on the TPBs). Others will say Infiltration, Escalation, Devastation (a la the Phase numbers, but then where is Volume 2?). In one of your blog entries, you’ve even changed it up by referring Devastation as the 4th ongoing arc, “if you count Stormbringer.” I was just wondering what your take was on that question (because it does come up quite frequently) in hopes that we can get a unified answer to tell the newbies.

  50. Dawfydd says:

    Impactor Returns: Welcome to the cause amigo…

  51. simon furman says:

    Hey, clrobe (and others who’ve brought up the topic of the ‘pace’ of the issues), I do appreciate what you’re saying about a ‘fast read,’ but that’s largely because there’s such a head of steam built up here (in my head) that the issues tend to get written at speed too. The almost ‘real-time’ pace of (particularly) Escalation and Devastation pretty much lends itself to a kind of breathless script, and I don’t particularly want to lose that sheer forward momentum. If you look at the issues, there’s a lot going on, with quite a wide variety of characters, but everything’s ‘in motion’, which tends to propel the reader to the end of the comic quite fast. The other thing I don’t want to do is clutter the issue with pointless dialogue. If EJ’s (or whoever’s) art is telling the story, I don’t feel the need to slam in some pointless caption that just explains what you’re seeing anyway. What I hope people will do with these issues is read ’em once fast and then re-read ’em to pick up the subtleties (of which there are many, trust me) and so forth. Oh, and maybe another pass to just savour EJ’s (or whoever’s) amazing art. I do try and make sure there are character moments amidst all the momentum, but I tend to reserve the full threatment for the Spotlights, where it’s a much more focused single character-led story.

  52. simon furman says:

    As for Stormbringer, I very much DO see this as volume 2 in the ‘ongoing.’ But, and I know this is contradictory, it’s not quite in the same through-storyline (which is primarily Earth-based) as Infiltration, Escalation et al. It’s pedantic, I know, but because it’s not a ‘-ion’ I tend to move Stormbringer out into the ‘orbital’ area that the Spotlights occupy. I guess in the end it works however you personally want it to work.

  53. simon furman says:

    No plans for Spotlight Impactor, I’m afraid.

  54. Ali Choudhury says:

    I am enjoying the Spotlights (and Stormbringer) more than the ongoing -ion series.

    The first two chapters of Devastation have felt slightly (dare I say it?) decompressed.

    For example, I saw the solicited cover of Sixshot and thought, “Yuss! Big fight going down.” The Headmasters reveal was great but I wanted more forward movement, more stuff happening on the A plot.

  55. clrobe says:

    Thanks for the responses Simon. Just know that I appreciate the “interesting” position that you were in. At the beginning people were saying that the pacing was too slow (I didn’t experience this because I came into Infiltration late and got to read 0 – 5 in one sitting). Now folks are saying that the pacing is too fast. Must drive you up the wall. LOL At any rate, I appreciate the predicament and I’d rather have a story where loads happens and it’s over before you know it (ie: what we have now), then to have you add in excess dialog to stretch things out. And yeah, while great on the first read, I DO find 2nd and 3rd re-reads even more enjoyable. I also like going back a few issues and seeing the threads come together. But yeah, just to reiterate, I think you’re doing an amazing job, I look forward to EVERY issue and I really don’t have any “complaints.”

  56. simon furman says:

    A big general thanks to all the guys and gals (and gender-less Transformers) that post here. I really appreciate the feedback, criticism and support. It all helps. It all gets taken onboard.

  57. BB Shockwave says:

    Off-topic a bit, sorry, but Simon, did you see the newest Transformers Animated clip?

    At the end, the Ark would crash into a populated area but the Bots steer it away to crash-land in Lake Eerie… It was said before by the producers that the Ark will be under water during the series, an idea I was sure they got from Infiltration, but this one… Are you sure you’re not aboard the TF Animated writing team? 🙂 It’d be great if you would be… 🙂

  58. Ralph Burns says:

    Finally got a copy of Devastation #2 today. A bright breezy fun read. Nicely creepy cliffhanger.

  59. Call me CJ says:

    Man, I need to get more hours at work so I can buy these. The art alone is worth it. Although, as a fan of the Transformer Twins, it depresses me a little to see them separated and Sunstreaker in such terrible shape. I’m hoping someone does right by the characters this time, considering that in the past they’ve been killed off merely to boost toy sales.

    Any chance we’ll get to see a Spotlight featuring either Sideswipe or Sunstreaker? If nothing else, I’d love to know how Sunny went from “trying to join an illegal fighting ring run by Decepticons” to “one of Prime’s trusted Autobot forces on Earth.” And how he reconciles his obvious taste for violence with the Autobot ideals. Basically, he’s an interesting character that’s never been done in-depth; everyone has always portrayed him as shallowly vain and egotistical, ruthless and fuelthirsty, without any thought or exposition as to HOW he came to be that way. (And that goes for his brother too.)

    Anyway, it’s early yet but I’m hoping for the best. As for the humans, I can put up with them, though it does annoy me when the story swings more toward the Autobots’ “pets” needing protecting than the Autobots themselves. Yes, human perspectives are important for introducing Transformers, but once the TFs themselves are established as characters, we should see some interaction and stuff that’s just between them.

    Great work! Oh, and good luck to Starscream! If HE ever gets a Spotlight on him, I’ll sell my soul to buy it.

  60. simon furman says:

    CJ, there are no plans for a Sunstreaker or Sideswipe Spotlight (currently) but both play an important role in what’s to come in the ‘ongoing.’ Keep watching.

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