A quick thanks to those who turned out yesterday to say hi and have stuff signed at London’s Forbidden Planet megastore. Thankfully, the Death’s Head volume 2s made it as well, which meant that I had those to sign along with piles and piles of Transformers comics. In fact, I’m convinced one person brought their whole collection. It was like seeing my whole career flash before my eyes. It was a good solid hour of wrist-cramping action and I signed a whole bunch of stock too (so it’s not too late to snag yourself a copy of DH vol 2 with my scrawl inside it). Is it over? Is that it for conventions and signings this year? Is it heck! More details (of upcoming events) in due course. Click on the link for a pic from the event. As you can see, FP clearly don’t run to chairs!

12 Responses to POST-PLANET

  1. limabean says:

    was great to meet you simon (just wish i hadnt been so shy)

  2. Jon S says:

    Thanks for doing the signing Simon. It’s still amazing for us fans to meet and talk to the writer of the TF UK comics we read when we were 11 years old!
    Death’s Head Volume 2 is a great collection, with my favourite stories being Death’s Head & Fantastic Four (issue 9), the Body in Question (with amazing art by Geoff Senior) and the final ‘What if?” story at the end.
    I truly hope that Panini will do a Dragon’s Claws collection and that Marvel will let you do that “definitive origin/timeline” of Death’s Head one day!

  3. partholon says:

    god i loved that “what if” story. its literally falling to pieces ive read the issue so many times. really great little self contained story so its great to see it get wider circulation which is bound to happen what with “the body in question” in this volume. that was the first time i realised what a really good colourist geoff is. the stuff was just luminous.

    out of interest any chance you could get other stories youve done reproduced? i really liked that “what if” you did featuring iron man (what if iron man sold out) or some of the robocop stuff. kinda like “the complete simon furman” πŸ™‚

  4. Coptur says:

    Will Deaths Head face Doctor Who again !?!

  5. simon furman says:

    Coptur, not in the foreseeable future, but with DH (and Doctor Who) you just never know!

    Partholon, it’d be great to get some of my other What Ifs and so forth collected, but don’t hold your breath. Marvel are collecting What If but it’ll be a good long time before they get to mine!

  6. Coptur says:

    I didn’t think so but it was worth a try right!??! lol

    I know i’ve said this before but i would like to see you on Marvels Exiles series.

  7. simon furman says:

    Further to my previous post re What Ifs, two of them were actually collected in a TPB titled X-Men Alterniverse Visions (some while back, so I have no idea if you can still find copies), The What Ifs in question were ‘What if Wolverine Led Alpha Flight?’ (with delicious Bryan Hitch art) and ‘What If Rogue Possessed the Power of Thor?’

  8. Simon Hall says:

    Coptur death’s head did have a further encounter with the Doctor in a later issue of Doctor Who magazine.He turned up in Banjaxx’s bar on the planet/space station Maruthea.It was only a cameo,mind.However, Dan Abnett made something more out of that appeareance in The Incomplete Death’s Head # 11-12 (1993).its fairly throwaway,but there is a tantalising proposition in the Doctor having stolen Death’s Head from Styrakos shortly after Pyra programmed his personality… (i know, i should get out more…) πŸ™‚

  9. coptur says:

    thanks simon hall, i’ll see if my dr. who buddy has got to read.

  10. Simon Hall says:

    its in doctor who magazine issue 173 again with the seventh doctor!

  11. partholon says:

    lord ! id forgoteen all about the wolvie alpha flight story. have to try to root that out. in fact if theyre smart marvel would reprint that “wyre” storyline you did in AF to explain wildchild’s origin. you had a really good run on that book towards the end. funny to think you were basically setting up for “civil war” almost a decade before millar, some one should sue πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  12. Richard Green says:

    I always wondered about that comment in the Incomplete Death’s Head that the Doctor had stolen DH’s body and sent it to the TF universe. The Doctor is rather manipulative, or at least was in that regeneration, and could’ve been lying to Minion, taking credit for someone elses work. The idea that the Doctor had been manipulating DH since pretty much day 1 doesn’t quite gel with me.

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