Been a while since I did one of these, and there’s a few to catch up on (Devastation #6, TF-UK #8 etc), but for now here’s my post-script pontifications on Transformers Spotlight Arcee. The storm of comments that accompanied my earlier announcement of this particular Spotlight (which encapsulates the whole divisive issue of gender in Transformers) has served to make me only too aware how much this whole business seems to get fans riled up, one way or the other. For those who need some context here, Arcee was introduced in the original Transformers animated movie, joining the (limited) ranks of what have become known as fem-bots (robots with distinct female characteristics) in the Transformers universe. Personally, it always seemed strange to have any kind of gender demarcation in a machine-based species that didn’t reproduce (at least, not in any conventional sense). I did a 5-page story back in the Marvel UK days called “Prime’s Rib”, which explained away Arcee as an attempt by the quote-unquote ‘male’ robots to be politically correct. It wasn’t intended to be taken at all seriously, by the way. This time around, within the context of the new IDW/TF-verse, Arcee is a much more troubled and tormented character. When we first meet Arcee, ‘she’ is on a personal crusade, a vengeful rage and adrenaline-fuelled tilt that brings ‘her’ into inevitable conflict with law-enforcement officer Ultra Magnus. It’s not pretty. This in turn leads us to Garrus-9, an Autobot detention facility (something readers have speculated about since we showcased a Decepticon penal colony in Spotlight Hot Rod). Garrus-9 brings the authoritarian Fortress Maximus into the mix, and a story thread running on from the end of Spotlight Optimus Prime (concerning a certain sextet of captive combiners!). Add into the mix Banzaitron, some Combaticons (minus Swindle) and Jetfire and the Technobots (oh, and Arcee of course!) and you can start to see there’s one heck of a showdown/melee in the offing. Oh, and Arcee’s ‘state of mind’ ties into the Dead Universe storyline (which all starts to kick off in the last couple of issues of Devastation). And yes, why ‘he’ and ‘she’ are or aren’t used is most definitely addressed. Alex Milne is on art duties, and if his two covers are anything to go by, you’re in for a treat. Spotlight Arcee hits in Feb 08. I can almost feel the discussion thread stormclouds looming already!


69 Responses to SCRIPT (W)RAP

  1. Best First says:

    Haha! I’m looking forward to the reaction already…

  2. Chris N says:

    “And yes, why ‘he’ and ’she’ are or aren’t used is most definitely addressed”


    I was wondering when Ultra Magnus would pop up again.

    Plus extra added Banzaitron!

    Genuinely can’t wait.

  3. Terome says:

    Girls in prison. Always a winner.

  4. simon furman says:

    LOL! Hadn’t thought about it that way!

  5. Sabrina says:

    As a female fan who grew up on G1 cartoons & toys, and wrote to Hasbro & Marvel post “Search for Alpha Trion”, about this issue (who both said TFs have no gender) – I can say that I am looking forward to seeing the “official” take in the current -verse on gender in the TFs. Like Furman, it didn’t make much sense to me for them to have true genders; I’m in the gender = humans’ perception of build camp.

    And tieing into past & current plot-threads in the IDW-verse – always great!

    Now about that Wheelie spotlight rumor…. :p

  6. I’m crossing my fingers we at least get a wee look at Jhiaxus during this spotlight.

  7. Chris N says:

    Just so long as Fortress Maximus isn’t actually the detention facility itself [/random thought].

    And Terome wins the comments. We may as well stop now.

  8. Heavy Metal Dinos says:

    IMO… the TF:Spotlights are the best TF comics being published by IDW. It’s been really entertaining watching these stand-alone stories as they are inexorably integrated into the mainstream storyline. The Arcee spotlight looks very promising, and as a Grimlock “fanboy,” I can’t wait for that issue neither. I hope Furman vindicates the Dinobot Commander, especially after the thrashing he took from Shockwave. This guy is suppose to be at least a physical rival to Prime, so he should be able to go toe-to-toe with the Decepticon’s big guns. But I digress… Arcee is a hot commodity right now, and I eagerly await to see what role she will fill in IDW’s Transformer’s continuity. Perhaps the Arcee/Hot Rod/Springer *ahem* love triangle may see the light of day once again. >;D

  9. Ralph Burns says:

    Very true. We shall just have an ice-cream instead.

  10. CommCpl says:

    I absolutely love the way this IDWTF/verse is shaping up!!! Could we possibly get a ‘she’ Decepticon character in there somewhere. Perhaps a more developed “Nightbird” and her ninja butt kicking “she was playing roboto possum!” self???

  11. Dawfydd says:

    Can’t match that wit, so lets not try!!!

    Gotta say though Simon, this sounds like one jam-packed issue. Can we safely assume the proverbial is now beginning to hit the fan?

    And why does the idea of a TF story in the mold of a martial arts tournament suddenly sound very appealing? it’s not like there aren’t a fair number of Cybertronian kung fu wannabes… (but how to get old Skull-face out of his ‘shell’?

  12. Scott says:

    All I can say is she better be an actual girl Transformer, no crazy programming glitch…

  13. Chris N says:

    And what would make her an “actual girl”? Ovaries and an absence of the Y chromosome?

  14. Joel says:

    Fem-Fans vs. Fem-Nots Thread 2: The Return Of The Killer Arsey

  15. BB Shockwave says:

    Heh, too true. No point in genders in a race that doesn’t reproduce (and in the few occasions when it does (G2) does it asexually).

    This seems to be the most action-packed spotlight so far, with many character’s stories coming full circle…. Ultra Magnus back at his job, Jetfire and the Technobots no doubt studying the captured (to be) Monster Pretenders, and Banzai Tron most likely trying to steal the secret of Gestalt technology. We have seen him only once before, Simon, are you going to build him up to be the Decepticon’s main intelligence officier?

    I’m really curious how you’ll handle Fort Max – being an authoritarian prison camp commander is a far cry from his Marvel-era peace-seeking pacifist. But then, sometimes you have to do nasty things to keep that peace… 🙂

    Btw a question for you, Simon… I know, it’s “ancient history” now but it always bugged me, and since you’ll address the question of ‘gender’ in transformers physiology, I felt it’d be the best place to ask. In Marvel’s G2 Issue #9. after examining the remains of a colony devoured by the Swarm, Perceptor and assorted Autobot scientists state that the Swarm’s left-behind material has “genetic sequence and cellular configuration” identical to that of the Cybertronians. I was puzzled by this, seeing as cells and DNA would have meant the TFs had organic elements, but I always thought it was more akin to them having “nano-cells” made up of miniature machines.

  16. Sweet.

    I really can’t wait to read it.

    Although, a comment, Simon – I wouldn’t mind seeing some more obscure Decepticons in forthcoming Spotlights. Some of your best characters were ones that you pretty much developed yourself (Bludgeon, Thunderwing, etc), so I wouldn’t mind you doing the same to others who barely got a chance in the first run of the property.

  17. Karl says:

    Is it just me, or is the sword Arcee holding modeled after the Sword of Dios? Because that would be so wonderful. Not as wonderful as an entire “Revolutionary Transformers Utena” line, but still pretty wonderful.

  18. Jess says:

    XD Arcee in trouble with the law!

    Again, awesome. I love Arcee. :3

    “Arcee/Springer/Hot Rod triangle”

    Please no. Let’s stop defining her by her “boyfriends.” XD

  19. Rebis says:

    “No point in genders in a race that doesn’t reproduce (and in the few occasions when it does (G2) does it asexually).”

    Actually, aside from the asexual budding in G2, there were many other non-sexual forms of Transformer reproduction shown in the G! comic, cartoon, Beast Wars and Masterforce, to name a few. Manufacturing and Primus being chief amongst them.

    As for IDW, we haven’t seen any form of reproduction so far, lone gestalt aside. Nor have we seen the Transformers’ origin., nor hints of it. Could be they reproduce through mystical artifices , or maybe their factory-continents were obliterated during the early days of the war and with them their assembly lines.

    I’m sure Simon will keep us guessing until he’s ready to reveal whatever, and that it’ll be as different and invigorating as all the other twists to this series have been.

  20. Rob says:

    For some reason, I imagine Scott’s carer serves him his dinner with stuff like this:

    This, again, sounds funky, very interesting cast list.

  21. Denyer says:

    Has the potential to be made of both awesome and win.

  22. Mal says:

    Simon, I have a Q, somewhat off-topic specifically, but Spotlight-related.

    The Ramjet Spotlight will be upon us soon, and I’d just like to know; is it more of a one-off done-in-one on Stuart Moore’s part or are you going to utilize Ramjet in the future?


  23. bassbot says:

    wow! I already thought this was the most ambitious spotlight, but now it’s got all these connections and characters! massive. gonna be awesome whatever happens. I don’t care either side on the gender issue. Simon’s the man to do it if there was anyone!

  24. zhgingaah says:

    Ambitious?! Good lord this thing is huuuuuuuge!

    Simon, honestly now – 22 pages and a cast of thousands?! I’m looking forward to this hugely, but really this isn’t an Arcee spotlight… well, I hope it is, I have no fear you’ll make us love her (even more) but this is more like the ‘Second XI TF book’ a number of us have been wanting.

    And honestly, surely you’ve enough here for 36 if not 48 pages – any chance you get Ryall to make this book extra chunky? :p

  25. Dan Coyle says:

    Wow, this book sounds incredible. Looking forward to it!

    I admit to having a soft spot for Fortress Maximus, because he was a pretty boss toy. But with the new origin of the Headmasters (and a rather genius one at that) where does he fit in? Hmmmm…

  26. Furman, you are my (writing) God!

  27. Alex says:

    Hmm- worried about the portrayal of Arcee and if she’s going to have reasoning behind her sex. its easier just to accept there’s male and female TFs and simply not go into the details as to why.

    Sounds good to hear from Magnus again ^^

  28. Jess says:

    XD See the big long arguement in the first blog about this, Alex– it’s gender, not sex.

  29. Weasel says:

    Aw, come ONNNNN.

    Can just barely be sussed to deal with robotic gender, but oh, hey, these guys (and girls, slaggit) tend to transform into vehicles with bleedin’ windshields, steering controls, VERY NICE LEATHER BUCKET SEATS? Isn’t that really the stranger bit of the pair?

    Grr. Y’know, WE don’t question two genders runnin’ around this foul planet…really, why should they question it on theirs?

    We love the scrap outta ya, Simon, but c’mon, get with the rest of the Multiverse. 😉

    (and please, please–no more ‘surplus to requirements’. bear in mind where the -ation mins are set; that phrase was probably never spoken by an American before you came up with it. … kinda like ‘foam rubber ass’ before David Letterman.) 😀

  30. Scott says:

    Apparantly Rob feels the need to insult people for no reason… Guess he’s one of those “no girls in the clubhouse 8 year olds” we seem to be seeing here…

  31. simon furman says:

    Yeah, no random insults, please. I missed that one. Rob, you have been warned.

  32. simon furman says:

    Answers to questions:

    Mal, I’m sure Ramjet will feature in the ‘ongoing’ in due course, but I wanted to give Stuart full rein on the character first. Once the Spotlight is out there, expect to see Ramjet crop up again.

    General Tekno, the third batch of Spotlights is looking very Autobot heavy, I know. Maybe we’ll try and even things up in vol 4!

    BB Shockwave, the Transformers are machines, yes, but they have elements that resemble or mimic organic lifeforms. So, yeah, nano-cells and CNA (my cyber-equivalent of DNA) and Cydraulics, etc.

    CommCpl, no Nightbird for now. Maybe down the line.

    Heavy Metal Dinos, Grimlock will certainly get to strut his stuff in Spotlight Grimlock but (in the IDW/TF-verse) he’s not on a par with Prime in the power stakes. Close, but a notch or two down.

    And, Sabrina, Wheelie Spotlight??? Whoever mentioned one of those? C’mon, ‘fess up!

  33. Scott says:

    I admit Simon, you’ve peeked my interest. A lot.

  34. Josh says:

    Looking forward to these. Just ordered a bulk lot of comics – havn’t read any since War Within series at DW – Any chance we will ever see the end of those stories? Anyway, I was wondering on the chances of a Ratbat Spotlight about his demotion to a cassette bot? Id find it interesting anyway.
    Keep up the good work


  35. SmokedToast says:

    Hey Simon, first time poster here.
    I find it interesting that you bring up the CNA, because that seemed like a good reason to have the two genders as a large part of what we define for robots is based on our own progress with them. Or somehting, I’m a bit nervous as I talk about this since I’ve done some controversal things in the TF community with this concept post beast machines. XD
    It almost seemed like to me in some ways, the move towards organics in the race was a reaction to how many screwed up mentally characters were introduced in the earlier years through the original reproduction processes of the race. Not that I see them having sexual relations so to speak, at least not pre-beast wars when true organic material started to come into place.
    Crud, that’s a bit jumbled… but I guess what I’m asking/saying is would you potentially agree that even if the race didn’t start out with a similar set up to most organic organisms in interpersonal and/or physicial relationships… they might have been moving that way as an attempt to curve the chances of more results of unstable cybertronians?

  36. Jess says:

    I know I’m not Simon, but I always figured the motion toward being able to reproduce without needing a big computer or a knowledgable mechanic would be a matter of practicality. Depending on something outside of yourself to keep your race going is a bit precarious in the best situations.

    And on a psychological standpoint one might blame the weird personalities on not actually having a chance to become emotionally mature. I might have to go read your site and bug you about it just because Jess likes controversy (like a moth to flame.)

    (giggles) Wheelie Spotlight. Heh. I would totally read that. XD

    (Now if only the local bookstore would hurry up and reopen!)(And have organized comics this time. This medium just doesn’t get the respect it deserves.)

  37. SmokedToast says:

    Oh yes. XD Jess, you can contact me at TheInterNet_MT@hotmail as well… The site’s basically the profile site for a post BM rpg which actually touches on the issue in a number of ways, including a nannite drug-based solution to the vast difference between numbers of fem bots and non-fem bots, lol. Along with other odd elements, lol…
    But you hit it right on the mark in what I was thinking, that adapting to more biological-based structures, both emotionally and physically, helps their survival in the long run because no intelligent organisms we know of, besides the flukeworm, are born knowing everything they need to know to survive. The lack of a change in physical maturity might be what causes so many cybertronians to have so many personality flaws… or something.
    Not just that, but the external reproductive systems in play would basically leave the race doomed to extinction should someone destroy, for example, the matrix. : ) And it’s not like we’re not trying to develop a form of machine ‘reproduction’ in some of the experimentation with nannites to create larger more complex organisms. When you break down biological reproduction to it’s core elements… it’s just building something at it’s lowest possible development.

  38. partholon says:

    the only thing bothering me about this is its not out till february!!

    i didnt realise there was going to be that many characters in it let alone the penal conoly element. its definetly piqued my intrest too. and hey more alex is never a bad thing.

    in regards to the CNA thing theres no reason for that to lead to sexuality. during a particularly boring day in work i came up with an idea wherein the TF essentially evolved from a mass of silicon based nano cells that canabilised each other following darwins laws all the way up to the point where they are now when they developed an imunity to each other leaving them with whatever resouces theyve amassed. this way you could explain utlra massive bots like omega supreme and his type and cassete types like rumble and also how some TF are tougher than others because of their own unique almost genetic traits that theyve consumed off fellow primordial cybertronians

    this way you can pretty much follow a natural evolutionary path over billions of years and atain complex macroscopic beings but still retain an asexual reproduction cycle more akin to bacteria.

    of course there would be side affects. sparks if they existed would have to be based in every cell of their bodies (though that would explain how CR chambers work. the cold effecting a superconductive state wherin the whole body would revert to its primordial condition and begin rebuilding the body to its “genetic” plan, basically healing them) unless they deliberately moved them to a central chamber and it does leave open the possibility of a nano plague for want of a better phrase. TF would be imune to it but there would be nothing to stop it infecting earth ores or even the population.

    (god ive been thinking about this WAY too much. i need sleep 🙂 🙂 still it does show how much potential is still out there for this franchise and the whole IDW relauch has thrown everything into the mix )

  39. Mako Crab says:

    Every time the issue of gender comes up I tell people that, in the G1 cartoon at least, it makes sense. Going by the Quintesson origins of the species, it seems reasonable that they’d tailor their robots to resemble the organic, male/female species they were selling them to.

    The IDW universe is a new take, of course, so the Quintesson origin might be out. But anyway, all that gender business aside, the Arcee spotlight does have my interest and I’m looking forward to reading it.

  40. simon furman says:

    Josh, the issue of Ratbat and his ‘demotion’ and subequent arrival on Earth (at Megatron’s behest) will be dealt with at some point, either in the ongoing or a Spotlight. But no firm plans yet.

  41. BB Shockwave says:

    Thanks for the answers!

    I find this “mimicking organic lifeforms” bit pretty interesting. That gives a lot of space for artifical evolution for the TFs, even raises the idea that they perhaps took insight from organic races when perfecting themselves with new ‘organs’. And I really like the term CNA… Cyberibonucleic Acid, I guess? Cool Now I wish I had become a geneticists, erm… ceneticist not a zoologist.

  42. Dan Coyle says:

    Simon: Is there any chance, after reading Ramjet Spotlight, that the remaining Mini-Constructicon will get a walk-on?

  43. clrobe says:

    I honestly have no idea how you are going to fit all of these plot threads and characters into 22-pages and still make it an Arcee Spotlight. Knowing you, you’ll find a way, but I don’t know how.

  44. Ralph Burns says:

    Off-topic, but I see TF-UK #5 is out this week!

  45. Black Bumblebee says:

    I’ve always just assumed (in my own interpretation of the TF universe) that the Cybertronians were once, in their distant past, organic life forms who discovered the secret to immortality–building robotic bodies to house their souls. However, when one mechanical body is destroyed, the memories of that soul are lost and the soul returns to the que of souls awaiting a new body to be built (in the Matrix). Over several generations, the origins were forgotten, etc…

    This would explain why there would be few female models being built, as in time of war, as organics assume that male bodies are more “war like” than their female counterparts.

    Of course, this contradicts with every origin story so far established. Works for me though 🙂

  46. Conor E says:

    That sounds quite similar to something in the Nightbeat Spotlight, where a human-like race was upgrading to be biomechanical, and Nightbeat theorized Cybertron went through a similar phase in the distant past.

  47. Coptur says:

    black bumblebee my friend that origin you speak of is infact the gobots origin.

    they were once organics that created robot bodies for prevent extinction in the midst of a civil war.

  48. Jess says:

    XD Where did the gobots come in?

    While I can reconcile myself with the idea of Transformers coming from organincs (after some wincing, because of how gobotty it really is) I can’t get over how clumsily the idea of a formerly organic Cybertron was introduced in BM. How the heck does the presence of EARTH animal bones point to an organic Cybertron? For one, they’re Earth animals– and for another, none of them looked like fossils, which they should have if they were from that far back!

    I personally am convinced Cybertron used to have a zoo/museum in between G1 and BM, and that Mister Prophet of the Oracle was jumping to weird conclusions, possibly due to the influence of said Oracle. O_O

    But that’s just me.

  49. Simon Hall says:

    Or maybe Beat Machines isn’t canon at all, remember a Transwarp driver allows the user to jump anywhere and end up anytime…perhaps the Maximals and megatron didn’t end up back in ‘their’ future…

  50. coptur says:

    Beast Machines is canon and should be written around/with, not written out

  51. Simon Hall says:

    …just a thought 🙂

  52. Jess says:

    “Beast Machines is canon”

    Yes, but it IS possible it’s an alternate future/alternate universe, like Simon Hall suggests. 😀 That was the whole point of the Unicron Trilogy, remember. (Supposedly. XD) (I personally think the rather radical idea that it was even alternate universe versions of the BW characters themselves explains a LOT of weirdness.)

    And there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking liberties with that sort of thing. Think Shroedinger’s cat; infinite possibilities, infinite universes to choose from.

    Further, BM isn’t canon for THIS (IDW) universe anyway.

  53. Conor E says:

    Until we get a scene that shows Optimus Primal and crew returning to Cybertron in a way that flatly contradicts Beast Machines, I wont consider it non-canon. Has IDW made an announcement one way or the other?

  54. Luke says:

    they’ve simply said that they’re not tackling beast machines in the foreseeable future. some people keep pushing for it. Chris Ryall has stated his point over there.

  55. Jess says:

    Not canon till it happens, Conor. X3 So although I’ll agree it COULD be canon someday in the future, right now it is NOT.

  56. Dawfydd says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I’ve really been enjoying Beast Machines (these dvds’s are the first real chance I’ve had to watch it), but wouldn’t it be cool to picture an alternate reality where Megs doesn’t go nuts and (more importantly) where Rattrap does not devolve into a whiny coward, as opposed to the whiny misery-bot spy-guy we all know and love…

    Idea- Spotlight: Rattrap!

    And who wants to bet that despite all the theories posted here, Simons reasoning for gender division amongst TFormers will be wholely unique…

  57. Jess says:

    I’m not betting anything, but I’m hoping for it! 😀

  58. Coptur says:

    Well i believe beast machines is canon and should be left as such, there is away to explain all the inconstancies. without sounding big headed i’ve alway been very good at thinking plausable ways and theroies of how continuity can remain intact without too much arguement.
    In regards to rattraps ‘change’ of character, i think i’ve got it covered logically (god god i sound like shockwave) keep watching tf mosaic, because i wil get round to finishing off my idea/story.

  59. Heavy Metal Dinos says:

    Ouch, so Grimlock is being depowered? Is this something you implemented, or is it an IDW mandate? I’m just curious, since much of the dynamic between Grimlock and Prime originates form his belief that he (Grim) is stronger than his leader, and by proxy, is better suited for the post (not to mention I am a proponent of a “stronger than Prime” Grimlock ;D ). Unless I’m mistaken, you are/were too (or at least your past writings hinted such). Oh well, I don’t want to hijack the thread, so I’ll save these questions for another time and place. Different strokes for different folks.

    Your teasers in regards to the Arcee are (intentionally) cryptic, but as I’ve already said, the Spotlights are proving to be the highlight of the IDW TF-verse. I’ve been a big fan of your writing for a long time and you always deliver IMO. Thanks. 🙂

  60. Simon Hall says:

    Hey Coptur, let me know when you’ve finished your mosaic!Hope you I didn’t upset you earlier.One of things I like about Transformers is that throughout its colourful 20 plus year history are the many inconsistancies and divergencies that allow anything to be possible!

    Like Heavy Metal Dinos, I am really enjoying the Spotlight series. If Marvel editorial had hit upon this idea in the ’80s, poor Bob Budiansky would have had less of a headache trying to cram all those characters into every issue!

    Hello to Jess! You sound extra smiley!

    Can’t wait to see how Devastation works out… I am hoping Hunter manages to rescue Sunstreaker. It made me sad to him all chopped up like that 😦 Keep up the good work Mr Furman, and I hope Pannini will release a complete Dragon’s Claws! Is this a likely proposition?

  61. simon furman says:

    On the subject of Beast Machines, as far the IDW Beast Wars series goes it has to be considered canon, as we’re very much running those stories between BW and BM. Or perhaps ‘alongside’ is more accurate. But as far as the new IDW-TFverse we’re building, there’s no suggestion that it will ultimately end in Beast Wars or Beast Machines. It’s not running on the same tracks at all.

  62. Violetlight says:

    Hi Simon, I’m another first time poster, who just started reading the Transformers comics, starting with Spotlight: Soundwave (which was excellent!)

    I was just wondering, is there any chance that the commonly-used fan term for transformer females “femmes” could be canonized in Spotlight: Arcee? “Femme”, without the -bot suffix, just seems like a more dignified term to me.

    Also, since you seem to be focusing on continuing the stories of previously-introduced characters, such as Ultra Magnus, is there any chance you’ll be getting Soundwave out of that pawnshop anytime soon? He could always update his alt mode to a CD player or something. I was just wondering when I’d get to see my favourite Decepticon back in action.

  63. simon furman says:

    Hey Dan, given the interconnected nature of things in the IDW/TFverse there’s every chance the mini-Constructicons will show up at some point.

  64. simon furman says:

    Violetlight, welcome aboard. I’m probably going to avoid terms such as femmebot altogether. It just smacks of previous incarnations of TF and I want to avoid that if at all possible. I know I used the phrase ‘gestalts’ in Spotlight Optimus Prime, but that one somehow seems less of a ‘fan’ term. As for Soundwave, we check in on him in Devastation #4 (briefly). Look out for it!

  65. Coptur says:

    oh no no, i wasn’t upset at all. it can be so difficult to interpret what others say on internet boards but it was said in a laid back and zestful kind of way i assure you. I was just making a passing comment.

    Oh and thanks for your interest in my little idea/story. i just hope it comes out ok, as i’ve never done anything like that before.

    oh and mr f, i’m excited to see what soundwave has gotten upto (if you can do anything stuck on a pawn shop shelf for 20 years!?!? lol)

  66. Simon Hall says:

    Appreciate in value, perhaps?

  67. coptur says:

    lets hope so eek…..

  68. Violetlight says:

    Looking forward to Devestation 4! Thanks for answering my questions!

  69. Arcee says:

    If you have the time, do check out my Arcee Fanpage. I think it’s the first and only fanpage on myspace for her. And I did a lot of things in there so that it just doesn’t look like any other myspace page. I have downloadable icons there, images, and a few other things.

    Ciao! (Will look forward to this issue!)

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