… is this Wednesday November 7th (or Thursday 8th if you live in the UK)! That’s when issue #4 of Terminator 2 – Infinity (the penultimate issue of my run) hits the stands, and boy are things hotting up for poor old John Connor. It’s not enough that Skynet and the Terminators want him dead, now he’s on the hit list of the (fledgling) resistance movement too! Only Uncle Bob (John’s current Terminator/protector) remains doggedly on side, and he… well, let’s just say happy endings are few and far between in this series. The apocalypse has never looked so good, which of course is largely down to series artist Nigel Raynor. Click on the thumbnail below for a preview of Nigel’s cover.


3 Responses to JUDGMENT DAY…

  1. Terome says:

    Will the conclusion to this series deal with the question of why there are female Terminators? Aren’t they just genderless machines?

  2. Coptur says:

    Cool you should’ve written Terminator 3

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